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  1. Steve, I put my order in and they canceled it 3 hours later because the tubes were out of stock.
  2. I like it better as a sedan. The Trouville is an early car so it would have had the steel head. Keith, PII is Aluminum? Is anybody still making the heads?
  3. If Bob is still paying attention he might be able to point you to where the story and that car are covered on the HAMB.
  4. Back before the forum update you could set the moniker to anything you wanted after you reached a certain post count. As far as I can tell you can no longer mess with it. I should have made mine "Super Genius" when I had the chance.
  5. Btw, does anyone know what happened to this PI Trouville? Sold for 40k at Bonhams 10 years ago. Cue Ed saying "The most expensive Rolls Royce is the cheapest Rolls Royce". https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/19385/lot/721 According to the Schoellkopf cards provided by the Rolls-Royce Owners Club in Mechanicsburg, PA, S241FP was delivered new with Oxford coachwork, which had been transferred from Silver Ghost S208 ML. Its first owner was a Mr. Thomas who kept the car for only a few months before it was transferred to Mrs. Mary E.H. Rutter a noted philanthropist fro
  6. Prewar I think cables, post war I think juice but non-power. In the future it will mean somebody pushed on a pedal. Stone Age I think it is your feet.
  7. I was watching one of the Jay Leno in Newport video's yesterday, the one with the twin six Packard. They pull up in front of one of the mansions and they have a PI Springfield sitting there. So they were doing the side by side comparison of the earlier Packard with the Rolls. I would say that 95% of everything Jay says is accurate and spot on. EXCEPT, he was pissing on the Rolls grill and hood treatment which I couldn't understand. From the time I was a little lad I gravitated to the Rolls radiator and hood - especially prewar.
  8. When I first saw the picture I thought it was you in your youth. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
  9. Almost through Gentile's "Rolls Royce Phantom II Continental". He is definitely opinionated and not afraid to share it. I agree with Keith in that the AJS/AMS cars are sort of skipped over. Although the book has "Continental" in the title, he goes in to great detail describing the chassis differences with each PII series along with lots of pictures of cars from each. Except for the AJS/AMS series that each get a page or two and no description of the chassis differences besides the accommodations for LHD. One thing that I didn't agree with, but maybe it is the differe
  10. I was going to show a picture of the Royale, but they fender is not really skirted.
  11. I know I can do that, but it is not the same thing as sitting in bed or in front of the fire with a newspaper or magazine. Something is lost.
  12. I have an invoice from 1936 where one of these runabouts was traded towards a 500K Mercedes in NY. It says "Packard 12 Cylinder Lebaron Speedster". On some trades you might see the engine or chassis # also.
  13. Ron, did you see this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1917-Kissel-One-Hundred-Point-Six-Gibraltar-Body-All-Year-Car-Promo-Photo-450015-/373454383381
  14. This picture cost me over 100 bucks at an auction in Germany and I'm sharing it with you guys. The Franay Duesenberg would be my first lost choice, but this would be #2.
  15. My wife keeps forgetting to pay my HMN subscription and it takes me 3 or 4 months to notice. What does that say? It isn’t 1990 anymore!
  16. West might know. It sold for Big money at auction maybe 10 years ago.
  17. If you send him a PM it will go to his email.
  18. I could be wrong, but I think most of those production bodies were Murray? If so, Ray Dietrich was there in the late 20s and good ole Ray never penned a bad design.
  19. Just what I always wanted to be... a social media influencer.
  20. The Rollston/Rollson situation is different than all most all the others. Rudy Creteaur and then his son had all or most of the build sheets for each Rollston body. Some of them got borrowed and lost over the years. I'm not sure that sort of archive exists for any other coachbuilder and definitely not Lebaron.
  21. A 1910: https://www.americancarcollector.com/profile/1910-cadillac-racer
  22. You could be talking baseball and Ed will figure a way to angle Pierce Arrow in to the conversation.
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