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  1. just got to add my 2 cents worth--isn't that dolphin glaze good stuff--I've great results with it--used it on my 13 caddy wheels,which I painted--car's looking good--Tom
  2. Keiser, you get a gold star for this one--Tom
  3. love the dogs--they add so much--my goldens enjoy mine too--
  4. how about some engine pictures--you didn't mention the gas tank, any problems with it- is it still running on a vac. tank ---Tom
  5. rental time is a killer==with the operator & the machine
  6. they're great--had mine for years--it has more than paid for itself--
  7. thanks for the update--thought of you the other day, hadn't seen any progress--i'm still fighting mine, the final assembly takes longer than the body & paint work--got the Potter Trunk finished & installed--went to install the inside door handles,but guess what the plater did the face & the back--so sent 2 down to Advance Plating--seems like I do everything twice---Tom
  8. that'll never work with car show judging--
  9. John, I agree with you--just a beautiful car--the pictures don't do justice to this quality of restoration---Tom
  10. Dave,hope you have a older catalogue that has all models--Tom
  11. I think I found mine for my Studebaker in the Steel Rubber catalogue--just need to be a little creative---Tom----think I used Packard
  12. but you said I got free lifetime warranty when I bought your tires
  13. you don't have a trim shop in the area ??can't be to costly--make sure the new tire fits in the fender well---Tom
  14. Matt,have you tried the Street Rod Nationals in Louisville ? I see plenty of resto-mods every year, but not full classics--My friend that comes to mine has a 32 Studebaker President 4dr with a big block Chev-- Tom
  15. I agree with restorer 32--there's more than 1 plating shop--another idea, maybe talk to another 32 Dodge owner to see who they used---
  16. 13CADDY

    book value

    DAVE, thanks --your always good help--Tom
  17. 13CADDY

    book value

    was given a Stutz book called "The splendid Stutz"--it's hard cover,d/brown--very nice condition--it says on the inside it's #100 of 250 printed--would like to know what this rascal is worth--thanks for your help & advice---Tom
  18. Joel, I,ve said it before & I.ll say it again--it,s time for the all orig. unrestored class--you need to add some new class's into that show--even Peble changes--cut the class to x number of cars & a certain year back--good luck--Tom
  19. how about for a 32 Studebaker model 55--6 cylinder fuel pump--? Tom
  20. i'll work on the photo- been busy trying to finish it
  21. WOW, what projects--sure glad mine was complete when I started--i'm coming in the home stretch now, but it sure took time & a bunch of $'s---Tom
  22. Dave, sounds like you had a nice road trip--Tom
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