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  1. Lebowski

    1950 Nash Convertible

    Do a search for "1950 Nash" and you'll find dozens of interesting things like this original video of a TV commercial for one. Good luck....
  2. Irv Gordon, the man from Long Island who broke the Guinness World Record for highest vehicle mileage on a single vehicle when the Volvo P1800 he’s owned since new passed three million miles in 2013, has died at 77. The news of Irv’s death came from his daughter, who posted about it on Facebook, and was picked up by the Facebook page dedicated to him and his Volvo P1800 adventures. On September 18, 2013, Irv clocked over three million miles in his 1966 Volvo P1800 near the village of Girdwood, Alaska, according to Guinness World Records. Prior to that milestone, Irv initially broke the record at 1.69 million miles, getting the attention of Volvo, which has gifted him a Bertone 780 Coupe, C70 and XC60 over the years for his accomplishments. The car reported hit 3.2 million miles in May of this year after a long life, and as Autoblog reports, Irv had the P1800's engine rebuilt at 690,000 miles, gave it a new engine in 2009, and always did the regular maintenance on the car himself. Irv is a warm reminder to buy the car you want, don’t forget to drive it and, if you take care of it well, it’ll take care of you. You can read more about Irv’s journeys here. Here’s the statement Volvo provided Jalopnik about Irv’s passing:
  3. Lebowski

    collector cars in California fire

    This guy is one of the many unsung heroes helping to save lives during and after the fire. May God bless him and the others who rescue cats, dogs and other helpless animals out there....
  4. Lebowski

    collector cars in California fire

    This is a very well written story. It made me feel like I was there. Hopefully all of the people and animals in the story survived. It was well worth reading....
  5. Lebowski

    1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan-Original- best buy here!

    Why can't you put the "complete description" and at least a dozen more photos here instead of telling people to contact you?
  6. Lebowski

    collector cars in California fire

    Did anyone see the video from the Paradise fire with the '57 Nomad and '55 (?) Pontiac Safari (2 door wagon) that were completely destroyed? Pretty sad....
  7. Then go ahead and display it. Just because a couple of guys here don't like doing it doesn't mean you shouldn't. As a matter of fact, if you counted the replies on this thread you would probably see that there are more guys who do display something than guys who don't. I agree that a lot of stuffed animals or a dozen trophies aren't what I want to see but to each his own....
  8. Lebowski

    Remembering our Veterans

    I'm glad that you made it through your time at Walter Reed in one piece. Have you been to the replica wall that opened earlier this year in Elizabethtown which is on I-65 about 40 miles south of Louisville? Where are you in central Kentucky anyway? I'm in Oldham County about 20 miles NE of downtown Louisville. Check out this link for more info on the wall which also includes a video.... http://www.wdrb.com/story/38066737/vietnam-veterans-memorial-wall-officially-opens-in-elizabethtown
  9. Lebowski

    Remembering our Veterans

    I hope it wasn't anywhere near as bad as the veterans' hospital in the movie "Born on the Fourth of July" with Tom Cruise. That place looked horrific. It was based on a true story too but I hope those vets didn't have it that bad in real life....
  10. Lebowski

    Remembering our Veterans

    This is my dad in 1945-46 when he was a 19 year old MP in the Army. Note the Pentagon in the background. I served two years in the Army from 1971-73 but never went overseas since Vietnam was winding down then. The second photo is of a grave near those of my wife's parents at the Catholic cemetery in Louisville. Phillip obviously died in Vietnam a month before his 20th birthday. Thanks to him and all the other combat veterans who have served in all branches of the US armed forces for the last 240+ years. Every single one is a hero in my opinion....
  11. The things you display with your car really make it more interesting in my opinion. When I bought my Chevelle a year ago this week it came with over 600 pics of the restoration so I printed up a few of them and added a little info about the history of the car which I display at car shows and cruises. I measured the distance from the front of the hood after it's opened and bought a big picture frame at Goodwill for around $10 and put a red towel on the top and bottom of the frame and this is what it looks like. A lot of people have no idea what a frame-off restoration is so they're interested to see how it's actually done. I've received dozens of positive comments too. I also added a copy of the build sheet to prove that it's a real SS and not a clone. In the trunk I display an original owner's manual, shop manual and 1970 Chevelle dealer brochure....
  12. Lebowski

    Killing time during the winter

    Do you still have the same fleet of real cars that you had a couple of years ago or have you added anything to it? Been to Louisville lately?
  13. Lebowski

    Orchestrator - I love my side job

    Orchestrator? I don't see any musical instruments....
  14. Lebowski

    1949 Buick Super 8

    I had a '49 Special a few years ago. Is yours a 4 door sedan?
  15. Lebowski

    Car Logo Quiz...

    You probably have an ad blocker. I know I do and it's great....