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  1. Why don't you learn how to add the link for the ad here instead of always having someone else do it for you? It's obviously very simple because if a computer dumba$$ like me can do it then you can too....
  2. In the pic of the front seat you can clearly see the power window button on the passenger door....
  3. That's one of the great advantages of the AACA forum. A guy buys a '52 Plymouth Cranbrook that he doesn't know much about so he comes here asking questions and he gets a lot of useful info from other guys including one who owns the exact same car that he has. That's pretty cool. How about a pic of yours?
  4. They're great cars. I bought one several years ago which was also in Mass. and had it shipped here. I had it painted the same bronze color and eventually traded it straight across for a newly restored '30 Model A with a rumble seat....
  5. Welcome to the site but just to let you know that most of the guys here are into original cars and not restomods. You might want to check out JalopyJournal.com and then click on the HAMB (Hokey A$$ Message Board) to connect with some of those guys. Good luck with your Buick....
  6. Why don't you go to a Lexus site and ask them?
  7. At least there aren't any empty beer cans lying around....
  8. He looks like a cool guy. MY condolences on your loss. May he rest in peace....
  9. "I hope we beat the St. Louis Cardinals tonight at Three Rivers Stadium" said the Pittsburgh Pirate. (I know, that stunk.)
  10. Courtesy of The Old Motor.... We are looking at what may be the only good images that have survived of John E. Meyer’s attractive and unique J.E.M. “Special” “Camping Phaeton.” Meyer, whose address is on the back of these photos, apparently lived or worked at 42 West 39th St in Midtown Manhattan in New York City. The “Standard Catalog of American Cars” lists the J.E.M. Model “A” without a photo as being “built in 1922” and included in the 1923 “Automobile Reference Manual.” That publication lists it as having a “128 w.b.” chassis powered by a “six-cylinder Continental m
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