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  1. 1946 Wolseley 18/85 Series III for sale Comes with many many parts. Location England, UK. Please email info@WolseleyOwnersClub.com and we will pass you on to our member who is selling this. Our member has owned the Wolseley 18/85 since 1992. It has been in the 1996 film, ‘Intimate Relations’, starring Julie Walters, which was filmed in Abergavenney in South Wales. There were two other Wolseleys in the film and an old ambulance. The 18/85 was used near to the end in the film. He also told us that "in April 2006, we received an invitation from the All-Parliamentary Motor Group and I took my Wolseley 18/85 to the Queen’s Birthday Celebrations at Buckingham Palace in London. I took my car on a trailer to London to Chelsea Barracks, because I couldn’t get accommodation in London. I left at 5am and went and unloaded at Chelsea and drove through to Buckingham Palace and had 4 or 5 hours at the Houses of Parliament. We had tea at the side of the Thames and after had a police escort to Buckingham Palace and into the Palace itself. There was 80 cars in the procession, the first one being 1926 and the last one was 2006. One to commemorate each year of the Queen’s life. We were taken to the far entrance of Buckingham Palace in order of year, facing the fence, so that members of the public on the other side could see each vehicle. There were thousands of people taking pictures. The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester came to visit us all in turn, shaking hands with us and thanking us for attending. A very proud day and one we will never forget." The 18/85 also went to future Birthday Celebrations. Probably one of the best Wolseley 18/85's. Stunning. £20,000 ono.
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