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  1. good looking original 1920 book 63 pages of good reading weather you own a T or not $45 .Pick up here or shipping US flat rate $4 thanks 6 - 0- 8- 332-7405
  2. If you inquired about this, it is available ends up was not sold. Or, to anyone wanting this inquire. thanks 608-332-7405
  3. Great looking well preserved original 1921 Buick book. 75 dollars. thanks 608-332-7405
  4. 1941 Pontiac owners manual ... original book not a reprint . Nice looking well preserved condition. You may really like this one. thanks 608-332-7405
  5. Chrysler manual October 1935 edition ...exactly as pictured. Decent looking 1935 original book. $60 thanks 608-332-7405
  6. Ford original owners manual. No labeling as to which model, but i seem to remember it from the Galaxie. Nice to have the original book for the car. $25 thanks 608-332-7405
  7. nice looking sles brochure for the 1960 Falcon. Nice to have $25 thanks. 608-332-7405
  8. Repair, fix it book for your MGA and MGB car. As i mentioned this is an older edition Clymer book. $30 US falt rate shipping $4.50 or pick it up here. thanks 608-332-7405
  9. one- Ford front wheel hub. Came off a 1960 F250 ..fits many years, but other than 1960 you decide fit. Good used condition $45; also to sell one tail light for the 1957- wide fleetside bed (fits into the bed back panel) $45. Can ship send along your zip for rate. thanks 508-332-7405
  10. 1927 Essex instruction manual ... Essex car original book(not a reprint). Nice old book $75 thanks 608-332-7405
  11. its always good to have he proper book for your car. This one is pretty nice. $75. Pickup here or $4 US shipping. thanks
  12. Willy-Knight 88 manual as pictured. Original ( not a reprint) well preserved very nice book. $75 . Pickup here or US shipping $4 thanks 608-332-7405
  13. They are nice looking books. Don't find a buyer every day, but when someone needs them they sell ok at this range. Of course you can always find lesser books that sell for sell but they are less sf tested what you have in the end. thanks
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