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  1. model F one barrel aftermarket for Ford , Chevy etc... nice looking carb its been on the shelf untouched unused for decades. If it required some fussing and love that should be understandable. fits in the US flat rate $13.80 mailing box. Unusual carb. I understand good carb if you adjust it properly but most people dont and bad mouth it. $95 Unusual find and nice looking you may like to have this one/ 608-332-7405
  2. Studebaker lug wrench / split rim demounting bar handle. This came with 1949 1-ton I'm sure study offered this exact wrench in a range of years but you decide the than 1949. $75 and shipping thanks, 608-332-7405
  3. one of these Nash hubcaps. chrome is pretty good. No dents. some of spokes the spot welds to the rim are separated. $45 Can ship send along your zip for rate. thanks, 608-332-7405
  4. You may like to have this old Chalmers owners manual. $75 free US shipping ... thanks 608-332-7405
  5. 1923 original Ford book here. Its held up well over the decades....nice looking book all 63 pages and cover. $45 can ship US $3 .50 thanks
  6. Hudson super six instruction manual. november 1926 edition. Original book ( not a reprint). $50 US shipping $4 thanks, 608-332-7405
  7. Here is an Essex instruction manual. January 1927 edition. Original book ( not a reprint). $50 US shipping $4 Thanks, 608-332-7405
  8. Believe this is a 1930 Hudson cowl light. But no guarantees you decide if it fits your needs. Nice looking well preserved old light here. You will get exactly as pictured. Can ship send along your zip for rate. Thanks 608-332-7405
  9. nice looking i believed from a 1940's magazine. $18 Can ship US $4 Call if you like 608-332-7405 Thanks, John
  10. 1936 Chrysler manual . As i mentioned dated October 1935 first edition. Vintage Chrysler original book. Pages nice enough. Covers you see they are exactly as pictured. $65 US shipping $4 if you would insurance add the appropriate amount to the postage. 608-332-7405 Thanks, John
  11. 1909 original Sanford manual. Loose binding , clean nice enough pages and covers. It is a beautiful and ancient book. $90. You may like to have this one. US shipping $4 unless you want insurance in which case add the appropriate amount to the postage. Call if you like 608-332-7405 Thanks, John
  12. real nice original model "T" owners manual for car & truck. Dated 1922 but i believe came with 1923 car. 63 pages full of Henry Ford. Take a look you may like this one. yo can get this for $45 US shipping $4 Thanks 608-332-7405
  13. January 1927 Essex super-six instruction manual . Good original book, exception of a signature on cover $60; Essex instruction manual .... undated early manual mint very nice original book $70 ; Essex thread -on hubcap aluminum has some scuffing, restorable $50; Essex carburetor the one made by Detroit Lubricator complete no rush, restorable condition $85. Shipping available send along your zip or call 608-332-7405 Can't seem to post photos not a good time to fool with that send an e-mail and i will send you photos. Thanks
  14. selling real nice original Essex owners manual ; headlight nice well preserved complete headlight assembly ; hubcap for wood spoke wheel ; carburetor. All to go for $350 Shipping possible. Call afternoons 608-332-7405 Thanks