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  1. You are missing the swear job and Band-Aids in your kit.
  2. How many monkeys are there. Maybe they will put you in charge of the Brandy tasting. I am up for it.
  3. I am replacing one piston which had a failed skirt with another original piston. Thanks for the help. Jan
  4. What is the required gap between a cast iron piston and the cylinder wall. The rings are also cast iron for a low RPM engine, The engine is for a 1923 Moon.
  5. I requested a quote on my 23 moon
  6. NCM Choice | Collector & Classic Car Insurance | NCM Insurance
  7. Does anyone have NCM Insurance?
  8. When we had a tight Model t we used to tie a rope to the front end and pull it around with a truck to loosen it up. I don't understand how you get a bent valve on a rebuilt engine.
  9. Lynn see if there is an automobile trade school in the area. They may be looking for projects and consider joining your local AACA club and the continential club. Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) - Regions | Community Western - Lincoln & Continental Owners Club (lcoc.org)
  10. Don't consider changing engines until you know what you have. If you decide you have to change out engines, drive the car with what engine you have and find out if there are other issues. You may find that you like the car as it is. Almost any engine can be rebuilt but some don't need to be. Finding a good mechanic may be the hard part unless you are willing to take it on with help from this group.Nice car.
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