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  1. The club will be sending you a trophy. Congratuations you deserve it.
  2. George did you catch this listing. 1920’s Daniels radiator for sale. Sold - Parts For Sale - Antique Automobile Club of America - Discussion Forums (aaca.org)
  3. See if you can get a copy of Chiltons Catalog and Directory (1929) and it will have in the back a listing of piston by manufacture. My book stops at 1928 but it shows the same piston from 1922 to 1927.
  4. The price of plating and the [poor quality available today.
  5. I ended up going to Lucas in California that had ten in stock. I purchased five and got them in two days. Now I hope they don't fail me. I appreciated everfybodys help and I need to get them installed. Jan
  6. Thanks for everyones suggestion. See if I can find a Buegler.
  7. I need a brass/steel stem which is long enough to fit a disc wheel. The Model T tube that Lang sell is 3" and I need 3.5. per Lang "This is an original style, heavy duty inner tube for wood wheels only. Bias ply with a center brass valve stem, Stem width .5”, Stem height 3” Does not include the mounting hardware." per Langs. I also tried Snyders and I mounted a tire before I knew I had a problem Interesting that I m still connected to Coker after two hours with the same message.
  8. I have called Coker three times to chat about tube stems and nobody has picked up on the chat line, Placed a separate call to customer service and left a message. It has been 5 hours and no return call. Does any one know what is going on. Does anyone have any 30 x 3 1/2 tubes with steel stems for sale. Need four for my 23 Moon.
  9. Worked at Harrahs for a summer, 1965 when in college where I met everyone into cars at the time.
  10. Thanks everyone for there input and it looks like another addition.
  11. I have completed painting of my wheels for my 1923 MOON and now I would like to pin stripe the wheels. Any suggestions or advice.
  12. I am looking for MOON parts particular a continential 6/40 engine. Thanks Jan
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