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  1. About forty years ago I bought a load of square bale hay and straw at auction. It was stored in a barn and the house on the property. As we were removing the bales from the house my son found that he was standing on a 1923 T touring. We drove home and got a trailer. As we were leaving the property the local cop pulled us over and wanted to know where it came from. He had grown up on the farm and the T was grandpa's. A deal was struck and we delivered it to has home.
  2. I like the fake pocket watch. There is one guy who has been pushing fake MOON watches and he has several other manufactures name with the same face.
  3. Why not make leather gaiters.
  4. My 23 Moon has lock wire. I used to design jet engines for GE and we lock wired every thing. If it is good enough for a military jet engine it is good enough for my slow rotating car engines.
  5. I have used electrolysis, molasses, Evaporust, navel jelly and all will do the job if you work within the limitations of the process. Electrolysis is the cheapest but you need a large container for most jobs and you have to be able to put an anode in the solution (I have a 55 gal drum). Molasses as has been said it stinks and draws flies but it does work. Navel jelly works and leaves a phosphoric coat but it is a lot of work. Evaporust works and is reasonable priced but will flash rust and you need to keep it wet. I use a kiddie wading pool and a fountain pump to keep large objects wet.
  6. There have been several Saxons come up recently so I would not give up hope. You have a lot of work before you have to worry about the engine. Have you used the search feature on this forum to find discussions on Saxons.
  7. You should probably post this in the Buick section but what are you trying to achieve with this change.
  8. I protect mine with auto wax. I can always clean the wax off and repolish.
  9. I used a Mitt once and it worked well.
  10. I agree with what has been said but would put it in a different vein, If I had never worked on a house and I walked down the street and someone posted a for sale sign on a house next to a condemned sign would I buy it. No. It would be a bad investment and a money pit. Unless you have done it before trying to flip any thing with no experience is a recipe for disaster. If you are buying it to learn, drive and have fun then go for it as has been said it we cost you a lot more then $1000.
  11. The T on my 23 Dodge was two pieces of pressed metal on my MOON I took a copper plumbing fitting and cut it in half making a fitting.
  12. I noticed that you are putting the top on first. How do you plan on tacking your interior on the rear tack rail
  13. You can't read them why worry about them.
  14. I find with old cars you need the maximum illumination and usually do not run a Dim switch.
  15. I would like a PDF please. modelt1916@yahoo.com Thanks Jan
  16. Passed a van in Montana and it had a large window in the side. Driver had a shade cord that opened the blinds for the window and when he pulled the shade cord for the window there was a couple making out on a bed behind the window.