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  1. I use talcum powder and ignore the lawyers.
  2. I believe it is a tire changing spoon.
  3. Spray WD40, or starter fluid in the engine compartment while running to see it the engine accelerates, Spray around the hoses and manifold. Don't use propane unless you know what you are doing.
  4. Our local library has a laser etching printer that I am going to try and use for my MOON sill plates. https://glowforge.com/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=brand&source=bing&medium=cpc&campaign=Search-Brand_Prospecting-All-Hear-GP&adgroup=glowforge&keyword=glowforge&msclkid=46ab404088ae1d75f7871ea2a355c925
  5. I will save you some next time I get some. Will a quart do you.
  6. fuel system. My wife hates that I smell like old gasoline.
  7. Try this auction as there are several spreaders in it, You might get one cheap. https://cabinfeverauctions.bidwrangler.com/ui/auctions/50558
  8. Does someone need a gas tank as I have one and parts from a touring.
  9. Make your own boot. Take some aluminum and pop rivet over the hole and paint black. Might even start a trend.
  10. The only thing I do different is to take an old spark plug base and throw away the porcelain and put a small balloon over the base. Screw it into the #1 spark plug hole. Crank it over and the balloon will inflate on the compression stroke. I find it easier to watch a balloon then feel the compression with my finger. Follow Tinindians instructions.
  11. This is the closest I have come and they are closed. https://mossmotors.com/fender-washer-upper Thanks everyone. Jan
  12. As has been mentioned the best resource is the Durant Club. They have a supplier in the club magazine. As Bud said look at the Durant section on this forum.
  13. I would install an external strobe light connected to your fire alarm and security system, make sure you install flood lights on each coroner and a motion sensor light over the entrance door. I would also install a small roof over the door so you do not have water running down your neck while opening the door. Make sure you have enough service for your welder and run your air lines while you are building and make sure you have water taps at each corner of the building.
  14. toilet, urinal, sink. beer refrigerator. several floor drains. smoke and co detectors tied into the house, sprinklers. security system. internet router.
  15. Used to do it on model T's to stop leaks. Have used dental floss
  16. Thank you for your suggestions. The Moon when I got it had carriage bolts which is wrong. You need to think real old school to understand my problem. Back in the twenties fenders didn't always line up so they created a fender washer to allow some slop. What you have to day is not a 1920 fender washer. Here is a picture of an early chev. fender washer.that is a little small but will give you an idea of what I am looking for. https://www.fillingstation.com/shop/?year=All&vehtype=All&search=fender+washer&searchtype=FT Thanks Jan
  17. I need the old fashion oblong fender washers used to mount rear fenders on cars from the twenties-thirties for my 1923 Moon.
  18. Going quickly as only one width left. You must have let the cat out of the bag.
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