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  1. You missed it. Those are Canadian dollars and he does not accept returns.
  2. Model T have muffler wrap which I believe is available from, Langs, MACs, Snyder. Good luck. Jan
  3. Give the guy credit. I like it and she obviously does also. Looks much better then a rat rod.
  4. Try the "T" and "A" suppliers. Langs, Snyders see what the have and Hartz.
  5. feather fill. My head was stuck some where when I posted fiber fill.
  6. fiber fill or slick sand will work well for your need. Just do not go over board. Both are high build products.
  7. Can that deleted post be brought back?
  8. A little more information might help.
  9. Sorry guys I did not mean to hijack the thread nor did I mean to violates any rules as outlined by our moderator below. Moderator " Administrators 283 6,180 posts Location: Tucson AZ Report post Posted January 10, 2006 Any post from a business that markets an auto related product should go here. Posting of truck transport schedules is not allowed. They will be deleted without comment. Repeat offenders will be banned. Non-auto related posts will be deleted without question. Note: Any commercial posts made in other forums will be moved here without comment. Anyone posting multiple commercial ads across multiple forums will have their posts deleted and be banned from future posts. Thanks for abiding by the rules. Peter P.S. It is ok for individuals to post cars and parts (includinng EBAY listings) into the buy/sell forums" I have always thought that the purpose of the forum was to inform. I always try to read the comments and reply and add something to the thread. Maybe I missed the section in Peters rules about treating the commercial section differently. Restorer32 offers a valuable service for those who need a complete set of bows and can afford it, I just wanted to offer a different direction or methodology. I will post in the technical section how I did it and my end results and leave it up to Peter if he thinks we need to change the rules as this section has a little bit of ever thing including real estate.
  10. jan arnett (2)


    I used left over flat roof material (EDM) for anti-squeak body to frame.
  11. Depending on what I need derusted, I use electrolysis in a 55 gal plastic drum or a commercial dip and strip company in Cincinnati. Here are the fenders I got back for my 23 Moon as I picked them up and after painting with epoxy. Their process removes everything, paint, rust, lead and bondo.
  12. I use Community Carriage & leather, Steven Stutzman, 937-386-3368, Peebles, Oh. Great job.
  13. Posted to the FB speedster group.
  14. What ever the speed if a rotisserie motor is.
  15. John try EGGE for your piston bolts (con rod bolts), ebay for rings. I modified a 1940 Chevrolet distributor by changing the drive gear and cut down the shaft to fit my Moon which has a continential 6/40 engine. You have a rare one. I see you found the Continential section of the forum.
  16. I agree with these gentleman in that it will not depreciate. You could always over pay but I think right now the price is not unreasonable. If you are comfortable with a high wheeler go for it