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  1. I need the old fashion oblong fender washers used to mount rear fenders on cars from the twenties-thirties for my 1923 Moon.
  2. Going quickly as only one width left. You must have let the cat out of the bag.
  3. Once had a Borgwald station wagon with three doors. Only one I ever saw.
  4. This is probably the wrong site for what you are looking for. The Kolar engine should be a standard engine and can be worked on by a lawn mower service who can also work on the transmission. The bearings should be off the shelf. I would try the following company for help. The body is fiber glass which you can get products for from Autozone. Looks like fun. https://www.jscarnivalrides.com/about-us/workshops
  5. Pull the plugs and see if there is oil or soot on them, pull the dip stick and check the oil check the radiator for foam. Jack it up and crawl under it to find the leak.
  6. Ryan the Imron formula changed and I believe they took out ISO. It is still tough on your lungs and skin, and eyes.
  7. David keep your powder dry and don't let the bed bugs bite. I have even had a hang fire in my reenactment.
  8. The tire spreader will also shrink the rim by turning the handle the opposite way..
  9. Your tire guy may be talking about a rim spreader which is used on split rims. I can post you a picture if you want. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Wheel-Rim-Spreader/133385739520?hash=item1f0e68dd00:g:DeEAAOSwwRpebZJg
  10. A friend of mine purchased a set for his Bently quite a few years ago and they were still on it when he sold it.
  11. Have you joined the Durant club, Try posting in the Durant section of this forum.
  12. You should ask the Buick Forum.
  13. How about going back to the vocational shop a d ask for refences. You already have a contact.
  14. Ryan looking good. I have the splash aprons from the barn and will send you measurements this afternoon.
  15. Working on getting my 1923 Moon Touring ready for summer touring. Always looking for Moon parts.
  16. Join the Dodge Brothers Club.
  17. Rust oleum has an aircraft stripper carried by Advanced Auto.
  18. Rregarding your brake system. Brake fluid absorbs moisture (hydroscopic) which causes rust problems. Unless your father replaced the system it is a single system. To completely overhaul the system you would replace the seals in the master cylinder and the seals in each wheel cylinder. They make rebuild kits for each but some times it is cheaper to just buy new or rebuilts. The brake lines may have rust holes in them. You can buy pre bent lines or get your self a roll of brake line, a set of fittings and a double flare tool. Regarding removing the spark plugs squirt some penet
  19. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/571339540290206/ This is not mine.
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