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  1. Crankcase for a 29 Hudson. Large and on the bench.
  2. Is there any way to clean the white powder off besides elbow grease?
  3. Years ago I used to go through size charts looking for things that would fit and were currently available. Right now I am looking for pistons to fit a 29 Hudson. Stock bore is 3-1/2” and compression height is 2-1/4”. Does anyone have a link to online comparison charts? Thanks. Karl
  4. The fellow I used to use, Mike Mahler, in Idaho has packed it in. He suggested Rick at Strong Engine near Spokane, Wa. Has anyone used Rick and how was his work. Otherwise any other recommendations? Thanks Karl
  5. Hi That looks like a very restorable car. I have a 1921 and a 1923 which I drive all the time. If you were not so far away I would have it in a heartbeat. I have lots of parts for the 4 cylinder Essex cars. karlh@shaw.ca. There is a register for these cars. T%he fellow's name is Dave Bean. essexmotors@fastmail.com Karl Hamson
  6. Hi Alan Git your message but screwed up the reply. I will check to see what I have. For sure nothing that converts from straight sided to clincher though. I have never seen those. Good idea though. Karl
  7. Hi Fred No real luck so far. A couple of leads that is all. I do have some extra Kelsey 24" rims but you would need kelsey wheels to suit them. I do have extra Kelsy 24" wheels for an Essex. I think you are the guy who bought the 13 H I found in Qualicum Beach in 1972 and you have been in contact with my son, Paul. Is that right? Anyway would love to connect with you. Home email is karlh@shaw.ca. Cell 250 539 0014 Karl
  8. There are some significant differences between 1917/19 and the later rods. The earlier rods had a pinch bolt to locate the wrist pin while later rods used a full floating design with bronze bushings and snap rings in the pistons. As far as I know, all rods up to mid 1928 used the bronze backed shells and had fully floating wrist pins. These should interchange with the early, pinch bolt rods but you would most likely have to change the pistons. I understand that Hudson 232 cubic inch Pacemaker pistons (3-9/16 bore) have the correct compression height and work very well but you must use a th
  9. I am in need of 24" Firestone rims and wedge rings for my 1921 Essex Touring. I have other miscellaneous rims to trade from 27" to 20" Thanks, Karl
  10. The 1924 Essex 6 had a pretty unsatisfactory engine and was a far cry from the potent 4 cylinder engines used from 1919-23. From the photo your car seems to be a pretty early 6. With a 5.6:1 rear end ratio at 45mph you are pushing it! The Essex 4 standard ratio was 4-2/3:1 and it is possible to fit the "pumpkin into an E6 rear end housing but you have to first find one, then grind out the housing flange a bit to get the crown gear to enter. You also have to use the E6 spider gears as the E4 had splined axle shafts while the E6 had just square shafts. If your car is a 1924 with 2-5/8 bore
  11. When recently visiting Australia, Jim Scammell took me to Lance Elliot's place. Still full of Essexes and parts and Lance is still very active. Lance took me for a nice drive in his 1920 tourer
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