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  1. Regards TWIN6, Not New York picture looks like my 1934 Hudson long wheelbase (123") Club sedan.
  2. Staver, as Paulrhd29nz stated it is for a Hudson Super Six. Hudson had a splash lubrication system and this oil pump put out 2 to 4 PSI, enough to move the oil from the bottom pan into the upper dip tray. I would be interested in the oil pump if the unit is for sale.
  3. Pakon, I checked the firewall plate on my car and it reads, PAINT #70, TRIM #12. it is mint green body and dark or sea island green top. Ours is a New Yorker sedan not a New Yorker Deluxe. The deluxe has more and some different chrome or stainless trim. I have recently changed computers and can't find my pictures, but will take some if you still would like them. I purchased a pickup load of parts from a fellow that had a Deluxe, so I have some parts for your deluxe if needed. If I can help with anything else I'll be glad to help. Frank
  4. Paton, my 54 New Yorker is mint green, and I think you have the information you need th paint the car. I am in Hershey right now and do not have all the info at hand. If you need help next week send me a private message and I'll try to help. Frank, Upstate New York
  5. I think some of this paranoia is warranted in some areas. About 20 to 25 years ago you could go to a DMV regional office in New York state with a plate number and for a small amount of cash $5.00 or less get information on registrant of that vehicle. Always thought it was a breach of privacy, and don't know if the practice has been stopped. It was a income producing item for DMV.
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