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  1. Thanks for that I will give them a try.
  2. Hi Guys, I am nearing the end of the restoration of my 1926 Essex (hoping to finish it towards the end of the year) however I bought the car it didn't come with a speedo cable and I haven't come across one during the restoration. So would anyone here have one they would be willing to sell? Thanks in advance, Tristan.
  3. Hi guys, Thank you all for your input I have found the issue. It turns out the vac tank must have had a small vacuum leak between where the inner chamber sits in the top of the other chamber I have sealed that and no more stalling. Thanks again everyone. Cheers, Tristan.
  4. Hi Sasha, Here is a photo of the top of the vac tank you can see the very small vent which I have checked and it clear. It also has a vent the side of the centre fitting to allow the vacuum chamber to drain into the main reservoir. Cheers, Tristan.
  5. Hi Hans, I have checked most of the things on your list above the only one I have not checked is the flapper valve which I will do. The vacuum tank is not original to the car I bought it off a fellow Essex owner and may very well be off a later model but I imagine it should still work being that they all work on the same principle? Thanks for the help, Tristan.
  6. Hi guys, This is the only photo I have of the vac tank it appears to have all the correct parts and is very simple internally, it is not like the other ones with springs and levers etc. Cheers, Tristan.
  7. Hi guys, Please forgive me if this has been covered before I did search but couldn't find an answer to my particular question. I am having a problem with my vacuum tank causing the engine in my '26 Essex to stall when it it drawing fuel up from the main tank. Whenever the vacuum tank is drawing fuel up from the main tank the engine runs very rough and stalls unless I hold the throttle open a bit. The engine runs sweet otherwise so would rule out a vacuum leak. The tank in question is a Stewart Warner but does not have the pot metal top it is all tin and has 4 scre
  8. Have you heard of that plasti-dip paint? From what I know about it (very limited) you can paint something with it and then peel it off without affecting the surface underneath. It might not come in the colour you're after but you might then be able to put your paint over the top of it? Just a suggestion I'm sure there are people for more knowledgeable as to whether this is a viable option. Cheers,Tristan.
  9. Thanks guys, I have sent Jim an email hopefully I get the answers I am after. Cheers, Tristan.
  10. Hi guys, As my car inches closer to being ready for paint I need to decide on a colour. I would love to know what the original colour looks like unfortunately I have had no luck being able to find a car in its original colour nor have I had any luck matching the paint code that I have. I have tried my local paint suppliers to no avail has anyone had any success matching a paint code from the 1920's? The car is question is a 1926 Essex and the paint information is Algerian Blue Duco, No. 2444021. Cheers, Tristan.
  11. Hi guys, Here is a photo of my first attempt at bodywork. The photo is flattering and you cannot see the imperfections because there are a few. Also I did not bother to pay much attention to where the windscreen mounts meet the cowl because there is a rubber seal there and it will be covered anyway. Cheers, Tristan.
  12. Thanks for all the advice guys, I have started on one side of the cowl and I can say it will definitely be a very time consuming task. However with some perseverance I'm sure it will get there in the end. Cheers, Tristan.
  13. Hi guys, I have decided that this summer I am going to paint my car with the help of my best mate. Combined we have zero panel beating experience and zero spray painting experience with 2pak (we have both sprayed stationary engines and things with enamel). I'm not going for a showroom finish just something that looks nice and presentable. Any and all advice is appreciated. Cheers, Tristan.
  14. Depends what condition the engine is in, you say it is restored but that does not give an accurate idea as to what condition it is in. Has it been fully rebuilt, semi rebuilt or just had a coat of paint? Could all count as "restored". Cheers, Tristan.
  15. Hi mate, Does your vac tank look like the pictures below? If so it is a Stewart Warner unfortunately I can't help with what model it is but maybe someone else can. As for your running rough problem first thing I would check is the plugs possibly even replace them. Failing that I would check the fuel filter (if one has been fitted) and the fuel lines make sure plenty of fuel is getting to the carby. Cheers, Tristan.
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