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  1. Thank you both, this gives me a good starting point of things to check. Thanks, Tristan.
  2. Hi guys, Thank you both for your replies. I am in Aus and familiar with the Penrite 250 gear oil I use it in both the gearbox and diff of my Essex. I think for now I will leave the gearbox alone as there doesn't appear to much I can do with it there's nothing I can do with the intermediate gear and he does not have any gearbox spares and as far as the input shaft goes it is only moving approx 5mm so perhaps it is also just wear related. Since talking to my uncle he has also told me last time he moved the car under its only power (25 odd years ago) the clutch was very grabby to the point he was concerned it would break spokes, any advise on this? Thanks again, Tristan.
  3. Hi Guys, Having finished the restoration on my '26 Essex I am now assisting my uncle with his '25 Dodge Roadster we are starting by getting it moving up its own power and then will move onto the bodywork etc. I have had the engine running given it a tune up and have it running pretty sweet, I have some concerns about the gearbox however. It is very noisy and after removing the top of the gearbox I have some questions for those who have Dodge experience. Firstly the input shaft seems to float back and forth with the clutch pedal free play but once loaded up ie depressing the clutch it does not move is this a normal characteristic? Secondly the small gear on the input shaft which locks to the output for 3rd gear is very loose on the input shaft and I believe the main cause of the noise, it is hard to imagine the centre of the gear being a high wearing part as it does not move very much nor very far. Again is this a normal thing or is it worn? Lastly and not necessarily gearbox related I have found a Dodge Brothers mechanics instruction book online, does anyone here have it and is it worth owning? Thanks in advance, Tristan.
  4. I didn't undercut the mica I didn't deem it necessary the grooves are still quite deep. Cheers, Tristan.
  5. Thanks for responses guys, I have found and rectified the issue. After much reading and researching I decided to pull the armature out of the generator and put it in a lathe to check information the commutator was out of round. Sure enough it was a long way out of round so I machined it round put it all back together and away it went. It does peak and drop off but nothing like it was it peaks at 5A charge at about 2000 rpm or just under and by 2500 rpm is starting charging at 4A. Cheers, Tristan.
  6. Hi guys, I'm having a bit of a problem with the generator in my '26 Essex at higher rpm the output drops of dramatically. It is a 6v negative earth car generator is 3rd brush regulated. The generator will charge up to about 2000 engine rpm and then drop of very rapidly from there. I had it said at about 4.5A charge at 2000rpm but by 2500rpm the output has dropped off to the point it is no longer charging but is not discharging. I have checked brush tensions the all feel about the same and have checked the resistance through the brush connections everything seems to check out ok. I have been told this could just be a design flaw of the particular generator (it is an American Bosch unsure of model) but I'm not sure. Also it's worth mentioning it has done this since I've wired it up it is not a new problem that has started occurring. Thanks in advance, Tristan.
  7. Thanks for that I will give them a try.
  8. Hi Guys, I am nearing the end of the restoration of my 1926 Essex (hoping to finish it towards the end of the year) however I bought the car it didn't come with a speedo cable and I haven't come across one during the restoration. So would anyone here have one they would be willing to sell? Thanks in advance, Tristan.
  9. Hi guys, Thank you all for your input I have found the issue. It turns out the vac tank must have had a small vacuum leak between where the inner chamber sits in the top of the other chamber I have sealed that and no more stalling. Thanks again everyone. Cheers, Tristan.
  10. Hi Sasha, Here is a photo of the top of the vac tank you can see the very small vent which I have checked and it clear. It also has a vent the side of the centre fitting to allow the vacuum chamber to drain into the main reservoir. Cheers, Tristan.
  11. Hi Hans, I have checked most of the things on your list above the only one I have not checked is the flapper valve which I will do. The vacuum tank is not original to the car I bought it off a fellow Essex owner and may very well be off a later model but I imagine it should still work being that they all work on the same principle? Thanks for the help, Tristan.
  12. Hi guys, This is the only photo I have of the vac tank it appears to have all the correct parts and is very simple internally, it is not like the other ones with springs and levers etc. Cheers, Tristan.
  13. Hi guys, Please forgive me if this has been covered before I did search but couldn't find an answer to my particular question. I am having a problem with my vacuum tank causing the engine in my '26 Essex to stall when it it drawing fuel up from the main tank. Whenever the vacuum tank is drawing fuel up from the main tank the engine runs very rough and stalls unless I hold the throttle open a bit. The engine runs sweet otherwise so would rule out a vacuum leak. The tank in question is a Stewart Warner but does not have the pot metal top it is all tin and has 4 screws that hold the top on. Is there something I am missing or is this just the way vacuum tanks are? Thanks in advance, Tristan.
  14. Have you heard of that plasti-dip paint? From what I know about it (very limited) you can paint something with it and then peel it off without affecting the surface underneath. It might not come in the colour you're after but you might then be able to put your paint over the top of it? Just a suggestion I'm sure there are people for more knowledgeable as to whether this is a viable option. Cheers,Tristan.
  15. Thanks guys, I have sent Jim an email hopefully I get the answers I am after. Cheers, Tristan.
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