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  1. I just got my 1999 F150 back on the road. The transmission coolant lines are prone to rusting out as the run together. You would think this would be a simple job but it is a nightmare. It is impossible to get to the connections at the transmission. The heat shields are between you and the transmission fittings and the body sits on them. I had to destroy them with a air chisel and wiz wheel and then remove the fittings with an crows foot on an angle drive. I should have cut a hole in the floor.
  2. You should post this in the Buick section of the forum. I would suggest that you join the Buick club and post pictures to better identify the body style. Have a great day.
  3. There was an article on why you should not be cheap on transporting your car which I cant find, I think this article tells the story. https://www.yahoo.com/autos/restored-429-mach-1-mustang-150000343.html.
  4. I have a dwell and know how to use it. Remember Falcon and comet are clones
  5. What is your definition of classic. To me this is not classic but a clone with mismatched numbers . You should buy the real deal. To many red flags.
  6. All of my kids learned to drive a stick and some of the grandkids can also. I have a 16 T that they need to learn on then there is the 23 Dodge, 23 Moon and 24 Star but they like the 81 VW and PT cruiser all stick.
  7. You could make the bushing out of thinwall tubing with the proper id. The square portion could be bushed with strips if shim stock or imported beer cans.
  8. https://www.yahoo.com/autos/bugatti-introduces-baby-ii-electric-140400917.html
  9. The older you get the more fun it is.
  10. You are located where and have pictures.
  11. There is a Dodge/Chrysler section on this forum, a Dodge club, and a Dodge facebook group that are all active for this year Dodge. I would suggest you post in the Dodge section of this forum and join the Dodge Groups. There are two suppliers of Dodge parts for this vintage and they are both very good and helpful. From your pictures the car looks complete and should run with good tires. The tires have tubes in them which means you can repair the tubes with a repair kit and get it moving. The engine is very basic and will probably run with an oil change and draining any stale gas in the vacuum tank (does not have a fuel pump). Have fun with it. If you need help PM me.
  12. On a BC/CC paint job of a a 1920's touring car how much paint is needed to do the body The car is a 1923 Moon.
  13. Most Model T vendors are pretty good and I have had no problem in forty years, the early Dodge dealers are also excellent.
  14. I don't have a radio in my car.
  15. There were front wheel drive Model T conversion and I believe Ruxtel built one, Quite a while ago there was an article in one of the magazine.
  16. How many young people know who gus was.
  17. I believe your first task should be the old tires. They will kill you.
  18. Mike the only time you can't teach a dog a new trick is when they have died. You just have to want to learn.
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