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  1. You can't read them why worry about them.
  2. I find with old cars you need the maximum illumination and usually do not run a Dim switch.
  3. I would like a PDF please. modelt1916@yahoo.com Thanks Jan
  4. Passed a van in Montana and it had a large window in the side. Driver had a shade cord that opened the blinds for the window and when he pulled the shade cord for the window there was a couple making out on a bed behind the window.
  5. I checked the fan on my 1923 Moon which has a continential engine and my fan is very different in construction and dimension.
  6. The grill shell looks like a Star or Rugby as does the splash apron. The headlights are drum as was the Star. It has two wheel brakes as did a Star but the body looks different. I have never seen door handles like it has...
  7. Is a tight lug nut part of rotating tires. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/does-tire-rotation-include-tightening-lug-nuts-michigan-court-thinks-about-it-for-awhile-concludes-no/ar-AAJcuaB?ocid=spartandhp
  8. It has been around a couple of years. If the bid doesn't go much higher these are steals.
  9. Randy nice looking car. You should contact the Durant club and also post in the Durant section of this section. There are several woodies in the Durant club.
  10. This looks like a nice car to get in and drive. https://www.ebth.com/items/11024521-partially-restored-1941-buick-special-eight-sedan
  11. There are two cars on Everthing but the house that look like excellent candidates for restoration or drive them as they sit. I will post the other one separately. https://www.ebth.com/items/11024527-1949-chrysler-new-yorker-sedan
  12. I have cut offs in all my car and I put fuse blocks in also. Since I rewire all my cars it is easy to install fuse blocks and fuse the important circuits. I used to get them from Radio Shack but the last one I had to but on line. I also put in fuel shut offs for leaking carbs.
  13. I hope it doesn't get down to political party.
  14. Then retorque after about 50 miles.
  15. Victoria sorry about the situation you find your self in and I know with your perseverance you will see your way thru. I live in KY and when I had a farm I had a JD like yours along with a Massie and a FORD. These tractors are used around here by hobby farmers or to do chores on larger farms. I checked with a friend of mine who used to own a local JD dealer. Since it has a bush hog on it that's what it was probably used for most of the time. Some one else asked if you had any other accessories and you do have a chipper. The more accessories the higher value. They were and still are goo
  16. The is a great Durant Club out there and there is a section in this forum for Durant carts and continential engines.
  17. They make them in a crows foot wrench.
  18. I believe I have a piece of asbestos replacement material left over from doing a T muffler.
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