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  1. Hi LCK, The woman on the Moon is actress Clara Bow. Realistically it isn't a good idea to do what she is doing. It's a real but staged picture.
  2. These two cars are from Kennywood's Turnpike ride. They are not mine, but I am the mechanic that keeps up on them for the owner. Both have Kohler engines. The Turnpike was one of my favorite rides as a kid. It has since been replaced with a coaster.
  3. Looks like a chair leg tenon cutter.
  4. Yankee made push drills too. Probably the most important difference, which I forgot to mention, is that the shanks of the bits are different. The shank of a push drill bit is about half the size. There are adapters though. Look at the picture I found on Google. Early push drills used another type of bit altogether. I think they used a three or four jaw chuck.
  5. I just found this picture on the internet. It shows one of each.
  6. I don't have a Yankee screwdriver, but here is my Miller's Falls push drill. Usually they have bit storage in the handle, are smaller than a push drill, and they don't have the spiral part of the mechanism exposed like the Yankee screwdrivers do.
  7. Although they work the same and look similar, there is a difference between a push drill and a yankee screwdriver. They do make bits for yankee screwdrivers though. I learned this when buying tools for my hand tool wood shop.
  8. Minivans did it all the way into at least the mid 90's. This is a picture of an Oldsmobile Silhouette that I found online. It is the most recent example that I can think of.
  9. Another thing about shifting with an antique car that I have pondered, for prewar cars that use a vacuum tank style fuel pump, I imagine it would be advantageous to downshift on hills to maintain engine vacuum so that the car doesn't run out of fuel before getting to the top. I have no experience to back this up, but it's logical. Who has experience with vacuum tanks and isn't going to comment by saying that they are junk?
  10. First thing,I Ihave yet to drive a car that has a non synchronized manual transmission, but one time I was discussing the topic with an old timer who referred to them as "synchro-smash" transmissions. I thought it was funny. The other thing, last week I watched an episode of Jay Lenos Garage and he mentioned that from a stop you can shift into reverse without grinding if you go from neutral to second to reverse. According to Jay, on most manuals the reverse gear is on the same shaft as second gear. I assume this only works on synchronized transmissions since second would be synchro
  11. According to Google, it is a valve stem retainer insertion tool.
  12. Does anybody know why they went out of fashion? Did people from one hundred years ago think plastic handles were so cool that they quit buying the perfect handle ones? I wish they would make a comeback
  13. I had to use this screwdriver the other day and was reminded of this post. It is a "General no 808" 90 degree screwdriver. It is very useful since all four tips are on a different angle, which is handy in areas where you only have room to turn a screw an eighth of a turn at a time. Normal 90 degree screwdrivers need room for a full half turn before the tip will engage the screw again. I should buy a backup in case it ever walks off.
  14. The goals in order are for it to look good and not rust for a long time, be a fun to drive car that can have lots of miles put on it year after year, be as original as it can be, and look respectable at shows. I expect having to touch it up periodically and I expect it to show that the car gets used. We want it to look good and original, but don't care if it loses points because it isn't over restored or has signs of use. It's a car and cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed. The owner and I don't care about bragging rights, trailering it everywhere it goes, or spending more time polishing it
  15. My hope is that even though the formula changed that it will still be pretty tough paint in comparison to other options.
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