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  1. Phil, Thank you for your reply. I think this photo was taken in 1920´s. The life of Metz was prolongerd by modifing the body for practical use. I have seen one Model 22 in Turku, Finland. The car was later import and the restoration was not all finished. It was imported by a friend of mine who lived winters in Florida. He then sold the Metz to a car museum which now is closed. Do not know the destiny of the Metz after that. Juha
  2. This photo was published in a Finnish speaking FB page. To me the car looks like a Metz from 1913/1914 but they have nade some body modifications; windshield and rear part of the body with extra seat. Would like to hear your opinion about this photo. Metz automobiles were imported to Finland by Sergei Nikolajeff J:or in Helsinki. Orient Buckboard ars were imported by Otto Brandt in Helsinki, too. Juha Kaitanen Sipoo, Finland
  3. Do you still have the cable? Is it for your own use? Best wishes Juha Kaitanen
  4. Hi, Thank you for your very detailed reply. In 1920´s automobiles were equipped with two register plates. The big one was the actual register plate and the small one was a plate that was changed every year. On the small plate there was a tear and the register symbol. In this case T-2137. This small plate was a sign that the yearly tax was paid. The letter T stand for "Turun ja Porin lääni" province. Juha Kaitanen Sipoo, Finland
  5. Hi, I enclosed a photo of Essex automobile in Finland. I think the car is from 1923/1924 but would like to hear your opinion about the make of the year and the model since I think you have more knowledge about Essex automobiles. Juha Kaitanen Sipoo, Finland
  6. Hi, Thank you for you reply. The Model T which were imported to Finland were assembled in Copenhagen Denmark or is Stockholm Sweden. So they may differ a bit from those manufactured in the USA. Juha Kaitanen Sipoo, Finland
  7. Hi, I enclose a photo of Model T which I think is from 1925/1926 but I am not very sure. That is why I ask you to take a look on the photo and tell me you opinion about the make of the year.
  8. Hi, Thank you very much to both of you for the good information you so quicly provided me. It is interested that so far we knew that "Sergei Nikolajeff J:or in Helsinki imported Metz automobiles to Finland in mid 1910´s. It sure would be interested to knew how this Plan Car ended to Finland. Did it come as a whole or in boxes? Maybe it was originally ordered by some Finnish immigrant in the US and brought it to Finland in running condition.
  9. I enclose a newspaper ad which was published on Finnish "Uusi Aura" newspaper n:o 5 the 8th of January 1914 page 7. Among other things there was for sale a very little used Metz automobile. The ad says that the car is equipped with 2-cylinder 12 hp engine and the body is for two passengers. Isn´t it so that all Metz automobiles were equipped with 4-cylinder engine? Could it be so that the car for sale is actually a Orient Buckboard with 2-cylinder engine? Any information is greatly appreciated. Best wishes to you´ll for year 2019! Juha Kaitanen Sipoo, Finland
  10. Hi again, This is the Peerless which I saw for sale in Nakkila. Year 2007 the car was owned by Mr. Markus Järvi near Helsinki. He sell classic automobiles so he doesn´t own the Peerless any more. In thaat article they tell among other things that in 1929 there were 60 Peerless automobiles registered in Finland. In 2007 there were only 3 or 4. Our national veteran car club membership directory lists only two Peerless; 1927 and 1928 Phaetom. http://www.iltalehti.fi/autot/200711016788125_au.shtml
  11. Hi, Thank you so much for your post. If I remember right there was one 7-passenger Sedan for sale about 10 years ago in Nakkila. I think this car was dark blue in color. Then I think Mr. Rannila in Northern Finland has a Peerless from 1910´s. He has his own private car museum. Mr. Rannila used to own a Russian made Zis convertible which was used by Josef Satlin. The Zis was restored here in Finland and later sold back to Russia/Kreml with very high price. Juha Kaitanen Sipoo, Finland
  12. Hi, Thank you very much for your very detailed reply. I shall forward your answer to the achive so that they can add this information to their files. I enclose some other photos showing different sides of the Peerless. Photos were taken in 1930 as you can see from the register plate - small number 30. Juha
  13. Hi, I believe this is a 1929 Peerless. It was once owner by a vetenarian Bernhard Åström in Helsinki area. I would like to hear your opinion about the make, model and make of year. The original phot is owned by Swedeish Literatur Soociety in Helsinki. In the archive there is quite a few photos of this very same Peerless. Peerless automobiles were imported to Finland by "Laatuvaunu Oy". Juha Kaitanen Finland
  14. Hi, Thank you to both of you for quick and professional reply. Juha Kaitanen
  15. Hi, This photo of automobile was published in FB-page here in Finlland. The page is for postcards and old photos showing seeneris of city of Turku. I am trying to identify the make of the car. To me it looks quite large - maybe 7-passenger Touring. The steering wheel is on right side of the car. So the make can be European or early US. Somebody said that it could be Essex but it looks little too large to be Essex. Any ideas of the make of this early car is greatly wellcome.