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  1. I got a copy of this photo from a friend of mine. To me the car looks like a 1936 Buick. Would like to hear from you professional opinion. The photo was taken in Vehmaa, Finland. We are not sure who owned the car but we know the place the photo was taken. Stay healthy and enjoy spring Juha Kaitanen Sipoo, Finland
  2. There has been a Chevrolet truck from mid 1930´s of which I have only some serial numbers. I guess the first no. is engine no. and the second is serial/type/model designation: 4867316/246. I also know that the owner has paid vehicle tax the 21st of September 1936. Is it possible to tell something based on the serial numbers of this vintage truck? Any information is greatly appreciated. Juha Kaitanen Sipoo, Finland
  3. Here is another photo of Chevrolet car which I think shows a 1937 Chevrolet Master Sedan. There is some registration documents available from this automobile. It is dated the 21st of March 1938. The serial no. of the Chevrolet is 515/153933/B80378/TS-797. Is it possible to tell something about this car based on this serial no? Hope they have documented the numbers right. During the winter we had to cover the radiator to keep the temperature of the engine on right level. Juha Kaitanen Sipoo, Finland
  4. I found this ad which was published in a newspaper called "Turun Sanomat" in the 16th of February 1926. On the list of passenger Chevrolet car you can see "Sport Touring". I wonder if this term was used also in the US.
  5. Chevrolets were sold in Turku (Finland) area by "Turun Autohalli Oy (Turku Autogarage Co.). There are some digitized dicuments telling to whom they have sold Chevrolets during years 1925 and 1926. For passenger cars they use two body designation; Touring ans Sport. Touring is clear for me but what do they mean by "Sport". I did not find that body style from "The Classic Car Database" web pages. The company also sold some trucks and they were marked as "trucks" and not "kuorma-auto" which is Finnish word for truck. I enclose two photos of Chevyes which were once in use in Vehmaa Finland aand which I think were sold by "Turun Autohalli Oy"- Chevrolet was the second most common make of automobile after Ford. Juha Kaitanen Sipoo, Finland
  6. Hi, I sent to my friend in Holland and he thought the car in the photo could be 1925 Gray. But it sure have some similarities with Star, too. Most of the Stars were sold to Finland under name Rubgy. I know ar least one Star project near Helsinki area. Juha
  7. Hi, I am trying to get the automobile shown in enclosed photo to be identified. First I thought it could be Buick, then Willys-Knight but with closer look it doesn´t seem to be so. A odd thing with this car is that it is missing outer door handles or they are at the top of the doors. I found some photos which show this kind of models among Durant products. So could this be Durant or Rubgy? Juha Kaitanen Sipoo, Finland
  8. Ho, That was a good point. I didn´t notice that earlier. I guess the handles are on the top of the doors. Juha
  9. Hi, This photo was taken in Rautila, Vehmaa, Finland sometimes round 1920´s. My first thought was that the make of the car is Buick but then someone in this great AACA told me that the car could as well be a Willys-Knight. Now I hope to hear your opinion about the photo and the fine automobile ithe photo shows. Best wishes from Sipoo, Finland Juha Kaitanen
  10. Hi, Thank you for your quick reply. You may be right here - now when I take the second look with that in mind. Juha
  11. This photo is taken in a village called Rautila in a commune called Vehmaa in a land called Finland. To me the car looks like a Buick from mid 1920´s or a bit earlier. Would like to get your opinion about the photo. Best wishes Juha Kaitanen Sipoo, Finland
  12. Phil, Thank you for your reply. I think this photo was taken in 1920´s. The life of Metz was prolongerd by modifing the body for practical use. I have seen one Model 22 in Turku, Finland. The car was later import and the restoration was not all finished. It was imported by a friend of mine who lived winters in Florida. He then sold the Metz to a car museum which now is closed. Do not know the destiny of the Metz after that. Juha
  13. This photo was published in a Finnish speaking FB page. To me the car looks like a Metz from 1913/1914 but they have nade some body modifications; windshield and rear part of the body with extra seat. Would like to hear your opinion about this photo. Metz automobiles were imported to Finland by Sergei Nikolajeff J:or in Helsinki. Orient Buckboard ars were imported by Otto Brandt in Helsinki, too. Juha Kaitanen Sipoo, Finland
  14. Do you still have the cable? Is it for your own use? Best wishes Juha Kaitanen
  15. Hi, Thank you for your very detailed reply. In 1920´s automobiles were equipped with two register plates. The big one was the actual register plate and the small one was a plate that was changed every year. On the small plate there was a tear and the register symbol. In this case T-2137. This small plate was a sign that the yearly tax was paid. The letter T stand for "Turun ja Porin lääni" province. Juha Kaitanen Sipoo, Finland
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