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  1. The Woodlites have been sold. FYI, I received a couple of bids, the high being $4,700 +. They’re going on a ‘26 Cadillac, custom. They’re still quite popular, it appears.
  2. WOODLITE Headlights, Genuine Original, Pair, Excellent, Used Very light patina. Can be used as-is or easily restored. Complete except for one lid latch and two internal spring clips. Data plate tarnished. Appraised at $5K for the pair. I’m open to offers. Can deliver to Hershey in October. Whitney Haist CA 925-899-4912
  3. Hello Kevin, What you are looking for is not easy to come by. Have you explored www.oldihc.org ? You will find a pre-'40 form that may prove to be helpful. W H
  4. Hello fellow corn binder enthusiasts.... The D-1, as you may know, was IH's first move into the light truck market and they were actually built by Willys-Overland in Toledo (their model C 113) with slight modifications and IH badges. Mine is a recent barn find that is all there, except the gauges are trashed. There is an excellent photo of the set on page 63 of the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of Antique Automobile. There is a amp meter, speedo, combination temp / gas gauge and oil pressure gauge. They are polygonal in shape, square like but with unequal sides and sloping top, like a shed roof. I suspect they were also used on an earlier W-O product. Anyone know where I should start looking for these bad boys? Thanks.
  5. SL, I found some more information for you. According to The Illustrated Encyclopedia if American Trucks, by my friend Albert Mroz, The Galloway was designed by William Galloway and built by Dart Mfg, both of Waterloo, Iowa between 1908 and 1911 at which time the name was changed to Maytag. I have located the contact info for the gentleman a met a few weeks ago that owns a 1912 Galloway Utility. If you send me your contact info, off list, I will ask him to contact you. I don't want to put that info on a public media.
  6. There is a Galloway in the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis http://transportmuseumassociation.org/ Perhaps they can help you, Galloway was a seller of farm equipment. The trucks were built by others and sold under the Galloway name. There is also a member (don't have a name) of the Moon Car Club in st Louis that is quite knowledgeable on Galloways. The membership chairman should be able to steer you to him. I believe he lives in NE. http://www.mooncarclub.com/ Contact Jeff at MoonCarClub@gmail.com
  7. These truck parts have gone to a great home. They were picked up by a young man from Canada who is restoring his grandfathers D-2. I admire young people who chose to preserve history and especially family heirlooms like this. And I got some rusty iron out of my yard. This is what I call a win - win! w
  8. I have a complete rear axle assembly for a D-2. 1937, 1938, 1939. Low mileage, includes rear springs and shocks. No room to keep it. Free to good IHC home. Local pickup only. San Francisco east bay. haist2@comcast.net
  9. I've seen various photos of restored "green diamond" engines, understandably painted green. I recently acquired, however, a slightly used, 213 cylinder head with a fair amount of original paint remaining. It's black. Could it be that the correct color for the green diamond engine is actually black? WSH in CA 1936 C-1
  10. Hello, I have recently acquired a 1958 half ton pickup, model 3E7. Can someone out there tell me where I find the VIN on this vehicle? Thanks in advance.
  11. Is there anyone out there that rebuilds / repairs the Northeast Electric Speedometers? The pot metal in my '26 is swolen and frozen. Thanks in advance.
  12. My 1915 Studebaker, SF has a Boston "Triumph" gas gauge that needs help. Can you direct me to someone experienced with the repair of these things? Thanks in advance.
  13. I'm picking up a new 20' enclosed trailer in the Portland, OR area around the last week in September and heading South to the San Francisco, CA east bay. Anybody got a load going that way? It's an extra tall trailer especially for brass era cars, if need be. Whitney
  14. There is a big pre-war swap meet in Bakersfield every spring. The Studebaker club is usually there in force.
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