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  1. Enjoying your progress , i must put my two bobs worth in though , I really do believe the valve springs you have used are far to strong , and will cause you trouble , I think some springs from Dodge four would be much better , if can't find any locally i would be happy to post you some from Australia , Looking forward to the next installment ,
  2. I think you have found segments from a commutator , Could be starter or gen. Are they will made from copper ? They will also be tapered too , Hope this helps ,
  3. Bill E , Thanks for your reply , Can you shed any light on the lubricator in the pic ? Looks be another stye with pipes out the side , Not on top ? Also mounting bolts different too , Happy to trade parts etc. Will keep in touch ,
  4. Highest price paid for TEN feed belt drive lubricator any condition , To use in the restoration of an IHC Auto Buggy , May have a tag saying ", Cummins ", or " Precision Appliance Co., " Could be other brands too ?( See Pic. ) Interested in any Highwheeler parts , Even parts that are rusty or even been though a fire ! Someone must have parts or wreck or know someone with parts ? Thanks for looking,
  5. Thanks for that Frank , Would be nice to see it restored , Perhaps we will one day ? I have a BLACK engine, Would like to find parts like that pictured above , Perhaps there are more parts around somewhere ? Regards SL
  6. Hello, the pictures attached came this site back in 2012, , Would like to contact the owner of these parts please, Thanks in advance , PS Just send me a PM will be fine ,
  7. Thanks , 'old truck nut" , Could be just the clue i need , Regards, SL.
  8. Hello all, The picture attached was found on the web for reference, unknown owner. Hoping to correspond with someone who can supply pictures of the running gear of a "Galloway motor wagon " Would be very helpful in the restoration of the first vehicle in our district, Our Galloway was cut in half and the back half used as a cart and is long gone , Thanks in advance , SL
  9. Hello , Looking for Kiblinger Buggy parts , axles, springs , wheels , Jack shaft , What do you have ? Thanks in advance , Stuart.
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