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  1. Are you able to post any pics of the cars? Some on here may be able or want to make an offer on one or both as they sit.
  2. Run, son. This scam goes on all the time. Stay away from that guy !
  3. That right there sir, is a engineering masterpiece !
  4. I am thoroughly amazed at what a person can learn on this forum !
  5. What about Corvette summer ? Was kinda corny but still had some nice cars and vans.
  6. I'm not a professional but, that thing is going to have to have one hell of a starter to turn it over
  7. Lots of 60s and 70s cars in the movie dazed and confused. Also great soundtrack. The story line isn't that great though. My favorite is American Graffiti. By far one of the best car movies !
  8. Knowing before hand, that you will never break another tap in your life after you get a set ! LOL. Ima gonna get a set also !
  9. From the looks of things, for the most part, we all have about the same taste in music.(More or less). Especially when working on our cars.
  10. And, why do they always have the Bass turned up so you can't even hear the music ?
  11. Sorry 'ole friend but you forgot to add the "POSSOM "
  12. In all fairness, the F150 looks like it's trying to jump out of the tree while the Chevrolet appears to be looking around waiting to POUNCE !
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