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  1. Yep absolutely amazing sleuths here. I cant believe that from the pictures of a rusty, weed covered car folks here were able to identify the car from 1 trim piece.
  2. Thats the plan - We're building a house here, so some of the logs and this will be a memento going in somewhere in the house.
  3. Hi, Here are some of the pictures that I could take. The car is buried a bit on the side and weeds have grown over and around it and hence when i can get an excavator I will try to pull it out gently. Thanks for checking!
  4. Thanks Peter - will definitely do that. Just that the car shell is pretty mangled.
  5. I am absolutely new to the forum and hence please excuse me if i am asking a question too early. We purchased a piece of land a couple of years back and will be building a house there. There is an older model mangled car there buried in soil - since i can only see portion of it. Some of the folks who have come by the lot have asked if I know anything about the car and how it ended up there. Ofcourse I have no clue about it and now that we have an access road to the property almost done, I wanted to see if I can start to try and figure out whats the make and model of the car.
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