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  1. I stopped at the station I always get my gas from on Monday. I had not heard of any problems when I stopped but, every pump was full and lines were backed up at all 10 pumps. I didn't pick up on anything wrong until I got home and watched the NEWSLESS station. I saw a picture of a man filling up one of those 275 gallon plastic totes and another picture of a woman filling up one of those plastic totes you buy from Wallyworld. Come on people, use your heads! Plastic and gasoline don't work well together !
  2. Doesn't look like it broke the windshield or, opened the airbags.
  3. Always, always, always, stay legal. It may be easier or cheaper but, in the long run you can't go wrong.
  4. As you well know, once you scratch off that number and give it to him, your money is gone with no chance of getting it back !
  5. Looks good ! Can't be too safe anymore !
  6. Build sheets are sometimes put under the carpet.
  7. People do thing for many different reasons. I along with many will miss Tinindians' wisdom. As with others, I hope he changes his mind and returns to this great group. Tinindian, if you see this and if I in any way offended you in any post I made, I humbly apologize. I will miss your contributions and insights. BTW, if I have offended anyone here, I apologize to you also.
  8. Tinindian did contribute to this forum.
  9. I do agree with the statement that everyone has common sense but not everyone has good sense. I personally use the phrase that lots don't have common sense. Maybe I don't display good sense by saying it like that. I apologize !
  10. You are correct. My mistake. I looked at it wrong. Thanks.
  11. Not sure if any of this information helps but, here goes what I found. According to the C1 Corvette registry, the number you listed as the VIN doesn't seem to match any 1955 Corvettes. In 1955 only 700 Corvettes were built with VIN VE55S001001 thru VE55S001700. Sorry for the bad news. I wish you the best of luck. If I can help any further,(not that I've been any help) hollar.
  12. Not really what you are showing but, I remember going to an all Corvette show quite a few years back and saw what was described as a 1952 Corvette prototype and it didn't have glass windows but it did have curtains that were made of cloth. Haven't been able to find the car anywhere on the world wide interweb.
  13. edinmass, I'm so glad I'm not that old yet ! LOL
  14. 1937McBuick, I believe we as a society slipped into the having to be told common sense thing about 2 or 3 generations ago. I'm sorry for saying it but, I think most of us know it already. Back in the 50's cars came with instructions telling you how to adjust the valves. Now the cars come with instructions telling you to not drink the battery contents.
  15. Not trying to get off subject but, Love your profile picture Texas John 55.
  16. Are you able to post any pics of the cars? Some on here may be able or want to make an offer on one or both as they sit.
  17. Run, son. This scam goes on all the time. Stay away from that guy !
  18. That right there sir, is a engineering masterpiece !
  19. I am thoroughly amazed at what a person can learn on this forum !
  20. What about Corvette summer ? Was kinda corny but still had some nice cars and vans.
  21. I'm not a professional but, that thing is going to have to have one hell of a starter to turn it over
  22. Lots of 60s and 70s cars in the movie dazed and confused. Also great soundtrack. The story line isn't that great though. My favorite is American Graffiti. By far one of the best car movies !
  23. Knowing before hand, that you will never break another tap in your life after you get a set ! LOL. Ima gonna get a set also !
  24. From the looks of things, for the most part, we all have about the same taste in music.(More or less). Especially when working on our cars.
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