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  1. I hope it doesn't get down to political party.
  2. Then retorque after about 50 miles.
  3. Victoria sorry about the situation you find your self in and I know with your perseverance you will see your way thru. I live in KY and when I had a farm I had a JD like yours along with a Massie and a FORD. These tractors are used around here by hobby farmers or to do chores on larger farms. I checked with a friend of mine who used to own a local JD dealer. Since it has a bush hog on it that's what it was probably used for most of the time. Some one else asked if you had any other accessories and you do have a chipper. The more accessories the higher value. They were and still are good tractors. He said the value that you have been getting is accurate in this area. To sell it he suggested starting it up and making a video. He said that dealers can't give you anything because they probably have several on their lot. He also suggested contacting the local 4H or FFA to see if someone needs one.
  4. The is a great Durant Club out there and there is a section in this forum for Durant carts and continential engines.
  5. They make them in a crows foot wrench.
  6. I believe I have a piece of asbestos replacement material left over from doing a T muffler.
  7. I think it may be earlier. Check with the Durant Club or post in the Durant or Continential section of this forum.
  8. This is the statement that concerns me and I am already putting seat belts In my Moon. "The California Highway Patrol is still investigating the crash but talks of changing the laws revolving around classic cars are already in the works. If this legislation is approved, that means that all cars, no matter how old, must have seatbelts or harnesses installed to be legal and road worthy. While safety is no doubt a priority, these classics have been around for decades without any of these features. Also, this means drilling holes into million-dollar Concours cars."
  9. https://www.yahoo.com/news/kevin-hart-likely-file-lawsuit-220541042.html
  10. Have you looked in the Dodge forum. Do you have pictures? Where are you located? If you have pictures I may have some.
  11. I grew up before seat belts were required and then when they were required. I am going to put them in my 23 Moon touring to make sure that my grand children stay put. I am putting an extra cross member in to hold the belts. I realize that they are not perfect but I feel they are better then nothing. I am not putting them in my 1916 T or 1923 Dodge because you are sitting on fuel tanks.
  12. congratuations, Did you refer them to the Dodge Club.
  13. I always put the rack through card board to hold them. Much slower but my fingers appreciate.
  14. I would start with getting a Model A restorers handbook. It may not be absolutely identical but probably close.
  15. It has to be popular mechanic for me. Still have a lot of them. Tom Swift (The original series) where he was constantly inventing things.
  16. My moon has the same clutch and as was said there should not be a gap. I may have one I took out. I will check.