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  1. Thanks for everyones suggestion. See if I can find a Buegler.
  2. I need a brass/steel stem which is long enough to fit a disc wheel. The Model T tube that Lang sell is 3" and I need 3.5. per Lang "This is an original style, heavy duty inner tube for wood wheels only. Bias ply with a center brass valve stem, Stem width .5”, Stem height 3” Does not include the mounting hardware." per Langs. I also tried Snyders and I mounted a tire before I knew I had a problem Interesting that I m still connected to Coker after two hours with the same message.
  3. I have called Coker three times to chat about tube stems and nobody has picked up on the chat line, Placed a separate call to customer service and left a message. It has been 5 hours and no return call. Does any one know what is going on. Does anyone have any 30 x 3 1/2 tubes with steel stems for sale. Need four for my 23 Moon.
  4. Worked at Harrahs for a summer, 1965 when in college where I met everyone into cars at the time.
  5. Thanks everyone for there input and it looks like another addition.
  6. I have completed painting of my wheels for my 1923 MOON and now I would like to pin stripe the wheels. Any suggestions or advice.
  7. I am looking for MOON parts particular a continential 6/40 engine. Thanks Jan
  8. I am looking for MOON parts particular a continential 6/40 engine. Thanks Jan
  9. Did you know that "BONDO" is a 3M trademarked name.
  10. I have to point out that these shows are poor examples of how to do body work. Bondo has never been intended to be put on thick. These are not body men and probable don't own a body hammer or file. Look at them as entertainment not learning exercises. They are not restoring cars usually hacking them up.
  11. When I did my 1923 Moon I purchased several sheets of foam insulation and gluded them together, I then used an electric knife to cut the patterns. Cheap and if you overcut or come up short you can just glue the piece back on. I have a full set of T plans, don't what year but they are available.
  12. John we need to look at all the steps you have to go through to get a car ready to paint to answer your question. I am not an expert but here is what I have been taught to do and follow. First if you are an old painter you have had to learn new steps, When you start on a car body you need to prime it. Twenty years ago you would metal prep a car with acid, then put bondo on, prime it and paint. Paint companies started offering primer with acid in it (Variprime) then you bondo and painted. This was and is DTM (direct to metal) primer. Now we have Epoxy primer (2K) which the manfacture tel
  13. I appreciate the comments and insight. How else are we to learn things. I know what is correct on my cars and what is incorrect and I have no problem if someone pointed it out particularly if I would be selling it. Thanks for your knowledge and insight.
  14. There is a great Hupp facebook group you should join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/174953099653903
  15. I get mine at tractor supply.
  16. Dog bones were usually accessories along with moto meters.
  17. There is a Maxwell group you need to join. maxwellbriscoeowners@groups.io
  18. You probably should post this over at the hot rod group. HAMB
  19. I don;t think Republic used a Continential engine. I have an owners manual and I will check it. I think they use a Budda engine.
  20. You need a hyperlink and just like selling a car a complete description of what the site does and why I would want to participate.
  21. I just got my 1999 F150 back on the road. The transmission coolant lines are prone to rusting out as the run together. You would think this would be a simple job but it is a nightmare. It is impossible to get to the connections at the transmission. The heat shields are between you and the transmission fittings and the body sits on them. I had to destroy them with a air chisel and wiz wheel and then remove the fittings with an crows foot on an angle drive. I should have cut a hole in the floor.
  22. You should post this in the Buick section of the forum. I would suggest that you join the Buick club and post pictures to better identify the body style. Have a great day.
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