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  1. Our prayers go out to anyone involved in this disaster.
  2. You might want to post on the HCCA site on this forum.
  3. You need to remember that serial number on old cars are not like serial numbers on a new car. There are no VIN numbers. You will have engine numbers, frame numbers and on early dodges you have a plate on the floor board with a number which can be worn off and not readable. Are you concerned about these numbers for a tittle?
  4. A barbecue rotisserie works well and is the right speed.
  5. I think this person is super. He is fast and does an excellent job. http://www.mojoartworks.com/contact.html
  6. David I know this an old post but did you get a top. I am removing a top from a 1923 Moon. It is in bad shape but I did not know what you were looking for. It is yours if you want. Jan
  7. The rabbit is a gas model, a convertible and my wife drives. She like a sycro. transmission not straight cut gears. Here are the measurements and pictures. If you need more let me knoe.
  8. I believe this is what you are looking for. I bought it for a speedster. The handles are complete and are free.
  9. I believe I have one. If the weather holds up I will go the garage tomorrow and check
  10. This catalog came with my MOON under the front seat.
  11. Thank everyone for their help and suggestions I will be looking at leather all though I am a novice with sewing leather. I do have the coverings I removed for patterns.The strange thing about this car is that the front seat was done in leatherette, the kick panels are in leatherette and the rear seat and side bolsters are leather. Some one may have changed the front seat but it matches the rest of the car. David do you have a source for horse hair. I assume you use sterilized horse hair. Thanks for your recommendation. Jan PS: Plumply is a word and it refers to my mid section
  12. Ron/Gary: Thank you for your offer. Either of your covers would work as they are of the right dimension and design Since I only need one cover, Gary would you please send me a PM. I have followed both of your work and you do fantastic work. Jan
  13. That is my understanding and that the doors are the same.
  14. gentleman the cover is 4.5 inches across. Thanks Jan
  15. He is about an hour from me in an Amish community that has the greatest bakery around(Millers). I talked to him last summer about doing the car. If I don't do it he will be doing it. Thanks Jan
  16. I will be doing the interior on my 1923 MOON Touring this summer. I have done three interiors in the past but they have all been kits so this will be a challenge. The first thing I need to do is calculate how much material I will need. I haven't decided leather vs leatherette. I am open to all suggestions and help. The color will be black with a black top and blue body and black fenders. I do have the seat covering and side bolsters. Recommendations as to suppliers will also be appreciated.
  17. Might I suggest you do two things. Join the Durant club and there is a Durant section on this forum which has people with Stars.
  18. One great job which I will be using it in the summer.