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  1. A little more information might help.
  2. Sorry guys I did not mean to hijack the thread nor did I mean to violates any rules as outlined by our moderator below. Moderator " Administrators 283 6,180 posts Location: Tucson AZ Report post Posted January 10, 2006 Any post from a business that markets an auto related product should go here. Posting of truck transport schedules is not allowed. They will be deleted without comment. Repeat offend
  3. I used left over flat roof material (EDM) for anti-squeak body to frame.
  4. Depending on what I need derusted, I use electrolysis in a 55 gal plastic drum or a commercial dip and strip company in Cincinnati. Here are the fenders I got back for my 23 Moon as I picked them up and after painting with epoxy. Their process removes everything, paint, rust, lead and bondo.
  5. I use Community Carriage & leather, Steven Stutzman, 937-386-3368, Peebles, Oh. Great job.
  6. Posted to the FB speedster group.
  7. What ever the speed if a rotisserie motor is.
  8. John try EGGE for your piston bolts (con rod bolts), ebay for rings. I modified a 1940 Chevrolet distributor by changing the drive gear and cut down the shaft to fit my Moon which has a continential 6/40 engine. You have a rare one. I see you found the Continential section of the forum.
  9. I agree with these gentleman in that it will not depreciate. You could always over pay but I think right now the price is not unreasonable. If you are comfortable with a high wheeler go for it
  10. I don't if you have restored a car before but I will offer two rules. Take many pictures from many angles and catalog them as you go. Second rules is never throw anything away you will always need it later. Have you joined the Buick Club?
  11. That is not a tool box it is an air brake. At least you don't have to worry about replacing the wipers.
  12. post in parts wanted . Whats it off of?
  13. Add a little ATF to the mixture and pull the pan to make sure the piston is not at the bottom of the stroke. Bought an engine once that the guy said was stuck and it turned out the piston was at the bottom of the stroke and he beat the hell out of it.
  14. made to order. Took three months as they do the Amish buggy repair in this community. They were doing a 22 Stude while we were there picking up the bows. You can not be in a hurry as they are usually busy. They also have a great bakery in Millers if you go
  15. If you are looking to refinish the bows and mount them in yours irons here is an alternative. I just picked up the bows for my 1923 MOON from an Amish carriage maker. I received three regular bows and one four inch wide bow. I have to do all the shaping and refinishing. The cost was $187 which included tax. The company is Community Carriage & Leather, 937-386-3368, Peebles OH. Real nice to work with and they can do everything from top to interior.
  16. In my area I have seen painters advertise on craigslist for side jobs.
  17. When I used to take apart Ford flatheads we used to have heads stuck on we would get some thin wall tubing where the inside diameter fit over the stud and cut teeth into the end. We the chucked it in the drill and ran it down the stud cutting it loose.
  18. You engine is not locked up which is nicer to hear. I would pull the plugs and dump some transmission fluid in the cyc. and let it set for a week. I am sure it will free up then it is easier to sell.
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