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  1. I have been doing this for sixty years and I will say what you want is do able but not likely. The first thing you need to do is join a club or chapter and meet the people. You need to join a club where the members work on their cars and understand how to evaluate a car. You want some one who can go with you to evaluate the car. You seem to be looking at "T" but could you evaluate a "T" and drive it. What ever you buy will probably need tires which is another $500 up front. The touring you listed requires a top and interior. Have you ever installed these. The touring listed says engine rebuilt but does not a have a coil box. I would suggest you start a little smaller in a speedster and learn the ropes, trade it or sell it and move up the ladder. Another advantage to a club is that a member may have a car they are not using which they will allow you to purchase more in your budget.
  2. In the future if you need to get the gunk out use a couple cans of drain cleaner.
  3. Looks like mine on my Star but I would have to check.
  4. I have used marine spar varnish for 50 years and never had a problem.
  5. Tom try this guy he has a lot of side mount parts. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1931-1932-1933-auburn-side-mount-tire-hold-down/262267390498?hash=item3d105aca22:g:PNoAAOSwqu9U5el8
  6. I have used carb cleaner on a rag. Don't leave it on the surface long. Works on sap also
  7. looks like a 29 buick. list it in the Buick forum.
  8. This is not mine but might be of interest for someone. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2094430190826697
  9. Very nice pictures and it answered a question I have on the rug on my 23 and that was how to do the edges. You put yours under the side panels and did you also bind the edges.
  10. Do you have pictures. Durant used cont. engines and the water pump interchange with my Moon.
  11. I like Gary solution. I would then put the removed window on display so people can see how the window was made. I think people would be very interested in how they made bullet proof glass.
  12. Dave I hope your head still fits in your hat after some well deserved praise. Is there a resource book that is available before I start on my 1923 Moon interior that I should read. Unless you have that mobile upholstery shop ready.