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  1. BucketofBolts

    1933 Buick Model 96 Victoria coupe

    With the torrents of rain in Sacramento where the cars are stored I have to wait until the sun finally comes out so I can take these 1933 Victoria Coupe Buick Model 96 examples and the 1933 Buick Model 86 to have photos taken.
  2. BucketofBolts

    1925 Buick Standard Barn Raising

    Almost a dozen helpers! I counted 11 pairs of hands which comes out to 22 hands to help get this vehicle moving. I can't even get my 12 year old son to help with my 1933 Buicks without having to purchase him a new "skin" for his Fortnite addiction.
  3. BucketofBolts

    1937 Packard 120 Convertible Coupe For Sale $79k

    I think the advertisement is appropriate. If a potential buyer is interested then he /she need only post a request for more pics and ask a few questions. I wonder if the brown poodle comes with the car. My 8 year old is begging me for a Dog and this might be the excuse to get one.
  4. BucketofBolts

    1948 Buick Roadmaster convertible for sale

    I've heard that some seller's on EBay have a friend or relative who will come in on a high bid for a secret reserve (which is not mentioned on the listing) which is done to avoid a potential real valid high bid getting the vehicle for a price that is much less than the seller wants to accept. The Seller then waits some time and lists the vehicle again and gives an explanation that the earlier high bidder failed to come forward with all the funds. Why use this practice? Some sellers believe that placing a "false no reserve" gets more attention with potential buyers and hence (as the thinking goes) higher bids. This hidden reserve practice frequently happens also with on-site auctions.
  5. BucketofBolts

    1933 Buick Model 96 Victoria coupe

    Nice images of the red Buick. The front seats appear identical in the photo. For the Model 80 Victoria Coup for 1933 the passenger set was smaller than the driver's seat.
  6. BucketofBolts

    1933 Studebaker Model 92 Speedway St Regis coupe.

    The image by SfTamX1 of the colorized stock photo of the 2-door Model 92 St Regis Speedway is superb.
  7. BucketofBolts

    1933 Studebaker Model 92 Speedway St Regis coupe.

    Sadly none of the images sent by XANDER are of a 1933 Studebaker Speedway 2-door, Speedway President Model 92 St Regis also called a "St Regis Brougham". Are there any Studebaker experts out there that can enlighten me if this model survived even with just one unit remaining in any condition? I've seen the stock photo that SpinnyHill sent but am looking for an existing car that has survived did not end up in some crusher. That black & white image that was posted shows just how attractive that particular model appeared.
  8. I have looked for months for a 1933 Studebaker Speedway 2-door, Speedway President Model 92 St Regis also called a "St Regis Brougham". So far my research sadly says none of these beautiful vehicles survived. Yet I could be wrong as possibly there is one siting in a garage under a dusty old tarp. Does anyone know if there are an surviving units? If so would any of them be for sale as I am a willing buyer? Base price new in 1933 f.o.b South Bend Indiana was @ $1,605 at a 135 inch wheelbase. My estimate is that out of the 639 Speedway Presidents manufactured for the model year 1933 only about 55 were for the "St Regis Brougham 2-door coupe". Small number for a manufacturer that made over 45,000 vehicles and 44 models for the year 1933.
  9. Out of the 45,000+ units manufactured for Studebaker's 44 models for the model year 1933 I have the opinion that less than 55 units were made into the 1933 Studebaker Speedway President Model 92 Brougham St Regis 2-door coupe. As far as I am aware there are no surviving units. If anyone is aware of a surviving unit I am interested in purchasing it regardless of condition. Base price f.o.b. @ $1,605 with wheelbase at 135 inch and a 337 cu. inch engine. For the 1933 model year Studebaker only made 639 total units for all six models of the "Speedway Presidents".
  10. BucketofBolts

    1933 Buick Model 96 Victoria coupe

    I was unaware of the red 1933 Buick Model 96 Buick in the Nicola Bulgari collection until the February 1, 2019 post on this topic. Thank you for the information. This makes 6 "known" examples. I have yet to track down Jim Norton's Hot Rod "Luxo-Rod" that he sold after the October 1995 "Street Rodder" Magazine article was printed. Further, I have been unable to track down the example that Ron G. Bartel sold 12+ years ago. Does any one else have any information as to a hidden 1933 Buick Model 96 Victoria Coupe not identified as one of the six known examples? If the burned up and seriously compromised example sitting in an Arizona yard (that may never be "saved") is removed from the 6 known examples and then including the "Hot Rod" as included in the 5 remaining units "known" out of 557 manufactured, then less than 1% survival rate would be sad for such a magnificent Buick automobile.
  11. BucketofBolts

    1933 Buick Model 96 Victoria coupe

    Does anyone have an idea of the number of existing 1933 Buick Victoria Coupes Model 96? This was a 138 inch wheelbase and almost 18 feet long at 215 and 1/16th inches long. There were 557 units produced for the model 1933 year. Ron G. Bartel had one out of Illinois and he sold it about 12 + years ago to someone in California as he stated to me. Richard Duffy (Covina CA) sold his to me in September 2018. Not sure if his was listed in the Buick roster. There is a October 1995 Street Rodder Magazine at page 77-78 that had a 2.5 inch chopped top (purple) Model 96 Victoria Coupe with a modified grill and a 1971 Buick LeSabre 455 Engine once owned by John Norton from Rochester NY (called a "Luxo-Rod"). He sold it to someone unknown. There was an incomplete one on EBay last August 2018 which I also purchased. There is also one in Arizona in a fenced yard which was mostly destroyed in a fire and has no wood existing and has a a caved in body with a missing a hood, headlights, grill, etc . That vehicle (or what is remaining) is listed in the Buick Club. That comes out to 5 (including the Hot Rod) that I could locate after an exhaustive search. Does anyone with your superior knowledge and connections have information of the location of the purple Hot Rod, the vehicle that Ron Bartel sold and any other hidden 1933 Buick Victoria Coupe Model 96?
  12. I used to have a copy of the 1933 Buick-Pontiac Accessory Pamphlet. However, I lost it years past. It had a tan cover and had prices for the 1933 Flying Lady Radiator cap and radio, etc. Does anyone know where one of these reproductions or even an original can be purchased? I've not seen one for sale on Ebay and I have looked for many years for one but no luck.
  13. BucketofBolts

    1933 Stude

    Too bad it is not one of the lost Studebaker classics that appears not to have a single example that survived the passage of time: This would be a "1933 Speedway President 92 Brougham St. Regis 2-dr coupe" with a 135 inch wheelbase.
  14. BucketofBolts

    Frank Sinatra's Final Car

    Such a sad ending for the most famous of all crooners. Sad that he had to be transported in an "ASO". [Automobile Shaped Object].
  15. BucketofBolts

    Car Vending Machine 7 stories tall in Indiana

    There is one of these in Phoenix Arizona near the airport. I'd love to have one but sadly many of the spaces would be empty unless some other collectors had some vehicles to fill in the spaces.