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  1. Noticed while viewing the old 1938 flick "Bring Up Baby" with Cary Grant & Katharine Hepburn that in an early scene on a golf course parking lot there were two 1937 Cord 812 sedans in the background. I assume they were placed as some form of advertisement for the manufacturer? I believe that the movie was produced (filmed) in 1937 before its release in 1938, so placement of not one but two 1937 Cord's would be appropriate.
  2. If the car came with some of her diamonds that she collected from her numerous husbands over the years then $7 million might be a great deal.
  3. As a kid in the 1960s I had a great Uncle in Greenville SC that had one of these filling stations. I collected almost all those coins. I still think that my collection may be in my father's family home's attic, which my brother inherited and still lives today. Before my memory lapses I will have to make a trip one day to that attic to retrieve my collection.
  4. The sedan has a great looking patina.
  5. Tacoma area (near the LeMay museum) is where the vehicle is located. I would opine that the seller wants much more than $15,000 and is fishing in EBAY for a buyer that would pay the reserve before the seller decides to go some other route. Selling the parts individually likely would fetch more than the $15,000 but after figuring in a sizable amount of lost time in pulling apart the pieces and listing them for sale and then taking them to the UPS store or Post Office to ship makes it too costly even if the seller is retired and lots of time to spend parting out this vehicle. Better that the seller have a good story for the car. The seller could tell everyone that Al Capone's older brother Ralph "Bottles" Capone owned the car and drove it down to Florida to be used by his younger brother Al Capone in the 1940s, and that Al Capone used the vehicle to go back & forth to the grocery store to buy suntan lotion for Al Capone's out-of-work henchmen when they visited scarface at his Florida home in Palm Island.
  6. This week I observed an Advertisement on Ebay for 1933 Chrysler coupe (yellow) supposedly for sale in Sacramento. Opening BID is requested at $9,500. Yet this car is a 1932 Chrysler that is on numerous other sites for north of $40,000 and not anywhere near Sacramento.
  7. Is that a mullet haircut that the guy in the red sweater has? Mullet's and old trucks seem to go together in the early 1990s
  8. I have seen earlier posts on some of the member's requesting double sided whitewall tires like the ones on the earlier CORD L-29 vehicles. QUERY? Were these double sided whitewall tires exclusive of the late 1920s and early 1930s Cord L-29 or where they also offered in the late 1920s and early 1930s for other manufacturers' models such as Packard, Chrysler, Buick, Cadillac, Marmon, Pierce Arrow, Reo, etc? If so then is there not a market for these tires to allow some manufacturer (even the Chinese) to produce them for sale in the US? How many pre-paid orders does a distributor need to make the call to have them produced? I would purchase 2 sets if offered. I assume with the fenders all changing in 1933 models being that they were all that year mostly "valanced fenders" which covered up the ability to see the interior side of the tires that any market for these type of double sided white wall tires for 1933 vehicles and newer years pretty much dried up. Any comments ? I am sure some of the Cord L-29 owners have tried and failed in the past to obtain these tires.
  9. krause publications in 1990 published a book called "Antique Car Wrecks" from Old Cars Weekly's "Wreck of the Week" photo album. It has over 200 images edited by John Gunnell. There are some great images of some coach built vehicles such as a 1931 Packard Coupe, 1930 Chrysler convertible coupe, 1932 Chrysler coupe, 1929 Cord L-29 four passenger cabriolet, 1933 Pierce Arrow Brougham, and 1932 Buick five passenger 2-door convertible Phaeton. I picked up the book for $3 at a local swap meet. I can't publish the images as copyright laws forbid me to reproduce these images.
  10. Studebaker tried to get into the low cost car market with the Rockne just at the time that the Depression was at its worse with 25% unemployment and too much competition for a shrinking market for new cars. Great looking grill. In 1933 a problem for all manufacturers was that the used car market was eating into new car sales which hurt all manufacturers including Studebaker and its Rockne introduction. A super rare car. Should be in the Lemay Auto Museum.
  11. Memorial Day is soon. My father was flying B-26 Martin Marauders. When he came back to SC he purchased a milk chocolate colored 1933 Buick Victoria Coupe for $45 signed up for the GI Bill got accepted at a local University and drove that vehicle back & forth to Furman University in Greenville SC.
  12. That black sedan a series 90? 80? 60? or 50?
  13. The reason my wife does not cause me problems with my old cars is that I hide them away from the house and the wife and make my kids swear to tell mom that the cars belong to Uncle Robert. When that day comes that I can't enjoy the cars I'll deal with it like most people. I will die and my Estate will sell the vehicles for whatever they can get on a fast sale. In short, I purchased these cars for pure enjoyment knowing that as an investment I would be better off buying stocks. You cant drive your stocks or take a friend for a drive in your investment portfolio.