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  1. How to get new CCCA members? Current CCCA members could: [1]. Require that as a condition of a sale of their vehicles down the road (including their Estate) the buyer must join as a CCCA member before the purchase; [2]. Threaten their children with being disinherited unless they join CCCA and can pass a detailed and rigorous test on the engine maintenance of the vehicle and the car's history; [3]. Place an AD in FACEBOOK that they will donate $1,000 to a tax deductible college if the college can show that at least 10 members of their staff (prof
  2. I like the reference to Thoroughbreds vs. work horses.
  3. The original CORD parts if sold in separate pieces would fetch over $30,000.
  4. I opine that the vehicle will just sit where it is for another 35 years until the Aliens arrive and mistake the vehicle for one of their long lost transport ships that was used to transport Alien excrement to some far away planet.
  5. That is a very accurate graph. Wish I could remember to use it. At times when I purchase an old car I go blind until about 30 days after the purchase is made. I think other people have this same affliction.
  6. I am a Buick man with mostly 1933 series 90 vehicles and a 1933 series 80 unit. All are listed now as full classics. Yet, for these 90s and 80s they made so few and the wheelbase is very long, being 130 WB for the 80 series and 138 WB for a 90 series. A Packard 120 is a great automobile that helped Packard survive. Yet, these Model 120 vehicles were manufactured in large numbers and being large they are still much shorter than the big Packard automobiles. The Packard 120 cars were a great car at a great price and somewhat affordable with a price range similar to a Buick Century. Yet Buick an
  7. Warning about those tire dollys from Harbor Freight. If the cement has the normal crack line ridges every 10 feet instead of the newer "zip lines" those dollys will get caught in the ridges and wont move.
  8. The "El Cheapo" gas in Sacramento is $2.85 a gallon. SHELL or the other "high price boys" are about $3.28 a gallon.
  9. Some knucklehead in a big rig passed me on the Freeway today and sent a small rock into the front windshield of my 2018 Genesis G80. The "crack" is 20 inches long starting from the small impact crater. I thought possibly the replacement price might be as much as $1,250. Dealer gives me a BID for almost $3,000. QUERY: What is the cost to replace a windshield for a 1920s vehicle? 1930s vehicle? 1940s vehicle? 1950s vehicle 1960s vehicle? I would think something along the lines of $550 to $750 even for a luxury car such as a Packard.
  10. Broderick Crawford: A man's man. We need more men like him and more cars like his Buicks.
  11. Nappa Valley? Was the YARD damaged in the Glass Fire?
  12. I wonder what percent of these vehicles were driven with wood spoke wheels as opposed to the alternatives? The image of the vehicle makes it look like a 100 point car.
  13. I concur with the 1/3rd the cost of the restoration but would add that that assumes the owner is a part-time mechanic and part-time auto body repair man with weekends open to assist on restoring the car. Labor is just too expensive unless you have a time machine and can travel back to the year 1932.
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