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  1. Maybe N. Bulgari needs one of these for his collection. He only owns the finest examples.
  2. Look up MECUM's Chicago auction for Friday October 25th. The Ford Model T's and As were selling for ridiculous cheap prices.
  3. Today 10-22-2019 in the $2.5 Billion+ PONZI scheme two conspirators pleaded guilty in the Sacramento Federal Court. Looks like Jeff Carpoff will soon be wearing an orange jump suit. The Sacramento Bee has article that came out few minutes ago about the PONZI scheme and the cars being sold. Some of these cars are WOW factor. The collection is magnificent. The Feds expect to receive over $3 million from the sale.
  4. I wonder if the CEO of CHASE bank and all the other banks that sank tens of millions into the PONZI scheme, as well as the CEO of Sherman Williams, and Warren Buffet (who himself got fleeced out of $350 million alone) will attend the classic car auction on October 26th? I would not be surprised to find out that some of these cars have cash secretly placed in the door panels by Jeff Carpoff of DC Solar. The 1930 CORD L-29 for auction looks for a cheap price as does the 1951 Chevy 3100 Thriftmaster truck.
  5. This Saturday 10-26-2019 near Sacramento the US government's asset sale includes many classics including a 1930 L-29 restored. Apple Auctioneering Co, Woodland CA
  6. Ex CEO of DC Solar's massive classic car & classic truck collection to be auctioned by Uncle Sam Saturday October 26th. Includes a restored 1930 CORD L-29, many high dollar 1960s muscle cars, many 1950s trucks, and some new vehicles. It is at Apple Auctioneers, Co in Woodland, CA.
  7. Have anything for a 1933 Buick in bumpers?
  8. I just purchased a 1934 Nash Ambassador this week but not sure what the crank hole cover even looks like. I am interested in purchasing one for my vehicle. If anyone has such an item I would appreciate a picture front and back.
  9. Looking to purchase a 1934 NASH crank hole cover for a Model 1200 vehicle Ambassador. Also looking to purchase a 1934 Nash hubcap (for wire wheels).
  10. My plan is to entice my two kids (age 8 and 13) to assist dear old Dad with his collection of old cars. My p[problem is as follows: "How to entice them away from that damn i-Phone and i-Pad?". When I was a kid my family had a black Bell Telephone (circular dial) in the Kitchen back in the 1970s. We all had zero privacy on our phone calls and for cheap entertainment we had an old black & white TV which was no competition to helping my Dad with his 1933 Buick. Due to my Dad's love of his one 1933 Buick I now own four Buick vehicles, all 1933 models, plus I own some other vehicles from the 1930s and 1940s. Yet, I feel that unless I stuff cash or a new i-phone in the seat of my old cars I doubt my kids would rush to help their old man with maintenance of his old cars. Sometimes I wish technology did not materialize so fast.
  11. I assume that someone will eventually want to purchase the vehicle and pay top dollar. The question is where is this person located?