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  1. Hi, I’m looking for a wood kit for my roof on my 33 Rockne 3 window coupe. Thanks in advance for any help. john
  2. Thanks. I don’t need to windshield rubber. I need the moldings to the windshield post. Thanks
  3. Hi, im looking for a pair of windshield molding for my 33 Rockne. The moldings are same or similar to use on all Rockne models I do believe. Thanks.
  4. I offered you $500 more than you sold it for ? To bad for me I guess ! john
  5. Hi, I just submitted an offer on e-bay. Please call. john (907) 982-5900
  6. Anyone have an example of the mirror used on the drivers side door , a picture ? Or maybe know where one may be for sale? thanks John
  7. I’m interested please e-mail me John
  8. Hi, I’m looking for the garnish molding for my Rockne. I think both 32 & 33 are the same? Thanks. John
  9. Please contact me and ill make a great donation ! (907) 982-5900 John
  10. Desperately seeking a pair of windshield wing nut for my Rockne. In any condition. Thanks
  11. Hi, does anyone have an example of a windshield rubber for my rockne. I need a photo of the profile so I can try and find something that will work. Or know where I can find one. Thanks
  12. Looking for a set of wing nuts for my Rockne. Also the third nuts as well. Or can someone send me a pic of theirs so I can use as a reference. Thanks
  13. I’m need help in finding the correct weather strip for my 33 rockne windshield to at least one that will help seal it. Thanks