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  1. Dave, please explain--were all the early trucks r.h.d. ?? my 19 & my 22 cars are both l.h.d.---thanks,Tom
  2. I agree with Gary--Ft. Wayne did the one in my 19 --had no problems, works great-TOM
  3. i'm finishing up a 32 Studebaker st. Regis--trunk was in tuff shape, spent months repairing--needed the latch's too--the price was tuff,but the need was there--redid the mldgs & made a few--the fit of the new ones took a little time, but I did it--finished painting it in black Imron--if you need their phone number let me know, I should be in the garage tomorrow---good luck---Tom Currin
  4. ben there & done that--looked for 3 years for mine--both mine were broken--hooked up with Vintage and Classis reproductions.com--the company is in Michigan & deal with Dodge stuff--calledMyersedp@aol.com--they distribute for Vintage, who's located in Australia, yes I thought the same thing--tom & Cindy are the ones in Michigan--good people & nice to deal with--they happened to have my 2 in stock--just be sure your sitting down when you get the price--if you need any more help , pm me--I can get you Meyers phone number if you need it--good luck---Tom
  5. that should be very rewarding for you--looks real nice--Tom
  6. Joe, Restorer 32 gave you the basic--if you need more advice with Hershey, just holler--not hard to do--I;ve been a rider far years--Tom
  7. your saying a small cart--do you mean a electric scooter ?? Tom
  8. if you look at the rabbit--check the windshield on the drivers side where they rust under the glass--the leak there drips on the fuse box & helps rust it out--that's where the relay is for the fuel pump--when one has a foreign car salvage car, you learn real quick what sells--good luck--Tom
  9. UPS just delivered mine--sure wish I had waited--but I guess it'll keep--Tom
  10. Great Jan, thanks now if Auburn parts were close to fitting
  11. 32 Studebaker--need 2 lower s/mount bkts-these are the 2 that bolt into the fender,next to the side mount-they look to go through the wheel--thanks,Tom
  12. any chance of some inside door handles for a 32 Studebaker--lost mine in the fire at Advanced Plating---I can send you a photo if you think you have a chance--Tom
  13. John,your idea is right,but I need to go to Hershey to replace what I lost--Tom
  14. I have the worst luck with chrome shops--had my stuff at a shop in Dayton, Ohio--they told me that was the best they could do & i'd have to live with it--so I took my stuff down to Nashville,T, to Advanced Plating--decided to call this A.M. , well guess what, it burned to the ground Saturday--I can't win---Tom
  15. congrats Gary, glad you got it done--I was surprised to read your truck stood that tall--My 22 Studebaker Opera Cpe goes a good 6-10--makes for a special trailer--Tom
  16. do you have a inventory on all this ??
  17. I had good luck with the caterpillar dealer--when I had the salvage yard I was always needing 1 or 2 of something--if it wasn't in stock, they had it the next day--I also agree with David---Tom
  18. Matt,when I did the one on my 23 Studebaker, I used the old body man pull rod to get it in--it was about 6 in long with a 1 in hook on the end--it solved the problem--good luck---Tom
  19. tomcarnut, that would fit in well with your collection--you need one--
  20. try N.C. industries--301 S. Thomas Ave.--Sayre Pa. 18840-----570-888-6216--they made the one for my 31 Studebaker---ask for Bob--good luck--Tom
  21. I was a little guy-don't remember how old--laid out flames on my Buick pedal car--wasn't versed in the paint area, so went to good old mom for help--so she listened, as she always did--lo & behold she cane back with all her old red fingernail polish--I was in heaven, but finished the Buick--grey car with red brushed on red flames--Tom
  22. it sands so easy too--being someone who built totals for years that really didn't care what the final result looked like or how long it lasted--Tom
  23. been there & done that--chrome shops are real tuff to deal with--they have their way of doing things & don't care--hope for your sake you can match it with something else--like Spinneyhill said, maybe the handle man can help you--Tom
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