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  1. My 23 Light Six Touring had plugs also---Tom
  2. not really, but got to start somewear--look close to what I made--Tom
  3. Robt., how many do you have ?? Tom
  4. I can back up playswithbrass, if he falls out--mine are not brass, just plain old weathered black metal---the rubber in mine is still good also-- Tom
  5. How about running board mldgs? I made something close to fit in my 32 st. regis----Tom
  6. it's experience verses price--why pay the cheap labor bill when your paying them to learn on your car--may take them 4 times longer to learn ve sending it to Penn/Dutch to do the job in 1/4th the time & having it finished--I've learned the hard way, had the tra in and out of my car 3 times, it still won't shift,but I had too pay each time--Tom
  7. got a pair of side mount clamps--fresh castings--both match--came with a bunch of other Stude. parts--no wing nuts--they'll need to be finished off--I can bring to Hershey so you can look T them--let me know--Tom
  8. Ted, well, you going to make it ?? sure hope so for your sake--see you on the show field Saturday--Tom
  9. Steve, there will be charging stations in the fields ? Tom
  10. I take mine back to the room every night & plug it in--I always take a extra pair of batteries, their not hard to change-I carry a wrench & ratchet in the tool box--good luck--Tom
  11. Great car--looks just perfect---I like the blue & black together---Tom
  12. thanks for the look--appreciate your look--Tom
  13. need a wheel puller for my 1919 Studebaker rears--can't break the axle loose from the hub--thanks,Tom 2 & 1/2 with 12 gauge threads
  14. 48 firetruck gave you my choice--that ppg48 is good stuff--ahigh build primer& a sealer--been using it for the last 4 cars--Tom
  15. big money rigs & using $12.95 tiedown straps---makes sense to me-
  16. Grimy, did you look at foreign truck wheels--Nissan or Toyota--2wd--been out of the junk business to long, one was 5 lug, one was 6 lug--just a idea for you--Tom
  17. The collection of manuals are all Buick ? thanks, Tom
  18. and Ted,you just lit the fire !
  19. had the same problem with my 32 Studebaker wheels--tire shop bent 2 of the wheels, they said not there problem--the other 4 I did myself--sine the tires were junk, I just cut them off--a hack saw & a good set of side cutters worked perfect--the 4 I did got plated & are on the ground, the first 2 became s/mts--Tom
  20. try Car-Part.com-- its easy to get through--user friendly---Tom
  21. Matt, how about the timing chain & gear--didn't the 400's eat gears ? Tom
  22. David, I like the 4dr. also--the movable driver seat helps us big boys--Tom
  23. Trim-a-car---great book to recommend--got one this morning--still reading--you should get a gold star or a atta-boy for this=thanks Tom