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  2. Have a good old stock core, $300 plus the ride. McCord core number 155. Core dimensions are as follows vertically header to header is 24.5 inches. Upper header is 18.75 inches wide. Lower header is 19.125 inches. Curve is 3.75 inches at widest point. No soldered tubes or obvious repairs. Only minor fin damage due to handling. This core came out of the old radiator shop that closed locally. From the inventory.
  3. I know this is an old post, but I have a couple of questions. I'm going to look at a '65 GS this weekend and would like to verify the BS code. Which side of the car is the transmission plate on? Is the easiest way to verify the positraction rearend by jacking the car up and spinning one wheel? And the other wheel should spin in the same direction?
  4. Should have bought the restored Indian racer at the Mecum Houston auction.
  5. Gary, The aluminum front drums can be warped OR the pull back & hold down springs have gone bad because of being over heated OR the drums warped because of wheel weights hitting the fins when tightening the wheels or the inside register is too small for the hubs of the drum. You don't notice this at 1st.& gets worse with time. The way you call tell IF it's front or rear is to drive the car at 25-35 MPH & step on the emergency brake. IF it doesn't shake now the rear drums are OK & the vibration is coming from the front drums. IF it still shakes the rear springs could be bad also. In the past a few times I was able to get the aluminum front drums much better by bolting on a steel wheel & tightening the lug nuts in a star pattern. Torque them down to 50ft. pds. 1st, then 75 pds, then 100pds. Remove ALL the lug nuts & turn the wheel to put them on 2 studs to the left or right. Do this 2-3 more times & it may help & IF it does now the drum won't have as much "meat" to turn to get them straighter. This will ONLY cost your time as NO $$$$ are involved. IF it lessens the vibration you can have the drums turned. MAX diameter is 12.090" NOT 12.060" as some will tell you. After the car is warmed up stalling has NOTHING to do with the choke settings. I rebuild AFB carbs. Also do distributor rebuilding, re-curve the advance rate & install electronic ignition. The speedo can have a broken cable OR the driven gear has gone bad OR when the trans. was taken apart they didn't put the driving gear on the outlet shaft OR the speedo itself is bad/broken. Tom T.
  6. That is an aftermarket bumper. I have several but they are not chrome.
  7. Is the race paint job representing a specific race and car?
  8. Hello Bob, Here is another picture you my not have.
  9. Congrats Sir! Looking foward to hopefully following your journey with fixing this car up, from one Buick owner to another.
  10. And the centre points are at same the level.
  11. That was my reaction, IF it was a factory racer, and not a clone that seams to be a low entry level bike. if it was a twin someone else would own it by now. Bob
  12. Larry, I notice your vintage Buick line up. Impressive.. Me and my father mostly leaned toward Buick's. The oldest I had was a 1909 Roadster. The rarest was a 1935 96C .. That is now all in the past but we had fun. Buick's was always a dependable vehicle.
  13. Ed, Do you remember what it was originally for??? Or even better yet a part #??? Tom T.
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  15. Chris Locke

    1926 Star

    Hopefully this question is so stupid that I get a lot of answers. We are trying to figure out where to put an oil additive in the engine. In IMG_2994 we are thinking it is the capped opening on the right but think it might be the one just to the left of that. Thanks for your help. Chris Locke
  16. Your mice will be back in the spring. I.e. soon. If you have caught all those around your shed, others will move in soon. Don't worry, they'll be back. Next autumn they will be back inside looking for a warm nest site so expect to catch as many again!
  17. We had 49 people at our April meet Saturday April 20th. Excellent turnout. Excellent picnic in the Franklin mountains. Thanks TW Terry.
  18. I did not get a picture, but the wife and I drove almost 60 miles on the 1913 car on Sunday after church. Trying to get all of the bugs out and know the car better. We are getting ready to go touring this summer with this car and the '15 truck.
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