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  1. The shop manual says to remove and clean the pan out yearly... can you imagine?? That was before detergent oils.
  2. Nice delux tone Land Cruiser! just like my first car, about same color too.
  3. I'm doing some metal repair on my mom's/ late father's '32 running boards and wanted to know what goes over it. I found a 9 year old thread here on the subject that referred me to L & L Trim for the outboard edge trim of the running board, piece # 415. Unfortunately L & L no longer sells this. Does anyone have a pair of these available? The St Regis model 55 piece would be approximately 48-1/2" long. I could cut a longer one down of course. it would be good to know what I can install over the sheet steel structure before rebuilding the structure...
  4. tbh I don't think the car will be much worse off value wise with a salvage title, especially if you keep documentation on the incident that caused it (and how it was repaired) for a potential future owner. So if they dont agree on a repair buy it back and fix it, just my opinion of course. If you cant find a State fender (one or both) I would surmise the State headlight area could be grafted into a non-State piece... beautiful car!
  5. didnt Richard Quinn have a NOS state commander fender for sale not too long ago?
  6. We were looking at my folks' '32 model 55 st Regis today and were wondering if the President grill is different or larger?
  7. it sounds like a worn distributor to me. Re timing gear, i doubt it's the cause, but first thing I do on any Stude I get is inspect and clean the oil pressure relief valve. if it clogs the gear gets no oil at idle. Shop manual tells how. It's near the right motor mount. I drive a 41 President and a 60 lark VI and this is all true for both...
  8. First choice is get shocks from a supplier that are correct. But thought I'd answer the question... if you dont have compressed and extended lengths another way, measure what the compressed length would be with springs hard against the stops (a little geometry is required). Disconnect existing shocks and Measure extended length by jacking car up by the frame and let things hang. The compressed length is more important imo, don't go any longer than what math tells you. You'd rarely reach the extended length as measured above. Sometimes that is what helps control spring extension at extreme unload, I just dont like seeing much hanging-from-shocks on the lift.
  9. My mom just mentioned the instrument panel on the '32 st Regis they are working on is in need of replacement or cosmetic restoration. If anyone has a spare and/or knows of someone that restores them please let me know. I will look at it much closer next time I get over there (it's a 3 hour drive). Thanks, John DePrey
  10. yes it's a 41 pres. Mike the M5 is also 5 x 5 pattern, if it has 9/16 studs it might also have 5" wide wheels...
  11. They must be rare if you dont have any lol... pretty sure my parts hulk has stock wheels on it.
  12. well I know 3 Bills in the area that do Studes, and Bill Bond is a one car guy so it was a 50/50 guess. Bill A is in the local ASC chapter. I usually see you in a post war Stude (iirc lark wagon at the zone meet). Hope to see you soon. I must confess that I did some measuring on that unrestored LC when I was offered a 2wd Dodge truck v10 and trans for nearly free... a 41 president DOES have room for one.
  13. Bill Allard? hi, "buffalowed" nickname threw me. Lol dont you still owe me an article for the newsletter on your 37 engine? I suppose you want one that runs, but this might be all you find. It's the one Don Kelstrom had advertised. If you think you can use it, it's yours for the $100 I paid. It was in the same warm dry garage at Al Ticknor's where the blue '41 was. I'll take pics and email you. I finally made the drive to go get it, as it's a hard engine to find... The blue '41 is another great example of not needing to restore, it wasnt problem free but close, the buyer felt it was a steal at $6500. plus 1900 to transport it to Florida! Our President (formerly Jerry Molitor's and Darrell Dye's) was not much more. I bought it knowing it was cheaper than putting the Commander I had on the road, and a nicer model too. The engine in the unrestored President I sold last year was stuck. It turned when I sold it to Steve Grinols 30+ years ago... bummer.
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