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  1. if you need a particular view lmk. Mine is easily accessible. Note I will likely install a T86 OD with T90 top shifter which could require me to change this out...
  2. from my 37 CE. More to follow. Note this return spring is probably not right, as it only holds the pedal partway up. Also the outboard mount looks ready to fail.
  3. first time I ever heard it called a register hole, and Bob's questions were spot on for someone trying to be helpful. Still dont know what year even. jeez
  4. This showed up in a neighbors driveway last week. He said he bought it in a New Jersey salvage auction on line. Converted to 12v. Looks like it was previously well loved.
  5. no, you can do front bushing set while leaving rear in and then vice versa. Remove top bolt in pic and crimped cap, then remove the 2 bolts that holds that fitting to the frame. The fitting then slides right off the control arm shaft. Dad's car had significant negative camber... You may also be able to tell it's off center by looking at a good one but most dont have that luxury. The crimped cap under the upper bolt actually crimps on the shaft that is part of the control arm. I had better luck squeezing it about 90 degrees from crimp direction with a large vise grips t
  6. 16 inch diameter in '41. I think early postwar were 15" but not sure
  7. +1 on Rex's comment. Upper bushings are just rubber and you cant see them. Stude International has em for like $3 each. Just did my parents' '41, not difficult, likely after replacement camber will be close.
  8. Commander sold. President pending. Guy that bought the commander called when he got home and wants the Pres too.
  9. The gray President goes on ebay tomorrow, starting bid $950, no reserve.
  10. hey Mike do you have a hood latch plate for a commander? Triangular piece up front that bridged between the fenders.
  11. Came across a wrapped rear spring stamped with 184368, appears shelf worn NOS. It was in my dad's pile where he had some for his 11A commander. My 34-46 manual shows it is for 1A-4A. Was it used any earlier? I dont have earlier manuals.
  12. good info Gary, I would presume these vendors are using top notch liner material. I'll mention it.
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