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  1. Need one or a pair of bale door handles like this.
  2. One or a pair of bale door handles like this.
  3. Overland. Need three more but I'll take what I can get.
  4. Post Card size. Folds out showing nine models. Torn on the fold (see photos for condition. ) $20 (U.S.) plus actual postage from Canada. steven.may@sympatico.ca
  5. Do you happen to have a Vickie window frame for driver's door and rear window?
  6. Are you still looking for a starter clutch? I believe I have a spare for my 15. The 15 style has a change from the 14 but it was carried through to 16,17 and 18 series.
  7. Need complete early SD windshield (rounded corners not squared type). Partial windshield considered. Probably need side stanchions too. Damaged in fire. Car is in Indiana. steven.may@sympatico.ca
  8. I have a carb. for the three speed so I know it doesn't fit the two speed. The spring shackle is in the way. I now have the correct one as well as an air friction for backup. The engine and in fact the whole car is different than the three speed model. The exhaust manifold is cast into the block ( like a 14 Studebaker). The water pump is different. The headlights, body, dash, wheels, brakes, steering and frame are different and of course the transmission and rear end housing are also different.There are very few interchangeable parts between the two models. One part that is the same is the drive pinion (but not the crown gear). The crown and pinion on this car has been replaced with one from a Model A Ford. This was a bad idea and I would like to find an original crown and pinion. (Even if they were only good for patterns.) I'm currently having a new water pump cast ( the original was made of zinc die-cast, also a bad idea). Once I have it, I can assemble everything on the engine and test drive it. The "restoration" was done some time before 1966 to be used as a static display. I'm not re-painting it but I did have new wheels and dash made. Thanks for your interest.
  9. Any numbers on your gears? 6112 is second gear on cluster throughout EMF and Studebaker transaxle production ( except Flanders and 13 small 4 cylinder car the SA model) Looks like the upper gear in your photo. I could use one. steven.may@sympatico.ca
  10. Need 1910 Flanders carburetor ( 2-speed car) 1911 & 12 has different engine. steven.may@sympatico.ca
  11. A filler strip was actually available shortly after the clincher tire had become obsolete. I have an ad from the day in my old literature for this product, I'll see if I can find it just for fun. In my case, the straight side tires fit very snugly on the clincher rims (almost too tight) but it meant there was no chance of it being out of round.
  12. My 15 SD came with Kelsey rims. Finding straight side 25 inch rims was a bit of a challenge and with enough welding and metal work I suppose any brand or design could be altered to work like your originals. Perhaps someone out there had more success at that than I did.
  13. Later straight side rims are often designed with a different locking mechanism which can interfere with the fit on the wheel. On my original clinchers the drive plate was also part of the locking mechanism so other rims with a large plate as part of the lock made a poor fit on my wheel. The rim would not centre well and was too tight a fit making removal difficult. I went back to using the original clincher rims with straight side 33 x 4 tires (clinchers are not available) and inserted 12 volt rubber coated battery cable in the clincher slot to keep the metal edge from wearing into the tire sidewall. I used the old style black cable because it seems harder than the new gray stuff. It was time consuming and will be a pain if I get a flat but I've put a few hundred miles on them this way and so far so good.
  14. A friend of a friend needs these for his model 70. Any leads appreciated.
  15. Thanks Richard. So F.3.22 was cast in 1926 (perhaps for the 1927 models?) and would fit 1925 ER (not 26?) as well as 1927 EU models? I realize changes were made during production so year designation during this time with Studebaker, isn't always as accurate as model identification. Did the temperature hole begin with the EU model? The GE model has a different H.P. rating so I assume a different head.
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