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  1. Looking for an Ammeter for my 31 Model S Truck. Currently using a modern gauge but the bezel does not stand up off the glass enough to extend through the dash .
  2. There must be a brake and clutch shop somewhere in your area. Most shops use bonded linings today, but if you want to stay with riveted they will do that too. I use Casper Brake and Clutch in Kansas City. They do an excellent job and have the correct linings for both hydraulic and mechanical brakes.
  3. Working on a 1931 Studebaker Model S truck. The engine, I am told,, is the same as a Model 53. I purchased the head and manifold gaskets from Olson's Gaskets and they are correct, however I have no information as to torque and tightening sequence. Any help is greatly appreciated. Mike
  4. Looking for headliner bows for my 36 Dictator Business Coupe. Also, does anyone know if they are the same as the 37? Thanks, Mike
  5. Dennis I use Hot Stuff Manifold Dressing from Speedway motors. It's a brush on paste made of stainless and ceramic, only $12.99 and it holds up at temps to 2500 degrees. Should be heated at 250 degrees in oven after applying for about 30 minutes or run engine for an equal amount of time is already intsalled.
  6. Hi Dennis, Definitely use one of the epoxy products on any pot metal part that is to be painted. The only time to try any welding process on pot metal is for a part that has to be chromed -- it is very risky -- use someone that has experience. Mike
  7. Autofil I believe I checked those out earlier and they were too narrow. I called today and they are currently out of stock but will have them in a couple months. Do you already have yours, and if so, what is the width? Thanks, Mike
  8. Richard, Thank you for the information, that illustration looks exactly like my truck. I bet the engine number, which I thought was 211239, is actually 2T1239. I'll check that when I get home this evening. Please let me know what items you have that can be copied and the cost. I'd like to get as much info as I can. Thanks again, Mike
  9. I am restoring a 1931 Studebaker SPA truck. It's either an S-30 or S-60, 1 1/2 ton or 2 ton -- don't know how to tell the difference as they are both 160" wheel base. Mine is a chassis and cab only, with duals on the rear. It is very complete, except is missing the front bumper, so if anyone knows the whereabouts of an appropriate bumper I would appreciate the information. Also, I would be interested in any available information. I have a really nice salesman's manual but nothing as far as parts or service manuals. The engine is free so I'm going to try to get it running and then decide if I need to rebuild it. Most of the work is just going to be disassembly, repair and reassembly. I do have to replace all of the wood cab frame. Thanks in advance for any help or advise. Mike
  10. Cowtown Commaner, Thanks for the info. I took it to a local radiator shop here in KC and they advised me it is not repairable. I was surprised because it only had a mnor seep. Apparently the individual I bought it from had covered up a lot of rust with bondo. I think I'll trip the bondo and, depending on how it looks, perhaps take it to another shop. Mike
  11. Need a gas tank for my 38 Coupe Express. I think I can use anything from 36 to 39, either Coupe Express or Dictator, by relocating the filler neck. So the questions is, does anyone have a usable tank that they will sell, or does anyone know any other solutions? This is restored original, so I'm not interested in a modern fuel cell. Thanks, Mike
  12. Starlightcoupe, thanks for the info, but no, the truck running boards were an embossed metal treadplate, not covered with rubber. I think they were basicly the same for the Models S, T and K truck from 1932 -1940. I'd appreciate any information someone might have on the location of any of these model trucks.
  13. Anyone know of a 32 or 33 Studebaker parts truck available?
  14. Need tail light bezels for 37 Dictator. Can accept almost any condition. Willing to pay to make it work your effort in locating. Thanks, Mike