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  1. Nate To my knowledge the fender lights were used as running lights, they had the equivalent of flashlight bulbs in them from Studebaker so the lights would glow at night. I believe they were connected to the headlight circuit and not the parking light circuit. Regards Frank
  2. Nate : I have a 37 Dictator 6A that I installed the accessory parking lights on. I installed a separate harness to use them as turn signals. You can use a 2 to 1 bullet connector and tie them to your low beam headlight circuit so they will come on when you put your headlights on. If you use the parking light circuit the light will go out as the switch advances to the headlight circuit. Lark Works should be able to supply the connectors if not try Rhode Island Wiring. Regards Frank
  3. Don I also just restored a Pines Winterfront for my 37 Dictator ..If you have some decals made pls keep me on a list to sell 2 to. Regards Frank
  4. Don, I own a 37 Dictator 6A and you should have a spring loaded tie rod on the passenger side and a conventional tie rod on the drivers side ...I would keep this arrangement as per the original manufacturers specification. If you dont feel any vibration in the steering you should be able keep the king pins as is ...it is not a difficult job to replace them however. If you only plan on short trips it will not be a problem. Regards Frank
  5. Don I have one of these Bug Screens and the attachment parts consist of 1. 2 inch x 1/8 inch SS304 cotter pin 2. 1/4 inch SS cup washer 3. 1/4 inch x 5/8 inch x 1 inch long SS304 tapered compression spring ( .050 inch thick wire) Bend the cotter pin 90 degrees at 1/2 inch from the end then assemble the cup washer and tapered compression spring Send me your cell phone number and i will send you photos. Regards Frank
  6. I have a 1937 Dictator 6A and it included these pans that are located beside the engine and attach to the frame. The pan on the left fits on the right side of the engine(passenger side) and the right pan fit on the left or drivers side. The cutout is for the steering pitman arm to fit through. Check your frame for the hole.
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