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  1. Will consider any condition. Also need hubcap for same. Can you help?
  2. Nate— my ‘37C.E. Has no heater. I would like to find and install one. Any chance you could post a few pictures so I could see a correct one, and how it’s mounted? —Kenny
  3. Hi Guys— I just posted this transmission on eBay for sale... I’m unsure if my fitment description is accurate- can anyone verify? Go put a bid on it if you can use it. Thanks! https://www.ebay.com/itm/254868121996
  4. John— You’re welcome to borrow these for a short time to copy if you like...
  5. When I recently purchased my unrestored ‘37, I was inventorying the random parts floating around in the cab, and found these. Can anyone identify them? Do they even go to this truck? And if they don’t... are they rare and worth millions of dollars? And if so, does anyone want to buy them?
  6. Well, Coker Tire as well as some others, offer new 15” Artillery wheels, as narrow as 4” as I recall. So I may go that way if I can’t find 16’s. Still searching...
  7. Gary— I need one, too. Are these still available?
  8. As far as I know, the ‘37 C.E. Has 5x4.75 bolt pattern... that ‘35 wheel sure looks like 2 of mine... are you sure it’s 5x5? Were they changing bolt patterns from ‘35 to ‘36?
  9. I’m restoring a ‘37 Coupe Express, and I’m in need of wheels. Since the truck has a side-mount spare, I need 5. I have 4 of the standard disc wheels (rusty but possibly saveable), and I have 4 artillery wheels, which I prefer. Problem is, I actually have 2 pairs of artillery wheels, and I don’t believe either pair is correct. Now I’m not a complete Slave to Originality, but I would at least like all 5 to match, and have matching hub caps. All mine are 16” wheels, which is good... Here are photos of the 2 styles I have. I need 3 more of either style, assuming I can find hubcaps that fit them. Now I know that Studebaker International stocks hubcaps for the stock disc wheels if I end up having to go that way. But maybe some of my artillery wheels are from a ‘35? A ‘36? Or? Can anyone help me identify them? Or provide additional matching wheels?
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