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  1. Looks like a good candidate for Shrock Brothers. They did my 37 CE, it is like new.
  2. Gary, I have 3-4 old instrument panels lying around and worst part is the speedo face. My CE has an original in exquisite condition with no yellowing. However I think I would like an insurance policy so how do I get the do re me to you. Plus might make the spares desirable to sell.
  3. drdon

    Richard Quinn

    Richard Quinn- get well very quickly!
  4. drdon

    a couple pics from a car auction

    $5400 C is just over 4000 US
  5. drdon

    1937 Dictator hub caps

    No Chris these are “well used”. If you just need the under bases, I think they all have a good Foundation. I will send so e pics.
  6. drdon

    Disgruntled buyer

    Yes I sent nice pictures (3) clearly showing lower damage, plus a description of it and the fact that it was priced way down because of that damage, Still, truth be told, it really did hurt.
  7. I had a spare 37 grill with damage. Gent on ASC was looking. I sent him 3 close up pictures clearly showing lower damage and my price. He bought, I sent. Got a nasty phone call- “ it is dog s***! “ Hoo boy. Described damage with good pics and this is what I get for stepping up to try to help!
  8. drdon

    1937 Dictator hub caps

    Got 8 or 10. Originals. What are they worth to you, each?
  9. drdon

    1937 Studebaker "President" parts

    Yes Doc- need parts is a bit vague
  10. I have these for sale. Pick up in Western Colorado. Box rough but restorable or Jandrey repops. Fenders better than most but still need work. Cheap to get them out of here.
  11. Thanks George! How the heck are you?
  12. Need outside door handle for 1937 Dictator or Coupe Express. Just got some chrome back from chrome shop and they removed the handle from the bezel to chrome the bezel and lost the internal retaining piece and spring.
  13. See repost from me asking still available?
  14. Still available?