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  1. Ok I got the first problem with the installation of the old style bulb and reflector headlights. Now, another problem- actually two. 1. I cannot get the bulb to turn into the base which is installed already i to the reflector. Even with “bulb grease” it just won’t turn and seat. I am afraid I will break the bulb and cut my fingers if I push any harder. Tip anyone? 2. The wiring harness is a repop from Rhode Island Wiring- RIW. In addition to #1 above, i cannot get the parking light bulb installed in the reflector. It won’t fit- seems to big. Does the metal end of the harness go into the small offset hole in the reflector? I have two sets of reflectors and this parking bulb in doesn’t fit any of them. Wrong end from RIW? Help!! PS: I don’t know if it matters but this is a 1937 Riteway setup.
  2. Hey everyone: My 37 Coupe Express is finally 99.9% done. What is left is installation of the headlight reflectors and lenses which I have and am switching back to from the sealed beams. Ok, I can install the sealed beams but haven’t the foggiest on the traditional. So there are 2 parts- the reflector (resilvered) that holds the two bulbs and the glass lens- separated by a cork gasket. So how do I get the two to stay together while installing into the bucket or do the springs in the bucket hold them together? Secondly, how does the retaining screw in the bottom of the bucket hold it in place since there is no screw hole like in the sealed bulb setup? Thanks to anyone who can help!!
  3. Looks like a good candidate for Shrock Brothers. They did my 37 CE, it is like new.
  4. Gary, I have 3-4 old instrument panels lying around and worst part is the speedo face. My CE has an original in exquisite condition with no yellowing. However I think I would like an insurance policy so how do I get the do re me to you. Plus might make the spares desirable to sell.
  5. Richard Quinn- get well very quickly!
  6. No Chris these are “well used”. If you just need the under bases, I think they all have a good Foundation. I will send so e pics.
  7. Yes I sent nice pictures (3) clearly showing lower damage, plus a description of it and the fact that it was priced way down because of that damage, Still, truth be told, it really did hurt.
  8. I had a spare 37 grill with damage. Gent on ASC was looking. I sent him 3 close up pictures clearly showing lower damage and my price. He bought, I sent. Got a nasty phone call- “ it is dog s***! “ Hoo boy. Described damage with good pics and this is what I get for stepping up to try to help!
  9. Got 8 or 10. Originals. What are they worth to you, each?
  10. I have these for sale. Pick up in Western Colorado. Box rough but restorable or Jandrey repops. Fenders better than most but still need work. Cheap to get them out of here.