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  1. Thanks friends. Gary: please send a pic of finished work- final color is important.
  2. Anyone have a good reliable carb rebuilder in mind? Planning a rebuild on my Stromberg EX-23 soon and would like to avoid getting scammed. ( fits 37 Dictator and CE.)
  3. I tried lubrication like my dad taught me years ago- squirting oil in vacuum inlet. Did no help. I tried removing it and rebuilding it with new eBay gaskets. Nope. I sent it in to the Wiperman (Ficken Wiper Service). It is like new.
  4. Saw a bunch just advertised- maybe for you - for sure many years same item eBay? Try Stude International (look online) orseveral others. Two per door? Hmmm oops ones I see are ‘36-54. Sorry
  5. I did not know the distributor timing adjustment and hold down could move. It is a ring right below the vacuum advance ring and if slightly loose can move. Moved it around distributor base to have rotor pointing at #1 while at just before TDC (UDC for purists), and viola. I just assumed that it could not would not move. Does this make sense?
  6. No . I forgot to say I did that. Turned over normally- just did not even try to start. A good friend and former dental patient who overhauled an engine for me gave me the tip- “ if it is like an old Willys then check this”.
  7. Ok this was one of the worst exercises in futility in my life. My newly restored Coupe Express just quit starting. Yes I figured it out but dang this problem was really well hidden- especially since I am not a mechanic. So what hoops did I jump through? 1. I replaced the carb with a spare. Nada Went back to original. 2. I, one at a time, replaced points, rotor, condenser, cap and coil. Checked points gap and adjusted. 3. when I had it at top dead center on flywheel ( late in the game) the rotor did not point at #1. ????? So what did I ignore? i will tell you in a day or two but who knows what was wrong?
  8. I think the fuel filter was the answer. On inspection I found fine sediment in the float bowl- had to come from somewhere! installed an inline fuel filter last week. So far so good. Thanks....
  9. Chris: duh I need to find out what that is.
  10. Here is one really stumping me. My recently finished 37 CE really isn’t. i am having problems with float needle and seat. I have tried 3 different needles- 2 NOS, and 3 different seats. No matter what combination I use, I get a stuck open needle and gas running out of the top of the float chamber. But only now and then not all the time! i have also rechecked the float for proper position in the bowl by measuring to equal recommended setting. The fuel pump is original engine driven pump so it seemingly can’t be too powerful. WTF! HELP! I don’t want to burn this thing up going down the road.
  11. Chris just went through this with my CE. For sure attachments on fender but no logical place on frame. I built new rods and installed them instead. Can send pic if you want. Anybody can help out there? 37s2de: Yes the shields can fit but apparently not every vehicle. Different than the dog bone rods.
  12. Yes yours is exactly like the one I robbed from my Coupe. How much and lets do it!
  13. This is banjo fitting with stripped female end.
  14. I finally found it last night in parts catalog. Duh. Yes I need just the fitting picture 15 part # 185171. Broken fork tine is ok- in fact my stripped one did not ever have a fork aligner on it but the one I robbed from my Coupe did. Hmm. Email me Drdon1111@aol.com if you find one. No bolt needed I think as the one from the stripped fitting seems fine. Anyone recommend new copper crushed washers? One or two?