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  1. I think the fuel filter was the answer. On inspection I found fine sediment in the float bowl- had to come from somewhere! installed an inline fuel filter last week. So far so good. Thanks....
  2. Chris: duh I need to find out what that is.
  3. Here is one really stumping me. My recently finished 37 CE really isn’t. i am having problems with float needle and seat. I have tried 3 different needles- 2 NOS, and 3 different seats. No matter what combination I use, I get a stuck open needle and gas running out of the top of the float chamber. But only now and then not all the time! i have also rechecked the float for proper position in the bowl by measuring to equal recommended setting. The fuel pump is original engine driven pump so it seemingly can’t be too powerful. WTF! HELP! I don’t want to burn this thing up going down the road.
  4. Chris just went through this with my CE. For sure attachments on fender but no logical place on frame. I built new rods and installed them instead. Can send pic if you want. Anybody can help out there? 37s2de: Yes the shields can fit but apparently not every vehicle. Different than the dog bone rods.
  5. Yes yours is exactly like the one I robbed from my Coupe. How much and lets do it!
  6. This is banjo fitting with stripped female end.
  7. I finally found it last night in parts catalog. Duh. Yes I need just the fitting picture 15 part # 185171. Broken fork tine is ok- in fact my stripped one did not ever have a fork aligner on it but the one I robbed from my Coupe did. Hmm. Email me Drdon1111@aol.com if you find one. No bolt needed I think as the one from the stripped fitting seems fine. Anyone recommend new copper crushed washers? One or two?
  8. I have a stripped unusable banjo fitting as one of the VERY last items to get my restored CE on the road. Have banjo fittings because I used a 6A frame in restoration. Right now I robbed one from my Coupe. Any ideas out there. I see gobs of them online but do not know what might fit. To complicate things I cannot find banjo fitting in parts catalog.
  9. Taken care of by Stephen Allen LLC!
  10. Bought GL-1 Ford Tractor gear oil (90w) at Tractor Supply. Thanks all.
  11. Another question in the same week? I just topped off my mostly dry Coupe Express differential to keep going on getting it on the road after many years. Hoo Boy- most ran right back out, overnight, out of the front drive train seal. 1. Can I get a new seal? 2. Where? 3. Is replacing the seal a pro job best left to a mechanic or can I do it? 4. Was going to top off the tranny/od today. Now, instead, should I replace that seal as well.? 5. Finally, while at it, should I replace the rubber u-joints which look fine to the naked eye but - - - - . If so, with what? Thanks all, Don
  12. What about Sta Lube 85-90 GL-4? Heard about it on another site.
  13. What is the recommended gear oil for 1937 trans w o.d. 90? 140? I read a lot of variance. PS: sticking with GL4.
  14. Robert, you would know more than me but I have been told some of the old paper filters are not safe as they can disintegrate. I have 3 around for my 1937s, but converted to the dummy Chevelle filter that fits inside the original filter tank.