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  1. I still have some “wander” in my 37 CE steering. Not there in my 6A coupe.. Front end shop says all is fine from end of steering gear to wheels????? Any info out there on what might be going on internally?
  2. I know a CE owner who would buy the grill- another the seat bottom and back if still there on the junker. Let me know here.
  3. If Robert can’t help you I will see if I have a spare. No guts though. Good luck on that score. Maybe somebody out there who rodded a 37 will have saved the parts.
  4. Good luck! paid $10 for mine 35 years ago out of a Western Colorado field- no wheels. Spent a couple of bucks on getting it done ($$$$) and wouldn’t part with it.
  5. Hi AussiJohn, oh I had lots of trouble as the enclosed rear portion of the left cable was frozen big time. Patience and regular application of PB Blaster over 2-3 weeks finally freed it. It works great now and I have an inch or so of adjustment left in both turnbuckles. The problem is when I tighten it so the hand brake actually holds- it is at least partially full time contact with heat buildup after a very short drive. I think it has to be the drum at this point. Thanks for your note.
  6. Still confused. RBK says his is passenger side. Are driver side/passenger sides different?
  7. Robert, Does that mean there are two different drums. whatsize is yours. save it!
  8. The issue is that I don’t notice a pulsing pedal BUT I cannot adjust the hand brake to firmly hold the car without it being too tight and a good shop has tried to adjust it ( after I couldnt) and said the problem in their opinion was an out of round drum. I do have the frame off of the original Coupe Express ( I used a parts car 6A frame for better ride) so access to rear drums if needed.
  9. My shop says my left rear drum is out of round. What can I do? Can it be too far out of round?
  10. My 37 Coupe Express had 0 horn. Followed a YouTube video and simply cleaned the ‘points’ and viola they work great. Try that if you already haven’t.
  11. Somebody is trying to find you on Studebaker Trucks Only site . Fyi
  12. Did that conversion myself on my 37. Then I find out from my engine rebuilder that those old filters did little to filter the oil and just not bothering at all is just as good with modern oils. Anybody disagree? PS I would love for somebody to reproduce the decal!
  13. Agree. Do not open. I send no emails to members of forum without prior agreement.
  14. Thanks friends. Yes it was “new” in the box but years old. Ordered regulator from Summit. Where the heck do I install it? I know between mechanical pump and carb but where can I attach it?
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