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  1. I would like to repaint a recently acquired 1937 winterfront. Is there anyone out there who could duplicate the decal?
  2. This was in my Dads toolbox. Anyone know what it is?
  3. I did what Gary Ash suggested, cutting the tip off the squeeze bottle of Tractor Supply 00 lube, sort of threaded it into the filler plug threads, removed the top (as it sat on my bench) cover screw, and squirted it in till grease came out the cover screw hole. Got this idea from YouTube. 😆👍🏻
  4. Ok I was told to fill me steering gear box with 00 lube. Got some at Tractor Supply. Easier said than done as it is quite thick. . Who has done this and how do I get this stuff to go in the fill hole?
  5. Ok I have my replacement rebuilt steering gear for my Coupe Express ready to install. How do I insure that I connect the linkage to the Pitman arm in exactly the right spot so the steering wheel is centered in straight ahead. I do not see any mark on the linkage but I do see 2 dots on the end of the Arm. Do I just guess straight ahead with the tires (as I parked it) or what?
  6. Also for what it’s worth those could be refurbished. I did mine. Deruster solution for a couple of days then fine polishing.
  7. I just measured mine and,local auto parts dealer provided what has turned out to be perfect replacements. noidont have the # for mine.
  8. Bob’s Speedometer in Michigan. They restored my entire instrument cluster to like new, including clock in glove compartment door. Was$$$ but perfect. Check with them.Howell, MI
  9. Dang Chris I sold mine just a few months ago- right before I trashed the rest. Sorry.
  10. I was lucky to find a NOS accessory grill screen or bug screen for my 37 CE. Does anyone out there have one and if so how do you attach it to the grill. It has 3 grommets on each side I assume get tied to the grill somehow but what and how? Thanks in advance for help.
  11. Yes Ernie. Did my glovebox and entire interior. It was slooooow but very nice.
  12. Yes I think so- mine has a smaller flare at the end. Length looks right? Are you selling.? I may have mine fixed. Need to silver solder a crack where it was bent.
  13. Anybody got a 37 Dictator steering gear horn wire tube available? Thanks.
  14. I need experts who have used other steering gear rebuild services to weigh in on fair price for this service. Lares is asking $600+ and return shipping costs.
  15. Mine are not exact. Very similar on large end but not as big top to bottom on extension running out to carb. If interested I can photograph. $125 plus postage for either one. Only willing to sell one.
  16. Let me look. I have two spares but need to see if they are correct.
  17. I also have one if your deal w good friend Studeq doesn’t pan out.
  18. I rechecked. Was wrong. Sorry. The right pan fits under the steering gear. I do not have, and have not seen the left one.
  19. Serg email me if your prop, etc is for sale Harley28jd@aol.com
  20. I see the attachment location now on the hood photo. It is to the right (viewers right) just behind the hood lock. I see the stud that attaches to the rod. PS want to sell that rod attachment? SMB please measure your prop rod. I have two that I know came off my car and CE but both seem too long now.
  21. I have tried Silicone spray and Slick Stuff. Going on 3 months. Liberal applications. Thanks for asking.
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