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  1. I thought that I had a good oil filter canister, but after obtaining two different ones both are non repairable. So I am looking for a canister to use on the 36 Coupe. By any chance does anyone have one? Thanks for the compliment about our 36 Coupe! I have been working on it for a while now. Thanks D
  2. I think that this is the restricted correct? If so does it go on the side or bottom? Thanks for the information and help! Dennis
  3. Hello Gary, I am not sure how to private message you, sorry. But I posted a question about how to plumb the oil filter/ cartridge lines for my 36 Dictator Coupe. Can you please send me a picture of how the lines run or a diagram? I would really appreciate it very much! Dennis Charest
  4. Hello, I have 1936 Oldsmobile artillery wheels that fit my 36 Studebaker.
  5. Thanks for the information! I am still unsure where to hook up the oil lines. Is there a diagram that I could review? Thanks D
  6. I am getting ready to install a old style/canister oil filter on my 36 Studebaker Dictator Coupe 3A. I have never did this before. Can someone please help me with where to run the oil lines to? Thanks Dennis
  7. Thanks Chris!! I appreciate your help. I did get it out and didn’t break the lens. My headlight bulb burnt out. Thanks Dennis
  8. I used the tires/rims while I restored our 36 Studebaker. $450.00 , 5 rims and four good tires. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks Dennis
  9. Hello, I have tried searching the forum for help but I haven’t found any information. I am trying to remove my headlight lens so I can replace the bulbs. I have tried pushing in on the bottom and (I have loosened the screws. ) When I push in on the bottom of the lens the top doesn’t move. Could the lens be stuck on the cork gasket around the reflector? I would appreciate any help! Thanks Dennis
  10. I have 600/16 Oldsmobile rims and tires for sale. I don’t think they have been repainted. I used them on my Studebaker while I restored it. $650.00 obo. I live by Kansas City.
  11. He’s not going to respond. He is full of excuses, Bob!! He said one of his employees stole money from him. Maybe karma came back to haunt him!!! I am going tomorrow morning to pick up the 36. I will post pictures of what true craftsmanship looks like from my Upoulstry gentlemen. He had to start over completely with all new material. D
  12. Craig The vendor did supply the strip you are speaking of. But my Upoulstry guy said something is wrong with it. He has made a new one and is installing it this weekend. Like I said before, the vendor supplied material wasn’t sewn correctly and is too small. Had to purchase new material and start over. Thanks D
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