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  1. Good evening, I found my own answer. After I put the seats in I had enough leverage to move it back and forth. Now I can finish the floor boards, painting and installing. Waiting for the interior kit to be finished. Plan on driving to the National Meet first of August, 2020. I just might make it. Thanks again for everyone’s help. D
  2. Good afternoon! I am having trouble getting my seat frame to slide and adjust. I have measured many times and re-drilled the floor board and plugged holes with dowel rod. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem. Am I missing shims or something that is making it bind up? I used the old floor board as a template along with measuring. Thanks for any help! Dennis
  3. Bill I am restoring as original. New cloth wiring harnesses, interior original cloth , headlights, shocks just to name a few things that I am doing.Thanks for the compliment Bill. The 36 is taking me some time as I am doing it by myself with help from other Studebaker members. Again thanks. I will post more pictures as I make progress. Dennis
  4. The original floor is plywood 5/8” is what I measured . I will post pictures soon . Using the old floor for a pattern along with the info from the museum which wasn’t much help . I will post more pictures as I work my way through it. Check with the Studebaker Museum they may have more information about your 34. Here is a picture of the plywood I have cut out. Now going back and making it fit. Thanks Dennis
  5. Does anyone have pictures or a diagram of the wooden floor in a 36 Coupe including the battery opening? I contacted the Studebaker Museum and they sent me what that had. They didn't have the whole plan. The old wood floor is there but in rough shape. I have used it for a pattern but I don't think is it fitting correctly. I would really appreciate any and all help as the interior is the last thing to do so I can get the 36 Coupe on the road in the spring! Please let me know if you can please help me. Thanks, Dennis
  6. Can anyone suggest a reliable car shipper/transporter to help me get a 48 champion home? There are so many to chose from that I thought that I would ask the Studebaker forum members. Is there a shipper that also, inspects the car and handles the finale transaction? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dennis
  7. I have searched the forum for a diagram showing the instillation of the speedometer gear into the transmission. It was out when I purchased the car and I want to make sure I install it correctly. Does anyone have a diagram showing the correct method? Thanks Dennis
  8. Good morning. I just wanted to share this photo of the hood hinge support I had cast in brass. Going to get the hood on my 1936 Dictator Coupe 3A this week. I had two cast just in case. My other one is cracked.
  9. Hello, my pump is dripping while the engine is running. It is coming out under the carburetor by the accelerator pump. Please let me know what could be causing it to drip. I appreciate any and all help. I am working on putting on the hood soon and I am trying to address any problems before I do. Thanks Dennis
  10. Thanks for the help and information. Hopefully I can get it installed this weekend. I will try to post some pictures of the results. Dennis
  11. I have searched the forum and didn’t find any information. What is used to fasten the hood lace to my 36 Dictator Coupe? I am unsure if it is just screwed on or if there is some kind of brackets used also. Thanks for any help. Dennis
  12. Thank you for your time to reply to my question. Hopefully I can get to this part of my restoration this week. I read you post, very nice job! I will try to post some pictures of the process. D.
  13. I have a 36 Dictator coupe and need to pull the phantom steering wheel so I can replace the column floor rubber . I have pulled steering wheels before but not one like this. I have searched the forum but didn't find any info. I would appreciate your help on the proper way to pull it off. Thanks, D.
  14. I am in the process of wiring my 36 Dictator Coupe 3A with a new harness and I realized that I don't have what the wiring diagram calls 'Instrument lamp switch'. Can someone please point me in the right direction were I can find one? I don't have a part number. Thanks for any and all help. D.