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  1. Thanks for the help and information. Hopefully I can get it installed this weekend. I will try to post some pictures of the results. Dennis
  2. I have searched the forum and didn’t find any information. What is used to fasten the hood lace to my 36 Dictator Coupe? I am unsure if it is just screwed on or if there is some kind of brackets used also. Thanks for any help. Dennis
  3. Thank you for your time to reply to my question. Hopefully I can get to this part of my restoration this week. I read you post, very nice job! I will try to post some pictures of the process. D.
  4. I have a 36 Dictator coupe and need to pull the phantom steering wheel so I can replace the column floor rubber . I have pulled steering wheels before but not one like this. I have searched the forum but didn't find any info. I would appreciate your help on the proper way to pull it off. Thanks, D.
  5. I am in the process of wiring my 36 Dictator Coupe 3A with a new harness and I realized that I don't have what the wiring diagram calls 'Instrument lamp switch'. Can someone please point me in the right direction were I can find one? I don't have a part number. Thanks for any and all help. D.
  6. Thank you Richard. Still looking for the glass.
  7. Thank you for the idea. I will give it a try. I can live with the Plexiglas which I am sure will be a lot cheaper. Thanks.
  8. I am looking for the curved glass for my 1936 Dictator Coupe 3A speedometer instrument panel. Please let me know if you can help or where I can have one made. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Dennis 913.702.5063
  9. Thanks for the help. I talked to Dave and he has sent me a new carb kit. I am going to change the needle and seat, hopefully this week. Hope that that is the problem. if not I am going to send it to Dave. Thanks!
  10. Good Morning, If I get it to start it only runs for 10 to 15 seconds at the most or it just fires and then floods out. So it is hard to tell if the carb is leaking.I have had the valve out and the plunger wasn't stuck. If it is the valve how can I find another one. I appreciate your help/comments, I am not the world best mechanic. I am a chef/teacher by trade and working/restoring the 36 is my hobby. Thanks, Dennis
  11. Stromberg carb, model ex-23. Hello again, I have rechecked the float level and purchased a gauge to check the pressure of the fuel pump. It read between 2 and 2.5 pounds. I checked the idle screw and the needle and seat, also. I read in my "shop manual for 1936 models" that the economizer valve may need to be taken out and lapping using fuller earth and liquid soap. I can still get it to fire then it floods out. I have to take off the vacuum advance line from the manifold and drain out the gas. I can't seam to find what is causing this problem. Anyone else have any ideas? Thanks, Dennis
  12. Can someone please help me figure out why gas leaks from the float bowl down into the manifold. the carb was rebuilt with a new pump piston. I took it apart and recleaned it but this morning it is still leaking from the float bowl down into manifold. Thanks for any and all help. Dennis
  13. Hello, I need help! I am having trouble with my Hydra-Matic. Does anyone know of someone in KC, MO. area that can work on it. I really appreciate any and all help. Thanks, Dennis in Lansing, Kansas
  14. Thank you! I will get a take a picture and send it to your. Thanks, Mike. Dennis