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  2. Took awhile to find, but here it is: F/S by "foundation*antiques" seller, VT, USA, price: $25.00
  3. Anyone? We've lost it and need to replace it with something. It's larger than a half, but that's all we had on hand to try. So it's trial and error at this point and then try to find a jam nut in that size.
  4. This, right ⬆️, is a million dollars worth of suggestion. Of all the people I’ve had to train in my 33 years in the workforce I can think of 5, maybe 6, people even capable of that. Being taught. Setting their ego aside long enough to learn. You can’t teach someone anything when they are busy knowing everything already. Just human nature... People come in with thin skin and think they have to prove something — and I’m not talking about younger people. It’s the older ones that are worst - 35 and over. Never succeeded training one of those. Ever. Most people end up teaching themselves.
  5. Yeah, it’s unfortunate. My restoration team is not aging gracefully; in fact, they are dropping like flies. But thanks for reminding me to mention that this car comes with a fully restored, tested and correct dual quad set-up done by Tom Terrific. Thanks Tom! It also comes with all the parts needed to complete the restoration.
  6. I worked at a Saturn dealer parts department and we had 'official' GM stop leak that we used in certain situations. It was a re-labeled name brand product (may have been Aluma-Seal). If it works for GM that's good enough for me.
  7. Are you in Australia? If so, is it an Australian body? I think we need to see pictures. Is it a car based "ute" in the Oz style or is it a US style pickup truck? Pictures will help us know what you are talking about.
  8. Hi Rusty - The 241 cu in engine was 3 3/8 x 4 I/2 - use in '34 De Soto Airflow, "34 Chrysler CA, CB, CY( Canadian Airflow). "35 De Soto SF, SG(AF)., "35 Chrysler C6, "36 De Soto S1,S2(AF), "36 Chrysler C7, '38 Chrysler C18, '39 Chrysler C22. My parts book doesn't go beyond "39 so I don't know if it was used beyond '39. More trivia for everyone!
  9. Pictures of what you have would be nice, and will get a better response............... Mike in Colorado
  10. Yeah, too bad, but the forum was being overrun. Hopefully the long term solution will be something better than a countrywide ban. We have had legitimate postings from Russia in the past, as well as many from Germany.
  11. I have a question about Riviera u-joints. I have a 64 Riviera and was absolutely shocked when I pulled the engine and transmission out. The drive shaft had 5 u-joints which I had never herd of' before. I just saw 63 Riviera for sale on Bring a Trailer that showed a picture of the rear of the drive shaft where it connected to the differential and there was only one u-joint. Not two as my 64 has. It seams strange that 63 and 64 would be different since only the transmission was different. What did GM do on the 65 Riviera?
  12. The two units I found were separated from a stash of 12 more in the garage I forgot about. They're from parted Buicks and Cadillacs of the period. Anyone interested at $40?
  13. X 2 on the neg terminal disconnect. Mike in Colorado
  14. I disconnect the negative battery cable as soon my car gets in the garage at home or once it's in the trailer. No battery drain and no chance of a fire
  15. On the topic of boats for a second, if by chance you DO end up wanting to eventually tow a boat with your boat (I mean, your Buick! Lol), then you will indeed find the fallowing original leaflets information to be priceless! The eBay seller that I acquired this from about half a year back, I believe has one more of these available and is original! And priced very fairly.
  16. Can anyone tell me something more about this pocket watch? Thank you!
  17. For 50 60 era Cads there is also ==
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  19. I replied to the email in question and I was skeptical at first. Anyway, we met for dinner last night, and as it turns out, Stephanie is a nice young woman who just inherited a brass era car collection from her great grandfather, and wanted some help with some of the cars. We hit it off, and now she's paying for me to spend the winter in Bermuda, where the collection is housed. So I'm packing up my wrenches and sunscreen. Have a nice winter, gentlemen...
  20. My mirror is mounted like the one's in your picture. It's a remote mirror. I can't see anything unless I lean way over. That's why I said it's useless
  21. Isn’t it true that is you follow these rules you will be running most companies within 10 years? 1. Be on time. 2. Smile. 3. Try.
  22. Well, in this case I was with the car all day but no problem. I phoned HQ and asked to have it sent with the trophy we will be receiving.
  23. Does it matter,corral or show field.I leave our booth,right by Matt Harwood booth,to the can clearly recognize a judge or staff.the pets seemed smart,not sure if they were judging.just a funny
  24. Nice, no doubt! That said, while it may be a post-war car me thinks it is not a post WWII car?
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