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  2. Steve_Mack_CT

    What is your favorite Buick between '48 and '57?

    Yep great colors Xander!
  3. Peter P

    1925 Buick master 55x restoration

    Any updates to this great thread?
  4. This morning, I treated the area of the trunk that needs to be repaired with ospho. I then welded one side of the trunk repair in place. I did not take my camera out to the garage, so there are no photos. I will have to do a bit of grinding to clean up the welds a bit before I will be done with the repair of that area.
  5. Looks like a nice ride. I like the color, yet not super big on the white vinyl top, but black interior and midnight grey is kinda rare and deep state. I would really want to see the paint in person with direct sunlight. The listed price is not right. Show up in person and offer lower with cash in hand ($12.5K?) IF you are still interested and be prepare to walk. Wheel caps not correct, also looks like a chrome air cleaner cover on non-GS. No floor shifter. Trunk and interior look great. Challenge them on mileage if no documentation. What paperwork do they have otherwise? I like how it has the four support rods within the engine compartment. Chances are nicer 73s will pop up in the near future, but for a daily driver??? Could be the right one. You will know when you see it in person and test drive I think. Sweet ride: Go for it!
  6. TerryB

    Easy entry, for rear seat passengers.

    All the hard work is done. Sure it is. Just put some gas in and you’re ready to go!
  8. Ray500

    Tires/Tubes for 1947 LC

    Yes, about the only two that can produce them. I was told that Coker uses the old Firestone molds and they have some issues. Diamond Back seems to enjoy a better reputation. The whole idea is to have tires that look like bias ply's profile while being tubeless radials. Newer radials are usually wider and don't look original. Also the proper whitewall is important that is not address by later tires currently offered. Diamond ships the tires with the whitewall areas protected when you receive them to be mounted by the tire shop. It's possible your car was converted to 15 inch wheels or perhaps they were available when the car was new. Either way it won't make much difference, and finding new 16 inch rims isn't easy!
  9. Xander Wildeisen

    What is your favorite Buick between '48 and '57?

    Nice looking 55
  10. dmgoulet

    My '35 KC 2nd Series restoration

    well, I managed to find some beat up headlight buckets on ebay that had the connectors still in place. I bought it them for under 60 bucks. I pulled the connectors out and gave them a bit of cleaning. Got some headlight bucket wiring from Mac's as suggested, Now that I have all the parts needed for this, I can start restore of the headlight buckets, harness, and reflectors. I bought some lenses that are in great shape too. Ever so slow progression.
  11. Pluto

    1929 Mercedes SSK

    B. Ecclestone had a half dozen of those, more or less. Not the ersatz ones, though.
  12. michel88

    1929 Mercedes SSK

    I am pretty sure that Matt is joking!
  13. Xander Wildeisen

    1932 Marmon Sixteen sedan body - $6500

    Another body for sale.
  14. Curti

    1929 Mercedes SSK

    Matt, I just about always agree with your taste, reason and logic. In my eyes the car in post#1 has no resemblance to the Benz in post 12 . The tan MB is a strikingly beautiful car in every way. The same can not be said about the car in post 1 . I am working very hard at being diplomatic here.......
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  16. Those guys are wizards when it come to figuring out those electrical gremlins that play havoc with your instrument cluster.
  17. The most important thing is what do you think? If you like it, make a deal. Looks like an honest car with minor issues. Can't put a price on "I want it". Looks pretty cool to me, gotta love a boat tail.
  18. Fleek

    My buddy's 1966 GMC panel van....

    Grumman built most of the GM step van bodies but this looks a little different. There is a plaque missing under the side window that could have told the answer. Should be a body plate inside with info too.
  19. 2carb40

    1941-42 carb linkage

    Thanx again Matt! Those photos look like the way I configured my linkage setups.
  20. Matt Harwood

    1941 Special engine dies when warmed up

    Actually, there is considerably more resistance inside the cylinder under load than at idle or in neutral. More air and fuel being compressed, a denser charge to light, more heat (as heat goes up, so does resistance). Idle and load are not the same at all when it comes to making a spark. It's more than just the coil itself heating up, it's the ability of the coil to generate a spark powerful enough to light under heavy load conditions. As the coil gets hot it becomes more difficult to make a hot spark (resistance again). And it's more than just ambient heat making it hot--the current running through it also heats up the windings. That explains why it'll work just fine when you first start out but start to sputter as it warms up, and why it will idle and rev just fine but seems to struggle under load. I'm still betting on coil in this situation.
  21. Welcome to the forum! What are the error codes you are seeing?
  22. back up for sale, presumably a new owner given the current location but you never know, $17k. At least it has been washed. :>) This car is 100 percent original. Only 3800 miles. Car was stored inside it's entire life. Car is like brand new and has zero rust. Engine is an all stock 350 with factory air. Runs and drives like a brand new car. You will absolutely not find a cleaner Monte Carlo. Only selling because we no longer have the space for it. Also has brand new Firestone tires on it. Only missing one of the original hub caps. Thanks for looking 253 888 0462
  23. Tinindian

    Daily Driver Vintage?

    My Grandfather bought a Series 6-30B Pontiac new in 1930. I took my drivers test in it in 1958 with 99,000 miles on the speedo and it was my daily driver until 3 years ago. It now has 500,000 miles on it. My only tow home was when my pressure plate fell apart the day after I was using the car to pull stumps. I have been in all the states west of the Mississippi, and everywhere in Canada west of Port Arthur and have driven it year round in all types of weather. Of course my advantage was it was a one owner car and I had been familiar with it from 1947. Your Oldsmobile should be able to do this and more. Happy Motoring.
  24. packard12man

    Re bodied Packard 1108

    Attached is a photo of the 1108 56 Packard that I am confident Ken owned. Photo was taken at a Grand Classic back in the 70's. This was the 1st custom split windshield Dietrich that I had ever seen and have been hooked ever since. Also attaching a photo of a Dietrich Conv Coupe that Ken owned as well. Car now resides in California. Brian
  25. Mark Simmons

    Need ID

    House or railroad Jack. This one looks to have the lower lift pad or possibly it's the base pad. From this angle with the broom in the way I can't give you more than that.
  26. Morgan Wright

    1941 Special engine dies when warmed up

    If the coil overheats, why would it only fail when the engine labors and not when it idles or "revs"? The coil only makes a spark, it has no way of knowing when the engine is laboring or when it is revving at high RPM's but no labor. The coil does the same thing at 4000 RPM un-labored revs as it does at 4000 RPM under labor. But the car stalls at low RPM under labor. Failing under labor means fuel starvation or air starvation. Not the coil.
  27. Matt Harwood

    1929 Mercedes SSK

    The facsimile is strikingly accurate!
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