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  2. 1940 Century Gas Cap

    Thanks, michel88. It's our number one tourer and we put about 5K a year on it. A real pleasure to drive.

    Hi Guys I saw a few posts on people cleaning their breather units on their motors Does a 1940 straight 8 motor's breather unit or tube require any cleaning or maintenance?
  4. Engine for sale

    1913 Chalmers engine. It is complete from the fan to the tail shaft. Includes manifolds carb and magneto clutch and transmission. I have stored this monster for almost 60 years. The previous owner was a pioneer auto and aircraft enthusiast early in the last century. I need help setting a fair value. I can text or email pictures. Dick 906 360 7330 or
  5. Yes Ed........your suggestion is the best way to handle the problem.
  6. Quick question for you other 1966 owners. Did the 66 come with a set of two different keys? One for the doors and ignition and one for the trunk and glove box? If so, and all your locks are original, wouldn't it be much easier to remove the lock cylinder for the glove box and take it to the locksmith's. I had to have keys cut for my 64. When I removed the lock cylinder for the glove box, the key code was stamped on it. The locksmith had books that went back far enough that he could just cut a key from the code.
  7. New 28 Ford, have some questons

    1. I just replaced the headlight bulbs with 2 Bulb Type - 6 Volt - Double Contact - 32-50 Candle Power. Now when I turn on the headlights the ammeter pegs discharge and the car will sputter and not want to run. What bulbs can I use that will correct this issue? More than likely this is a short in the headlight socket, not a bulb issue. A's are notorious for the contacts in the headlight socket shorting out to the body of the socket. 2. The key does nothing. Car will run with it in off position. It's original to the car. Can this be rebuilt and who does this type of work, is it worth keeping original? Or is a repro better? Is it an original pop out switch? If so, you push the button in until it clicks and stays put to turn off the ignition, turning the key will unlock the button and cause it to pop out. 3. The nickel plating on the radiator and headlights is dull. What can be used to polish this with out buffing through the plating? Any chrome polish will do 4. The horn works but doesn't always give the full ahooga. Is there a cleanup trick for this to get it to work smoothly? Clean the commutator (the copper thing visible when your remove the horn cover) with a pencil eraser! Have someone beep the horn while you gently apply the eraser to the spinning commutator. Then oil the armature with a light oil- sewing machine oil works for this.
  8. 1957 Paint code 4BX145 - what does it mean?

    I did receive an e-mail reply back from Larry Gustin advising me of several possible sources to check for further information on the BX ### code topic. Thanks to him and Sean for their replies. My research goes on and I will post any new information I find out here. I mentioned in my Post #6 above that I have pictures of Body by Fisher Number Plates showing BX ### codes for different years and models. For those interested, they include: ♦ 1950 Buick Roadmaster Convertible (PAINT BX332) ♦ 1953 Buick Skylark (TRIM BX76). The OE trim was NOT Black leather that was a standard Code #76 for non-1953 Buick Skylarks. OE trim exists to confirm that. ♦ 1953 Buick Skylark (TRIM and PAINT are blank. BX357 is noted near ACC.) ♦ 1954 Buick Landau (TRIM and PAINT are blank. BX5 is noted below the ACC line.) The Landau was a one-off custom conversion from a four-door sedan. ♦ 1957 Buick Super two-door Hardtop (PAINT BX427) ♦ 1957 Buick Roadmaster Convertible, see Post #1 above. (PAINT BX145) Additional comments from all others along with pictures of Number Plates are invited. Thanks. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 “500 Miles West of Flint”
  9. The Skylark will be at Carlisle, PA Thursday Sept 28 If anyone is interested. Thanks Ken

    Tom ---this is how I am going to run my car right now Carter BB1--the style of air silencer is what was original though the pipe connector was straight for the brass bowl I think they went to the other units for safety since updraft carbs have a tendancy to leak could have blase if back fore
  11. WTB - '41 Special Window Crank Escutcheon

    If you were going yo Hershey I would have tried to fill your needs but am extremely busy now. Send me pics to my email after October 12th will have time to try and fill your needs
  12. Yet one MORE TV Opportunity

    The home of Hollywood actor Gregory Peck .
  13. Flying Wheel Covers - '53 Merc

    I agree as well. There has been another discussion recently.
  14. 1946-48 Lincoln V12 Diamond replacement block with main caps. The bores are standard, block has been dipped, magnafluxed and sonic checked, the values for each bore are written on the block. Has two factory sleeves. Rust is just flash rust, no pits. Comes with a standard crankshaft, camshaft with timing gear, timing gear cover, distributor and oil pan. The bad news is that I have no way to crate or ship this so it will need to be picked up by you. I am located in Valencia, California. Asking $1500.00 for everything.
  15. Yet one MORE TV Opportunity

    Re-Sale Red ??
  16. We will be on the show field with our Sons 1986 Buick Grand national.
  17. I guess im going to start spraying some good stuff on that but im already preparing myself for the next step , replacing the damper itself . Thanks !!!
  18. Yeah, what he said. I like custom cars and street rods a lot. As you can see, my Rivieras have been quite low at the git go. The skid plate idea stuck me as kinda funny. My Riviera used to share the garage with this. Now, that's skid plate material: Today is my birthday, 69, and I am going to meet a Buick friend for lunch. On the way back it is going to be very hard not to stop and hand over the cash for an abandoned '59 T-Bird convertible project I have had my eye on. IF I do pull the trigger, that car is going to be quartered and remounted on a late '90's Lincoln Mark VIII platform. I am very intrigued with the concept.All the stock owners aren't the stereotype. You don't think I bought that new MIG welder just to patch my truck, did you?? Bernie Oh, I forgot. That moon day technology, I use it often. In some very techie situations. It gives perspective.
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  20. Part Wanted

    I need a 26 inch demountable rim to fit a Kelsey wheel. Pleas call Dick at 906 360 7330
  21. Roger I know you are building in such a small scale but what about a worm wheel and gear. That would take the over torque out of the motor and it would slow down the action of the window movement. With this method the motor could be mounted anywhere space is available. The drive would be a cable turning the gears. The image added is for a Mercedes Replacement Window Motors (OES Genuine Window Regulator - W0133-1718533 - Front, Driver Side, Power). As always Roger I love what you have accomplished and the length of time you have been working on this beaut. You are more than a craftsman. I have enjoyed the build for many years and I will not lose this site again. Thank you Roger.
  22. This is a LOOOOONG Shot

    So is there a background story with this item? I have certainly never seen one, was this a short-lived "Cadillac of trash cans" before a trademark infringement suit took hold? I do know there was a Cadillac Screw Company in Belvidere Illinois in the 1950s-60s, maybe their product? Would like to know, Todd C
  23. A neighbor around the corner from me is selling their 1955 Buick Super Convertible. (Her husband passed away earlier this year.) I spoke to her husband in the past and he was a very nice gentlemen. He was both a BCA and AACA member. Here is the information I got from the owner: - Vehicle: 1955 Buick Super Convertible Model 56-C - Production: 3,527 - Purchased: 1989 - Full restoration: 1990-91 - Color: Car was originally Dover White. Color was changed to Cherokee Red. - Current (Original) Mileage is approximately 74,700 miles - Garage Kept since Restoration, Driven weekly in Spring/Summer/Fall - Items Not Working at this time: Radio and Clock - This car is an AACA Senior award winner (still has the badges on the front) - Wheels: Kelsey-Hayes Wire Wheels (including the spare in the trunk) These are Original K-H and NOT reproductions. - Other Information: 1.) The passenger side edge of the trunk lid has some paint chipped off. She told me that happened when her husband did not notice the rubber bumper for the trunk lid had fallen off and he closed the trunk chipping the paint. She Cherokee Red touch up paint from when the car was restored. (See Photos) 2.) There is a small area of paint chipped of on the Passenger Side edge of the hood as well (See Photos). 3.) The owner has multiple binders of information, receipts, etc that come with the car as well as photos of when the restoration was done. - Condition: The overall condition of this car appears to be very good with the exception of the items listed above. I took a quick look at the chassis which appears good as well. - Price: $55,000 (Firm) - Serious inquiries Only. Do Not waste my time or her by making a Low Ball Offer. - Vehicle Location: Near Reading, Pennsylvania - Contact Info: Please send a Private message to me with the following information. - Full Name, City and State where you are located, Telephone Number you can be reached at, Best time of day and day of the week to call. If you have questions for the owner please include them in your Private Message as well. - The owner of this vehicle does not have email or access to the internet. I will acknowledge receipt of your Private Message (PM) and forward this information to her and she will contact you. I will acknowledge receipt of your PM as soon as I can so PLEASE be Patient. Per forum policy, Please, no comments regarding the Price, etc.
  24. You could try removing the rear seat and the fiber board insulation barrier behind it (these are fragile) and with a very long socket extension remove the 2 bolts that retain the stationary latch receiver which I think are 7/16 heads. With those bolts removed it should allow opening trunk but I have never tried it. Or just call the locksmith. Post back if you need instruction on removing the rear seat bottom and back. It takes 5-10 minutes once you know how to do it.
  25. From the 60's as best as I can find out. Model 198Z , 12 volt , 9" base , acrylic? lens Working condition , mounted on display board. Build a " Mayberry" replica? $145 plus shipping Send a Private message with zip code USPMO or PayPal , buyer handles fees Thanks Roy
  26. 1947 buick special 2dr.

    i have a 47" buick 2dr. special and was looking for some parts if anybody knows of any. i was looking for some stainless trim rocker moldings and a rear window wiper pls let me know
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