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  2. The plates are two sided with different models, which leads me to believe they were intended for dealers.
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    Yep, that looks like a PROJECT, alright. Good luck to you, sir!
  4. Rear Turn Signal- Color Preference?

    Jon- I'm not sure how fast yours changes- but here is .5 second.
  5. 1960 Edsel 9 pass wagon WANTED

    Looking for a 1960 Edsel Villager 9 passenger wagon. I don't mind a project, but no rusted out junk. I want a complete car, not someone else's project in a million pieces with half of them missing.No million dollar show cars either. You can email me at or Call me at 419-569-3361. Thank you, Hank Davis Bucyrus, Ohio /member AACA, Edsel Owners Club, and International Edsel Club
  6. 13L of oil is not a concern when I service my engine fed Fluid Torque Drive 53 Windsor. I do my own work. I load up and buy lots of oil when it goes on sale. I run modern detergent oil. I dropped my pan last fall and removed all sludge. The cost is not an issue. It is about double the quantity of oil of a normal car.
  7. I think the reason virtually all modern cars have brake lights regardless of ignition situation is for safety. If the car is in-op, malfunctioning or not running (for whatever reason) the driver can still alert others around that he is stopping/stopped and therefore they should take notice. The logic gap with the 63 is odd. If you followed the reasoning that you didn't brake lights when the car isn't running...why would the other lights (headlights, tail lights) still function when the car isn't running? More than anything, it's sort of annoying. When I get in my 63 to start it up, I habitually tap the brakes...looking to see the red glow and nothing happens until I hit the ignition. It always makes me think for a second that my brake lights are out. PRL
  8. Rear Turn Signal- Color Preference?

    That's exactly what I'm talking about. The module is 3 separate pieces- reflector, color/diffuser, clear lens. What I'm proposing- is to cut out 1 bulb's worth of the red plastic, and splice in amber. You would need to be up close with a flashlight to see it unless it is lit from behind. It would be cosmetically invisible.
  9. Hinge on a Buick Trunk

    I have a 1962 body service manual that explains how to remove, install and adjust the lid and also the lock and striker. I don't know if 1964 is different. If you can't read them let me know. Maybe I can send them a different way.
  10. How Many Wrenches Do You Really Need?

    My aunt bought me a 3 piece craftsman tool box set when I was 13. I thought I'd never fill it with tools. 19 years later and it weighs almost as much as a car and I'm needing to upgrade to something bigger.
  11. I need one Buick steel wheel, size 15x6 in good condition. I would like to have hubcap clips, but that isn't necessary. It must be from a 1941-1959 (according to the 1960 Buick Master Parts Book). I need it to fit a 1941 Buick Roadmaster, Series 70. I would like it not to be so rusty as to need sandblasting. Some say the 1941-42 wheels had only three clips, but my car wheels use five clips. Again 15 inch wheels, measured six inches wide, not six and a half. The 15-inch wheel is the easy part, it's the six inches wide part that is hard to find. My mechanic says edge to edge, but I wonder about his memory and if he rounded off. Now the tires are on the car. Earl
  12. Broken Manifold

    Guys, I haven't forgotten you. The machine shop is taking their sweet time. I told them this car was a winter project. I popped in today and they tried welding a new ear, drilling and tapping but the ear cracked off again. Plan B was to weld a bolt in place as a stud. That they did. I asked if they got the manifold ports machined. That was the whole idea of bringing it in the first place. Had bad leaks and was visibly uneven. They didn't go ahead and do it because of the amount of meat they would have to take of a couple ports. I told them to go ahead. Worse case scenario would be 1/8" of material taken off and I see nothing to cause the manifold not to fit. Carb sits on top and exhaust hangs below. The repair ain't pretty but it's also hard to see anyway. This may take awhile......
  13. Fluid Drive fluid

    California and Washington.... the example of environmental utopia. I love oil with cadmium, sulpher and zinc for my old cars.
  14. Rear Turn Signal- Color Preference?

    My tail light lights up as fist pic and then as the second pic. Then it changes back to "Quick" & then "Buick" again.
  15. Fun with steering geers---> 1918 Buick

    Posting the above quote again so not everyone tightens the adjustment nut too tight such that lubrication cannot enter the half nuts, yoke roller axles or half nut shoes to yoke roller interfaces and unnecessarily increase the already high contact stress loads within the steering box. Over tightening will also cause high steering efforts (if they weren't high enough already) and poor return of the vehicle to on-center after a turn, a significant safety issue. While on safety, and worth mentioning again, you can mis-install and reverse the two half nuts resulting in reversed steering. Before you go anywhere, back to the Moon or down the driveway, check the operation of steering wheel rotation direction to wheel direction.
  16. I have never seen a Chrysler V8 with the engine fed torque converter. I have a 1952 and 53 Chrysler 331 with sump fed torque converters. DeSoto and Dodge ...yes. And all the six cylinder cars with engine fed TQ's. Can you afford to change the oil on one of those engine fed cars!!!! Glad i don't own one
  17. 39 Century? What is this model?

    It is NOT a Century. It is a Model 81 Roadmaster. I can't see the inside, but if it has a divider window it is a Model 81F. Either way it is a CCCA Full Classic car. That said, I don't know if it could ever be restored to break even on the process.
  18. 1911 Indy 500

    Looks like a lot of excitement. Not sure there would be a safe place anywhere near the speedway. You would of had to pay attention to everything going on. Still would be more fun than a NASCAR race today.
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  20. 1911 Indy 500

    Cool race, thanks for posting.
  21. 1975 Citicar by Sebring Vanguard, Inc.

    There was one in the car corral at Hershey a couple of years ago.
  22. One cold Ohio Edsel

    Yes and would you believe my wife is a nurse at the hospital. It doesn't get much better than that!!!
  23. Hi from Canada

    Thank you Frantz, I will give that a try.
  24. Locomobile Model L engine in rebuild

    I have mostly ended a 40 year hunt for the correct original cast brass hubcaps for the Locomobile. I now have two rear and two front "original" hubcaps to adorn the car. I say "mostly over" with my hunt, what I mean is, one of the rear caps is workable but is beat up. I will rebuild the cap if I can't find a better cap. Here is the cap that has ended a 40 year hunt, thanks to EBAY. This cap is a front cap and is about 4.250" OD. I will later post a picture of the rear cap to assist anyone who may have a loose Locomobile cap that they would be willing to part with. Al
  25. U Pick It Yard near Chicago
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