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  1. Does anyone know where I can look for new axle seals for an early model '31 Buick 8-57? This car was produced in Sept of 1930, so it has the open driveline, probably a Marquette leftover. The seal cover shows "Victor 49760". Any help would be appreciated.
  2. If you have the rear engine mounts please contact me.
  3. Recently I started my own "Buick rescue society". It consists of me and one 1931 model 8-57. The car had been torn into by a hot rodder with plans to put a small block V8 in it. He got as far as pulling off the front sheet metal, torching out a cross member and brake pivot bar, welding in a new engine mount and losing various small original parts. The seats are there, but the rest of the interior is gone. Perhaps seeing the error of his ways, he stopped and put the car up for sale. When I went to see it I found the original engine laying in the dirt. There were boxes and boxes of parts covered in leaves, so many, in fact, that I believed all the parts were there. Unfortunately that was not true, which is why I am writing this. The following is a list of what I know is missing. There will probably be additions to it, but for now I ask for help in finding the following: Roll up windshield and/or the frames to use on new glass wiper motor engine water pump right rear (bell housing) engine mount mid section cross member Brake system cross bar (fulcrum?) the two support bars that go from the top of radiator to the firewall steering wheel center controls The society would appreciate any and all leads that would help in the restoration of this worthy vehicle.
  4. I know this is an old thread, but I am looking for some pretty obscure parts and figured I'd give it a shot. I have a 1931 8-57 and am in need of the brake system (for lack of a better word) fulcrum which is the bar that crosses the frame about mid way and actuates the brake cables. The former owner cut mine in half!? Also need one bell housing engine mount. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello Pete i think you solved a mystery for me. I just bought a 1931 8-57 in Washington state. Manufacture date 09/18/30. Engine number 2639787. Open driveline. However, the transmission was not bolted in, but the purchase included two trans, both of which are synchro. Theses are not the correct trans are they? Also, the placement of the engine ID number (above front left lifter cover) indicates it's a 33/34 engine. Can you confirm any of this for me? Thank you. Phil
  6. Tom I'm interested in the transmission and water pump. Do you still have those?
  7. Hello Joel I too own a 1931 Model 8-57. Mine is in need of various parts (aren't they all?). If you decide to part yours out, I'm your man.
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