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  1. Lol oops, meant to say 1917, I type so fast nad the buttons are so small on this phone a mkae alot of spelling errors and miss some sometimes, good to meet you though, I found you back in october and your videos definitely helped kickstart my idea
  2. Everyone, Excuse my inactivity for the past few days, between home life mad work I've been reading the replies to my post and reading stuff online. Some of you have asked where the car is located, and it is outside a little town called Birmingham in southern Iowa. I however am located 5 hours north in the Rochester, Minnesota area, which is why I dont make it down often enough due to work scheduling. I've also been taking a look at videos on youtube by a user just called Abcde with a 1971 buick hes been working on the past 3 years and got it running and driving good last year. I appreciate all the tips and advice by you guys and will hopefully have pictures soon. -David Scranton
  3. Hi, my name is David Scranton. Just turned 21 in January and have been getting into cars alot more the past year, but I've only ever helped my dad in the garage and the oldest car I've helped him with was my 1999 jeep. So I have hardly any experience doing things on my own which brought me to this forum because of a car I've taken great interest in that I've known about my whole life, but have never even seen it be moved. My grandmother has had what I believe is a 1920 4 door buick model K sitting in her barn for what I'm guessing has been the past 80 years, and I would like to work on it just for fun and see if I can get it running. I dont have any pictures at this time as I have not been down to her house since covid began, but I know the windows are broken and the interior is ripped up. But the frame and body are in good shape if I remember correctly. Planning to get down there soon and would like to know what potential problems I should look for and where, and if it's possible how the problem could be fixed or if it will need replaced. I apologize in advance if this post doesnt give alot of detail on the car's current state, as I said I dont really have much experience doing this sort of thing so not entirely sure what to look out for other than frame damage amd if the engine block is cracked, and I havent actually seen the vehicle in about 2 years. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I greatly appreciate any and all information that anyone can give
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