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  1. Do U still have those parts? is it includ the adjuster in the cab? Jørn Stampe Hansen, Norway
  2. I`m sorry to say but this is not for my engine. There shuld be a hole in the left side corner for the tempratur messurement. My u have some other parts that can fit? I need the adjuster for the chocks ( the one that in the cab), and the oilfilter. what engine parts do u have? If you have the left molding, look at the Picture.
  3. Are U Shure ...looks for me that the leght..is.moore than 465mm
  4. hi. i need the spark plug cover if it fits my 1932 Buick. reg. Jørn Stampe Hansen, Norway
  5. i am so happy that this book was sold i was so embarrassed when i faud out that the same book was delivered With the car. I will be i tuch. Best Jørn
  6. Hi this books is from the owner got Pics of it today. so i`m sorry to say i do not need Your book. Do you have a spare cover. the cover that is covering the sparkpluggs? that is missing. Jørn
  7. Thanks allott Bob Engle for helping once again. I want to have the car in orginal condition. so the brakes should stay mechanicly. Been looking at ebay after parts, found some but they was very expenciv. So to get this car up some Levels will cost allott. Do you know if some off the parts are intercangebel With other cars? Hers some more pic. the first is from the front window and showing the profiled list that is cracked list is it hard to find. Jørn
  8. I`m not shure if you like bikes but this is one of mine Honda Goldwing GL1200 LTD only made 5273 of this bike. Has 43000 miles on, this bike cost almost the dobble if an ordernarry Goldwing this year. and it was loaded With ekstra.
  9. Thanks allot, looking forward to recive this book so i can exspand my knowledge about this car. whould be wery Nice of you if could send the book as a gift then i do not pay any tax in Norway for the amount. The brakes on the 32 Buick is it Hydraulic or has it brake bar. I ask the owner but he has Alzimer so he was not shure but thiked it was hydraulic? Can u please tell me. i know that Chevrolet got hydraulic brakes in 36` My first Car was a 1935 Chevrolet Master DeLuxe 4D sedan With split window and i was 18 years old, this was in 1982. I payd 1500$ and picked it up middel in the Winter and it was lots of snow and there was plenty ice on the road. The breakes was terrible and the tire was old and hard. It was a Nice car, would love to have it now. Later same year i by a 54 Chevy 2D sedan, sold this car when i married and buyed a appartement. Regret that later:) Have a lovely weekend. God bless you Jørn
  10. I have a 1932 Buick 56C 4 seats 2 Doors Roadster Coupe, only made 349 of this car in 1932. As U can see this car is the 94 that was build. It`s a car u can drive home, in good mechanic conditin butt the Paint need to be done or use it as it is. Been restord in the US during the 80`s.
  11. Thank`s for Your late reply 😊 I still want it and can pay Your 22$. I have PayPal Hers the adress: Jørn Stampe Hansen Liverødveien 239 N-3243 KODAL NORWAY Please send me the total to my email : stampesmia@gmail.com I found my Buick 56C Roadster Coupe in November last year when i visiting a customer for install a handrail i had made. and same year they had sold a 27`chevrolet. My car is in mint condition, it had beed restord in USA in the middel of the 80is. The Paint is falling of but there is no rust and it looks to be mechanicly in good shape. This modell is New to me and as far as i know it has only been made 349 this year. Do U have any Clue what the price would be in USA if i sold it? Jørn