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  1. Molding, rear R & L side (infront og the federskirt)
  2. For my 1932 Buick 58 C i need the left side door.
  3. One thing U shall do before welding cracks in casting is to drill a hole whrere the cracks starts and stops. Then u stop the crack to continiue. Sorry for my bad spelling.
  4. Hi Bob. Do U have picture of where the cracks usealy are? Best Jørn Stampe Hansen
  5. Hi Bob. Do U have picture of where the cracks usealy are? Best Jørn Stampe Hansen
  6. So Nice. It's a buaty, sad to read about the axident. Hope U all Are well. Do U have any clue how much the cost is for making new parts. Jørn
  7. Thanks Are they going to produce a New one? Or fix the old one?
  8. Hi Pete Do U still have all those cars? Nice cars. Planing to og on a holiday cruise NeXT Easter in the Gulf. ( hopfully) And we might travel alittle in the US after. Is it a possibilety to come by. Jørn Stampe Hansen
  9. Central Control Mechanism for the shocks. Oil temperatur regulator. Spark plugg Cover
  10. Hi Did U manage to fix this? And how? I have the same problem on left side for my 56C. Do U have any spare parts? Oil cooler / oil temperatur regulator and the shocks adjuster, spark plugg cover are needed. Jørn Stampe Hansen, Norway
  11. Do U still have those parts? is it includ the adjuster in the cab? Jørn Stampe Hansen, Norway
  12. I`m sorry to say but this is not for my engine. There shuld be a hole in the left side corner for the tempratur messurement. My u have some other parts that can fit? I need the adjuster for the chocks ( the one that in the cab), and the oilfilter. what engine parts do u have? If you have the left molding, look at the Picture.
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