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  1. The point are only carrying 12 volts, not coil output voltage. If they spark when you open and close them, you at least know you are getting voltage to and thru them.
  2. Is this a remote type setup? If so, how about using one of the modern plastic remote tanks, at least for now or modifying the setup to use one. If the tank has pin holes in it now, what's to prevent it from developing more later?. This would be a safety item and something I would not want to chance to luck it would hold.
  3. That number looks like a state assigned number. The car didn't by any chance come out of Colorado? The serial number for Dodges would be on the crossmember behind the transmission, right side top under the floor board. From what I understand, the engine number would not match the serial number if that is what he's looking at. The glove box was dropped sometime around 1918 as were the wood tops on the doors also. You might also post on the Facebook Dodge pages; https://www.facebook.com/groups/DodgeBrothersMotorCars/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/dodgebros I have only bee
  4. On my 1920, they ran an extra ground to the ground terminal on the starter switch. If yours is a 21, are you running positive or negative ground? The cut of the 22-26 is for the positive ground cars that started around 1922 when the horn button was moved from the door to steering column. Which ever way it is hooked up, if the gauge is showing on the plus side when running and discharge with motor not running and lights on, I would leave it. When you take the grounded side terminal off the battery do you see any sparking that would indicate there is a draw or short in the system? There should n
  5. If you use a toggle for the lights you might want to maybe add the drop resister for low beam somehow.
  6. It is grounded to the case thru that stud. The bent piece is the ground. Would not need another ground as the ground strap at the battery might be attached (on mine) to the transmission case. If the meter is showing on the plus side (what does it do with the engine off and turning the Lights on) then it should be charging and there is a larger drain on the battery some place.
  7. The switch back is ether tabs bent over or the 3 pin type. Gently bend the tabs up to remove the back or push down and twist the other. When you put it back together make sure everything is clocked correctly inside esp the tab type.
  8. It is hard enough to find a set of plans for a Model T open car, I would think near impossible for a Dodge closed car. Your only option might be to take lots of photos and deconstruct the body, then depending of your skill set, make a copy of each piece. I would only replace what really needs to be replaced. As far as how to on replacing wood, look for You-tube videos; for example look for videos dealing with Ford Model A 4 doors, maybe Chevrolet sedans. There should be a number of them out there. While not the same, pretty much the same process.
  9. Take to a tire shop that does truck wheels and tires, they would have a cage to do it in.
  10. Before jumping to the steering box you need to go over the other parts of the steering system. Kingpins, wheel bearings, tie rod ends, drag link, worn balls, loose steering pitman arm, toein etc. In other words, what is the condition of the rest of the steering related parts? If the the parts are good or replaced I would suggest checking the toein first.
  11. Are the plugs wet after cranking? You don't need to spray gas into the intake (would be hard as the air is pulled thru exhaust manifold preheater down through the valve chamber into the carb with a fresh air intake for warm weather down between the cylinders), unless they have been removed, 21 would have priming cups. If it runs for 10 min. my vote would be to check the condenser or maybe the coil. I think 2.5 on the fuel pressure might be too high. It would only be gravity feed from the vacuum tank which would hold less then a qt with the bottom only a few inches above the bowl on the carb.,
  12. I just went out and looked at some that I have. I did find one 140R, but don't see makers mark on it. The above list shows that number for 15-19 touring, but looks too short.
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