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  1. I could go out and check the area that is broke out in one of my cylinders on a 22 block, but that would not really tell you anything. Some areas could be thicker/thinner from the get go. Any core shift when pouring the block can change that too. When the inside of the block was cast they used a sand mold and pretty sure so was the outside. Add in 90-100+ years of rust. What I think happened, water got in the cylinder thru open valve, had a really bad freeze and pushed the side out. Engine does turn over. LOL for what that is worth, I don't know.
  2. The motor number is not the serial number, just so you know. The serial number should be on the frame cross member just under the floor board on the right side under your heel. There might be a tag on the front floorboards also. The master parts list is also a great way to find what is needed/correct for your car. Dodge did not go by month and year, they listed when a change was made by the cars serial numbers.
  3. My 1941 copyright Series WD owners manual only talks about the jack being supplied and that is the section on how to remove the wheels. So there may not be a list of supplied tools in them. The manual is what came with my 1946 1 ton when I got it in 1973 or 74.
  4. If you have a copy of the Mechanics' Instruction Manual, there is a section on clutch adjustment. Things suggested are; warped disk from over heating, pins they slide on need replacing, lack of lube where needed and adjusting the link.
  5. Myers sells new parts to fix. https://www.myersearlydodge.com/clutch.php Have you tried adjusting the clutch release link? Could be the release is not being pulled far enough back to fully release the disks. Unless there are grooves worn in the pins that the disks are locking into, the oblong holes should not stop the disks from releasing. If the pins are grooved, Myers sells the new pins too. They have to be pressed out and in. If the pins are anything like the Ford Model T triple gear pins, the area were the disks ride might be smaller then where it is pressed into the flywheel, so you
  6. Try also putting ads on the Dodge Brothers Facebook pages along with putting the year in the title here. Dodge Brothers Motor Cars Dodge Brothers Club, Inc.
  7. If you are looking to now buy one, say that in the title along with that it is for a coupe, so it does not get mixed up with your other 2 post. There should be a window in the upper left corner when you make the ad to add "wanted to buy" to the title.
  8. You might want to call your local Fastenal to see if they are even doing this kind of shipping/receiving. I haven't check recently with the ones in the Portland/Vancouver area but they were not doing this because of the C-19, things may have changed. You might be able to find the engine closer to home. There are a couple of guys in Eastern Oregon, Springfield etc that have parts. You might post what you are looking for on the Dodge Brothers page here along with the Dodge Brothers pages on Facebook. I have a 22 block, but it would need to be sleeved and rebuilt. Dodge & Dodge Brothers
  9. Pans don't need to be torqued down. If the area around the holes is flat on the pan to start with you should only need to snug up tight. And yes I have installed a good many Model A pans without gluing the pan gasket down, with the T I do glue the pan side, but that is more to keep it in place then prevent leaks while it installed with the engine upside down. Every time you over tighten the pan bolts you are bowing the pan in between each hole and putting a divet and pinch point at each bolt hole.
  10. Suggest only gluing the pan gasket to ether the pan or the block not both. A smear of grease on the other side should be good enough to seal. In the Ford Model T world, there is a felt seal between the transmission cover and back of block. What many of us do is; work something like right stuff or other gasket silicone into the felt before installing.
  11. Not Ford. All Ford ignition/light switches were part of the mounting frame. This one and the one I have were not a piece that was cut out of the mounting. Were the solder is, that would have been a fuse mount that has been removed. Also note there is no Bat Off Mag stamped on it.
  12. The seller might want to get the necessary paperwork in their name. If sold to a buyer in the US might make things easier. If the serial number you are trying to read is the one on the block, that is not the car number. There should be a serial number on the cross member just under the front floor board on the right side. There might also be a plate on the right side of the toe board, front seat.
  13. No clue on this one, but you might post more photos esp the outside top and bottom. What I am seeing is the dump valve from the inner and inner tank.
  14. Wow very nice! I just bought a Nissan 4X4 last Sunday, I mailed the title in. The next appt I could get to change over the title, would have been around March 9 and only two DMV's that were even close by. I updated my profile to show location.
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