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We had chariot and foot races didn't we!😁  Nothing new here. Even the Amish teenagers have buggy races.


That is a GREAT picture!!!!

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I enjoy off beat auto humor like this from "the era" as much as I do seeing the buildings etc in the  back grounds of the period photos, the lettering on the vehicles and signs on  stores, it gives all of us a bigger picture of the attitude and thought of the time period that produced the vehicles we love.

I have two cartoon books from England of the same era that focus on automotive related humor. Such simple thoughts and activities that make you chuckle. Ok when was the last time you read someone was chuckling at something. Today's generation does not know what chuckle means.

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The smirk on the front seat kid's face as he waves is priceless.


1 hour ago, Frank DuVal said:

 Even the Amish teenagers have buggy races.

One of my Oldsmobile friends in upstate NY is a retired sheriff's deputy in a county with a sizable Amish population.


He said the craziest call he ever worked was a bunch of teenage Amish boys got drunk and were drag racing their buggies on the town's main street. He said it tickled the deputies so much they let the boys go with a warning to take the buggies home and put them away.


And natcherly the kid with the two-horse buggy was ruling the streets that night!


County Sheriff here tells me he's glad the local Amish kids  haven't tried that yet.

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