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  1. This car has always been temperamental. It will turn over but not start. Yes it has the early electronic ignition. I need a diagnostic step by step procedure and testing tools. Over the years it seems I changed the whole ignition system one piece at a time and the carburetor rebuilt. I had the gas tank restored at Gas Tank Renu. My suspicion is no spark and I suspect the ignition switch on the steering column. You twist the key forward to turn the engine over. After it won't start, you let the key go and it sputters a little as if it wants to start. If it does start, it runs fine. I have gotte
  2. Hello, I am looking for a person in the Louisville KY metro area who is knowledgeable about the 318 V8 who can help me get my 1973 Dart Swinger running. My family has owned this car for 35 years and it is in good original condition. Even when it was driven everyday it would not always start reliably. It has been sitting in a heated garage most of the last 20 years. I need help diagnosing and sorting so it will start reliably and we can drive it. I have car restoration experience but this one has beat me. (See pictures of 1940 Lasalle woodie in the National Woodie Club section). Can anybody rec
  3. Hello Ryan, I am restoring a 1940 Lasalle woodie station wagon. This restoration sounds similar to yours in that I am reproducing bits of rotten wood. I have to study joints partially missing on both sides to get the full picture. Since the body was rotten on the frame and sagging, I spent a lot of time to determine the correct height and angle of the floor above the frame. I have become fascinated with cars like yours with a metal skin over a wood frame. That seems like another layer of complexity over a station wagon because the wood frame has to be built to ensure the metal skin fits.
  4. Hello Stradders, You would probably tap into more expertise if you post above in the "Chrysler Products-General" section of this forum. Unfortunately, it seems there are only about 5 of us who regularly participate in this Woodie section. Also, the National Woodie Club has a Town and Country chapter and a club technician/advisor for Town and Country.
  5. Consider a car from the late 1930's on. To expand on the post from Jon 37, these cars are a lot more "user friendly". By the late 1930's cars had: higher horsepower automatic choke synchronized transmission shifting signal lights automatic spark advance hydraulic brakes independent front suspension. overdrive Consider a 1940 Packard 110 or 120. They had all of the above features and the least art deco styling of the era.
  6. The Cadillac did not begin life as a woodie. I have read other stories about this car. It was converted into a woodie in recent years. I wonder what happened to the other 13?
  7. Hello Jeff, To repeat good advice from above, Join an Oldsmobile club as they will be the best source for rare Oldsmobile parts and authenticity advice. Join the National Woodie Club and get access to their roster and network with other owners of Oldsmobile woodies. Steele Rubber products for all rubber on the car. That's true that there is possible overlap between GM makes so look in Bob's Automobilia Buick parts, and the Filling Station Chevy parts and Chevys of the Forties. Look over the catalog for Restoration Specialties carefully because they have a wide variety of hardware, screws, rubb
  8. So the wood in the "before" picture was reproduction also, according to the first post in this thread? Yours is nicer. Are you going to install the top fabric?
  9. Tom Boehm


    A possibility: The poster may not speak english and is using a translator program.
  10. As always I enjoy seeing your progress reports. I like the floor. What is that between the boards? Did you spray auto clear coat on the ceiling too?
  11. I'm glad that worked out for you. They were the only place that had what I needed. That was about 15 years ago.
  12. www.evapo-rust.com Great stuff. Non toxic rust remover. Will only dissolve rust. Will not harm rubber, plating, sound steel and iron, nonferrous metal. Heat makes it work faster.
  13. I got some reproduction tailgate hardware from this place a long long time ago. I found references to them online as recent as 2017. I don't know if they are still around. Wagon Works 213 S.W. Kline Ankenny Iowa 50021 515 964 5085 evenings All the hardware that was still with my car I was able to use again by sandblasting or Evapo Rust. It was all rust pitted. I made it look good by skimming with bondo or multple coats of SEM high build spray can primer and lots of sanding. It was all painted. The outside handle is stainless.
  14. My 1940 Lasalle woodie is not finished yet and rarely gets out of the workshop. I haven't made the doors yet and the front sheetmetal is not installed. I occasionally do small woodworking jobs for people and one such customer, a woman about 55, came into my workshop to pick up her table. She took one look at the Lasalle and said "what is that vehicle thingee ?" The Lasalle is my favorite subject to talk about and I never pass up an opportunity to tell people its story. This time however I was taken aback and at a loss for words. This was a lost cause. I just said it was an old car I am restor
  15. The picture with your kids is priceless! I have similar pictures of my kids when my Lasalle looked like your truck. My kids are 17-21 now and despite a lot of progress it is still not finished.
  16. To Greenie, My 1940 Lasalle has the same phillips screws in the same places as the 1947 Oldsmobile. (interior frames around the glass) I think that may be the only phillips screws in the whole car.
  17. Restoration Specialties has those. Smaller than normal head. Here is a link to their catalog page: page_197.pdf
  18. I had the plywood custom made because I could get exactly what I wanted with materials and services locally available. I wanted Honduran Mahogany on one side and birch on the other. The ready made mahogany marine plywood used either asian or african mahogany and no birch. I also got the thickness I wanted. I know, I was picky about that. I put about 8 coats of varnish on the mahogany. That filled up the grain and then I wet sanded it and buffed it with rubbing compound. I was not concerned with filling up the grain on the ash. As far as woodworking, I have always liked working wit
  19. The first upholsterer just did not want to deal with anything he would have to get his hands dirty on. The only International woodie I recall seeing in person was also yellow and "mechanically modified". It was at the Frog Follies street rod show near Evansville Indiana about 15? years ago. I think the owner was from west central Illinois because he was acquainted with the guy I bought my Lasalle from.
  20. The wood looks solid. What color are you going to make the outside sheet metal? Sounds like you prefer the bare oak look in the back floor but if not there are sources for real linoleum.
  21. You are correct! I made an assumption without looking it up based on the general similarity of the wood design. In the postwar era Buick always had a different station wagon body than Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile. Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile used the same station wagon body in 1949. Early 1949's were wood made by Ionia. Later ones were steel made by Fisher.
  22. Rats! I thought this might be the time I beat Keiser31 to an accurate ID. There aren't many I can ID. I enjoy this segment of the forum. Also... I wonder How Clara Bow climbed up on that MOON wearing those cleats without scratching and denting it?
  23. The other thread concerning Richard Lentinello reminded me of this question. What happened to Hemmings Classic Car writer Jim Donnelly? I really liked his writing. They mentioned in the magazine a few years back that he had some health problems and would be stepping back from his duties. I do not recall ever seeing a mention in the magazine if he will be coming back or if he recovered or if he passed on. Anyone know?
  24. Here is an observation: The 1949 Oldsmobile and the 1953 Buick are the only woodies out there that came new with a modern overhead valve V8 and automatic transmission. That is what the street rodders modify other makes to achieve. I'm surprised these two are not the most sought after woodies instead of the Chrysler T&C, Packards, and Ford Sportsman. Oldsmobile had automatic transmission starting in 1940. Buick had it starting in 1948. (including the 1952 above). The Buick in this thread and the 49 Oldsmobile in the previous thread have the same wood body.
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