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  1. Preparation H won't work on door jambs, interiors, etc. Not for internal use.
  2. Wish something like this would come out of my woodwork. I just get sawdust...
  3. Just parking? "Road" doesn't look driven on at all.
  4. Here's the extent of my old tools collection:
  5. No oil drips yet but that's mostly due to the garage being 51 feet deep with a gravel driveway out the backside to the alley! The pretty driveway faces the street.
  6. Well, I do have a '67 Fiat 500. It's plenty big!
  7. No painted center line but I was really impressed (and a bit nervous) when the guy who cut the center joint down the length (80 ft) did it by eye and it was perfectly straight and centered. Whew. I do love the painting rig!
  8. FIAT: Finally I'm almost there. Oh, and Fiat never officially sanctioned the name Topolino. The public named it and it stuck.
  9. Hmm. I'm getting ready to plant a bunch of grass where the yard was torn up for driveway and water line installation. At least when the gravel is moved, you're done!😁
  10. Hey! I found another one today! One more and I can do any number of 4 cylinder engines. Life is good.😀
  11. Ah nuts. Oh well, I'll keep digging!
  12. I'll sell my two for 20.00 a piece!!!!
  13. Thank you oldford. I know this old garage was standing in 1923 so your information seems spot on.