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  1. You would think that he would at least put the heavy end in first.
  2. As always, I'm impressed by the knowledge shown here - right down to the details. Thank you!
  3. This caught my eye while out running errands yesterday. What might it be? I had nothing to measure with to help identify.
  4. Back downtown today and this is what I spotted:
  5. There you go. Much better!
  6. That was the first car I checked on. Nope. No Aztec. However, it does look a bit better than the Aztec...
  7. Let's see, no top, no doors, single seater, aftermarket trailer hitch, one tail lamp, plain jane wheels. Hard to get a feel for engine size from this angle. No license plate. I would guess it is an early model Illegal Roadster. I'm sure some experts will chime in with more detailed information. Is it for sale?
  8. I always enjoy running across a car that hasn't been altered. This one did appear original to me with a worn but presentable interior. Being a Nash boosted my interest significantly since I doubt I have ever seen one like this before. Oh, and of course, I thought of Keiser.
  9. Great looking car while out for a walk in downtown Delaware, Ohio. My vast old car knowledge tells me it is a 1937 Nash.😉 Any more details to offer?
  10. No real problems with the jugs on that one.
  11. Alfred always preferred doing things under the table. Felt it was safer...
  12. Hmm. Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis... 🤭🤪
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