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  1. I was let down by the self-help book "Double your IQ or no money back."* But seriously, I have purchased a book or two that ended up only being good for levelling tables. *Tip of the hat to Gary Larson.
  2. Remember, it gets confusing when multiple parts with pictures are included in a single thread. Much easier to follow if broken into separate threads per forum suggestion.
  3. As with the replies you received about going from 6V to 12V, there really isn't any need to change the brakes either. They were engineered for this car and work great. I owned a 1950 Chrysler and a 1951 DeSoto and never had a bit of trouble or anxiety with the brakes. Save your money for that perfect paint job or interior!
  4. My driver's ed class was in a Cutlass Supreme (mid '70s) and I took my test in my 1956 Olds 88. I don't think the patrolman paid any attention to my driving as he was busy looking around the car.
  5. Neat car, but "as vintage as possible" with the projected new driveline? Love watching projects unfold.
  6. It seems like one of those get-you-home donut spares. Not for highway speeds...
  7. My 1958 Citroen 2CV van has a dash knob you rotate to physically tilt the headlights. Hard to flash your high beams with this setup.
  8. I just sold an NOS spotlight that had a kit for mounting on a 1957 Ford and those look quite similar if my memory is correct.
  9. Well, that's another car I've never heard of and Lorain is just up the road!
  10. Bought my 2CV Van (1958) on a whim at an auction. I, of course, paid too much but isn't that what auctions are for? At any rate, after getting it running and putting brakes under it, we have had all sorts of fun with it. Yes, popping off the front fenders does make it easy to work on especially with those inboard brake drums! We too this picture in downtown Delaware, OH last summer. It is quite a conversation starter.
  11. I'm sure his GPS device is saying "recalculating."
  12. Is that horn attached to the steering wheel?
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