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  1. zipdang

    Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Great watching your progress. Thanks again for sharing!
  2. zipdang


    Novice question: plastic bodied? Was this a period body or a replica or ??? So much to learn, so little time!
  3. zipdang

    Uncle Bob in a truck, 1935

    Thank you Grandpa and Keiser. Nice to know.
  4. zipdang

    Uncle Bob in a truck, 1935

    I came across this photo of my Uncle Bob as a child sitting in a truck. This would have been in the Holmes County area of Ohio. I'm guessing it won't be too hard to provide the make and model for all of you. Thanks!
  5. I've displayed a "For Sale" sign a couple of times.
  6. zipdang

    Help recommend a car for a 17 year old?

    I'm not even looking (er, shouldn't be looking) for a car, and this thread has me wanting to!
  7. zipdang

    Remembering our Veterans

    In recent years, I've been volunteering at a local nursing home. Lending an ear and thanking the veterans never fails to straighten a bent back, bring life into tired eyes, or lift flagging spirits. One such veteran/resident was asked to be one of the grand marshalls in today's parade and to see him in that convertible with what remnants of his old uniform that could still be worn was truly memorable.
  8. Does your wife realize that new tires have a definite odor? Do guests use your spare bedroom??
  9. zipdang

    Carbex Exhalator??

    Early tracheotomy apparatus. These must be accompanied by in "inhalator" for best results...
  10. zipdang

    Car Video Music

    I agree, love the music. Siri didn't recognize it, though!
  11. zipdang

    Does it even have to run?

    The movement, smells, and sounds of a piece of equipment are just as much a part of its history as its appearance. Standing by a motionless object wondering what it sounded like, or what had to be done to have it running detracts greatly from the experience. I think the guys that collect and run stationary engines have it right. The experience is in the running!
  12. zipdang

    What do you think?

    I would certainly love it (as I know others would too) if your posts were less mysterious and more to the point. The game playing gets old... My apologies ahead of time if this is viewed as being rude - this is not normal operating procedure for me.
  13. zipdang

    Caption this photo

    Alfred's home-built micro car was completely destroyed when sandwiched between a Cadillac and a Ford.
  14. zipdang

    Information about Stutz Bearcat

    A tall radiator neck would make grandma's perch a little uncomfortable.