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  1. A friend asked if I would like to join him in September for the Model T driving school they provide. You bet I'm going! Do I own a Model T? No. Do I expect to have a little fun? YES.
  2. zipdang


    No help here with the identification other than giving an attempt to post the photo "unscrunched."
  3. In the same size category with the mini.
  4. I picked up my chrome a while back and just forgot to post the photos. Jon Wright's Custom Chrome Plating in Grafton, OH did a great job. I was particularly please with the job they did on my pitted pot-metal grille halves. These required a great bit of work including some "reattaching" of one of the mounts.
  5. The book looks interesting. The car, not so much.
  6. Thanks for the encouragement! I like the idea of doing more on my cars myself rather than sending the work out.
  7. Did Model A's have that many horns?
  8. Around my place, people laugh when I go by in my 2cv van!
  9. Threads like this made me enroll in a welding course at the local trade school. Never tried welding before, so we'll see...
  10. Agreed on Number 7's identification. I still have mine!
  11. I'm feeling a bit dimmer right now....
  12. Was there a body under the car that was scratched out in the photo? Hmm...