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  1. Is your jackstand appropriately positioned and of good quality? I'd think twice about working under that car.
  2. Hello! I approached you about a week ago at the Gilmore Museum while taking their Model T driving school. It was a pleasure meeting you and I certainly enjoyed seeing the display with the Cole cars. Oh, and yes, driving those Model T's was worth the drive to get there! Looking forward to more of you posts.
  3. Could it be early signs of excema, sebborhia, or psoriasis?
  4. Exhaust vendor? Exhaust is free and plentiful around here.
  5. The seat on that concept sure looks a lot like one of those amusement rides that spin you around. I also see the front of one vehicle grafted onto the rear of another.
  6. Looks like the tires are good! What more would you need???
  7. I'll bet Keiser31 will know. Oh wait a minute...
  8. The front portion ends too abruptly with too may sharp edges. Definitely makes it look like two disparate vehicles slammed together.
  9. Hi Craig. I would normally answer that questions quickly but I'm in the process of moving and that little book is packed SOMEWHERE. When it turns up, I"ll let you know!
  10. Hello! I remember you helping me out with some Citroen information and parts, so I'd be glad to help you out from here if you need it.
  11. Looks like there is plenty of rubber for the road. Vintage "run-flats."
  12. zipdang

    What is it?

    Boattail in the background?