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  1. I believe I could fit in either car without modification.
  2. I personally do not want to spend so much time being sure to see the "greatest" online sites to keep up to date. This site satisfies me just fine and I'm not getting sucked into spending even more time staring at this screen.
  3. I look forward to all of you seeing each other!😉
  4. I love it! I'll trade you my 2cv van for it!!
  5. What would I do? Probably offer to light his cigarette.
  6. 1951 DeSoto Custom 4 door sedan for purely sentimental reasons.
  7. One piece cover on the Hupmobile as the inside shape of the spare was stamped into the body shell.
  8. My 1935 Hupmobile 518D had a similar rear cover with the trap door. I'll try to find a picture of it.
  9. First image is of my great grandfather Lawrence Halter (to the left holding the bundle) and his car in Akron, Ohio. City Laundry was his business. I posted this a long time ago and I don't believe I got a definitive identification on that car. The second photo has great grandfather in the rumble seat behind Chief Pontiac and my grandfather Edward Hetzel standing far right. This forum identified this car as a 1928 Oakland.
  10. The New Year is just about half-way through escorting the Old Year out.
  11. The attire and hair of the women in the car and crowd certainly looks more 1930 than 1960 to me in the parade car.
  12. I can see the 2cv valve covers peeking out in the original photo.
  13. Aw gee Mrs. Finsterpurdy, that left front corner was dinged when I borrowed it. Emmy Sue's just tryin' to git yer goat.
  14. Whatever it is, it looks like someone has already lowered it.
  15. Here I am in the garage after delivery of my parts car. Left to right: 2015 Fiat 500, 1959 Fiat Granluce 1200 (being restored), the parts car for the the '59, and my '67 Fiat Giardiniera. Folks love the slow moving vehicle sign! Oh, let's not forget the pair of 1966 Honda CA160s with custom luggage racks.