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Flying car race scheduled in Australian Outback a new Sport of the Future

Mark Gregory

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Here is a video of the Airspeeder  

Flying car race scheduled for end of the year in the Australian Outback at the site of the original Mad Max film production

  • Airspeeder will host an exhibition race of flying cars in the Australian Outback
  • The company hopes the event could become the F1 of the 21st century
  • The first race will take place with remote-piloted vehicles outside the remote town of Coober Pedy, where the original Mad Max films were shot

A new tech startup has announced plans to hold a flying car race in Australia before the end of 2020, the first of what it hopes will be a series of events that could become the 21st century version of F1.

Organized by Airspeeder, a tech startup with offices in Adelaide and London, the race will feature two remotely piloted flying cars, racing through the outskirts of Coober Pedy, a small town in the Australian Outback used as the setting for the original Mad Max films.

The first race is planned as a public exhibition, with support from Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority, and Airspeeder hopes it will be the first of an international circuit of races that could expand to include piloted vehicles.

Airspeeder will debut what it hopes will become a circuit of flying car races before the end of 2020 in the Australian Outback, which the company believes could become the 21st century F1
The first race will feature two remote-piloted drones, and the company hopes the events could become an international circuit of events, with other locations including the Mojave Desert, and two unannounced sites



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3 hours ago, hidden_hunter said:


Probably not somewhere I'd be rushing to go in summer, that place gets to be over 110F routinely... 




That is a normal summer day in the US Southwest. 😁

But that much heat and the driver is going to be locked up in a little cockpit, hope those things have good AC.

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Think these will do about the same as the Segway?

Airplanes and helicopters are what airplanes and helicopters are. Cars/automobiles are what they are. While we may dream of life with the Jetson's, or "speeders" out of "Star Wars", flying cars for many millions of people will not be practical until they can make them stop in extremely short space, without hitting the ground or anything else. It will likely require some sort of gravitational/spacial interface drive system not anywhere on our horizon yet.

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