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  1. I am happy to see this starting such a conversation! Keiser, I think that’s the same guy who is churning out those fantasy shift knobs that started a similar discussion in this parts for sale section a few weeks back. Staver, that’s a great pair of items to go with your car! Never seen either but like Terry I have seen plenty of reproduction fobs for obscure cars. Maybe a separate thread for fobs would be in order? I don’t know anything about spark plugs, but I could see someone making something like her out of a bisque figure as a gag and now showing up in the market???? You can teach us about those please! Joe, I’ve never tried to collect the brass body or dealers tags nor anything from Canada, but would think yours a scarce piece. Did Ford subcontract to that firm? If so that scarcity might double.
  2. I agree Tex, that is why I show the DuPont, the late Case, and Yellow Cab. I am trying to show exactly what you’re saying... hard fast rules don’t always apply. I think your comment on the quality is spot on, but like the CD example it’s pretty vague and only the experience of getting cooked yourself will help. I tend to be more cautious when looking. If you search for the Michigan emblem, there’s one with a hole in it on eBay, if mine wasn’t marked I would fully believe it was good. It still might be, but I wouldn’t drop that much cash without knowing. You should know that I actually keep you as a search just because I like to see what is selling and for what money. If if anyone else has input please keep it going!
  3. Last time I tried to warn people about some reproduction emblems one person here attacked me thinking my plan was to badmouth them so I could bid... I 100% guarantee you this is not the case! It would be a waste of good money to do so but it bothers me that someone will get burned thinking these are genuine so here I am back on a soapbox. You might want to get a cuppa before continuing... Ok, I’ll start with pictures showing real genuine emblems and move on to trying to explain how to tell the reproduction ones. For experienced collectors this is second nature but the quality of the reproduction ones put out by Harry Pulfer in the 1960’s are getting old enough to fool many people who are not as experienced. So, without looking at the backs of the first set, the Crow is pretty much the only one I would say is genuine on a quick look. That said, you can see that the back of each one has a maker’s mark. Note that a couple of these have very smooth backs, others do not- this comes back up in a bit, the point is look for a makers mark which gives you 100% authenticity. You will see that at times there are “too many available to be real” but a makers mark is an expensive thing to copy and very doubtful it was done even from China. A perfect example is the number of NOS Huppmobile and Graham emblems on eBay that are well marked, I believe that someone found a big box of them at some point and they are genuine. Let’s face it, if you were going to counterfeit an emblem that well, would you choose something so common??? The next set start getting into murky waters. Three perfectly genuine emblems without marking... okay, I left the cup on the Yellow Cab so you can see where it went. Yup, they marked just the mounting cup! So now you need to study the quality of the emblem. DuPont made just a handful of cars, note the back has a deep stamped outline from manufacturing it, also the remnants of soldering the original cup on. I wish I had a picture of a Pulfer one, that grainy background on front is poorly defined and the back is dead smooth, those are the clues To take away here. The Crawford is marked but has a place later in this saga, without the mark I would believe it a fake. Next set. Here I show you some Pulfer emblems. What do they have in common? First, all would be highly desirable and scarce as anything (and believe me that I wish they were genuine!). Secondly, they all have smooth as baby butt backsides. Third point, notice the plating process left an odd hue on a few, this can be changed with a little fine steel wool but still noticeable under close inspection. And finally the hardest thing to capture, the front edge is sharp cornered whereas most originals have a slightly chamfered front edge. I will point out one more dead giveaway, the small female threaded stud on the Case is a 100% fake that is commonly seen on Liberty and Wills StClaire emblems. When the Crawford was mentioned I said later, well here’s a kick in my theory above: the front edge is sharp enough to shave with! Between that and the smooth back thank goodness it was marked! You might find another anomaly like this, I am by no means an expert but I feel I’ve experienced enough in the past 45 years to blabber on. So, why am I blabbering along on this cold lousy weather day? Well the end pair of pictures are the catalyst for it, the latest collection of mostly fake emblems on eBAD are going to burn someone and I figured I would try again to keep it from being one of US. Each of those ring bell’s before even wasting time looking at them, and I’m convinced they were made by my old friend Harry Pulfer. The singular picture shows an original CD emblem, if you look very closely at the punctuation on the front and compare it to the one on eBay you can see it is more refined than the reproduction one, I would add a picture of the back of mine but there’s so much solder there it’s useless. I have to believe that someone is collecting Pulfer emblems, they really were very well done and might be the only way to get one of these outrageously scarce items for a collection, but they are rarely marketed as such. Please use your head before bidding, if it’s too good to be true it usually isn’t. No more soap box today...
  4. Bob, it’s been around 45 years since I bought my first one, and when I turned 13 I got a part time job. THAT is when it got serious... My high school buddy’s were smoking dope and I was hooked on cars, not a bad thing! Nowadays, I might find one or two emblems or mascots a year that I would like, and the prices are frightening at times which keeps me in check. What I think is really funny is some of the really common emblems NOT in the collection. Mid 30’s Plymouth is one that I laugh about not having, but there were always better ones to buy at one point and that Plymouth would cost more now than a V12 Packard did in the day. Not overly relevant to the original conversation, but it is another place where pre-war automobillia is drying up... all because of hoarding it.
  5. One persons idea of hoarding is another’s idea of collecting. In my view there’s as many different ways to describe the hobby as opinions... I am a hoarder, just ask anyone who doesn’t understand why I won’t sell an emblem out of my displays to help them with a restoration! I tend to field four or five questions about selling one each year, I cannot believe there are that many Dusenberg’s, Pierce Arrows, or Chalmer-Detroit Car’s being in need of an emblem... Well, there’s my opinion, and as the old saying goes, opinions are like Bungholes, everyone has one and nobody wants to hear yours.
  6. Every now and then someone asks to purchase an emblem out of my collection, which I am not inclined to do. I realize that these are getting harder to find with each passing year but I have always found that there’s more emblems available than cars. Anyhow, if anyone has a Pierce emblem like this one please message either myself or the username pughs with that information. Thank you!
  7. My quote “Yes, very very scarce but wouldn’t bring the same money as a far more common Pierce-Arrow, Cadillac, or Packard of the same year...” Before someone asks, yes I know that for a fact...
  8. Ahh, the “it’s really rare so it must be valuable” argument again. Which is almost as bad a discussion to enter as politics, religion, and oppression. I should know better... I am 100% in agreement with Mercer on this, sadly rarity is in the deficit column with this model range of car. The description above “a lower price companion to...” seals its fate. Now, if you found an unusually bodied Packard, Pierce, Caddy, etc you would have something that could be restored as those parts, while expensive, are at least available. Here’s an example: The son of an old friend has a Bay State car. I now know of only two that exist. Around 30 years ago it was VERY ROUGH and missing one hubcap. At that time it sold to a guy in Wisconsin who put all the wood back into a 4-door sedan and got it drivable. Once that gentleman died it was purchased for less than when it was a pile of rotting wood, but now it is missing the hubcaps, emblem and Moto-Meter. He told me that it could cost him more to replace those parts than he paid for it and it’s only for the love of a local car that keeps him looking. But now, and here’s a sad truth, there are more collectors willing to buy the radiator emblem, the hubcaps, and the mascot for more than what you can sell the rest of a rough project for, and in the case of the Bay State a running car! And yes, I am one of those people who appreciate the automobillia as much as the cars as I think it’s a way of keeping those cars alive and remembered. That is what you face with a project like this Falcon. Anyhow, now I am done with my sad rant, a few years ago my wife bought this for my Christmas gift. It is an original factory Falcon car mascot, and one of very few I’ve seen. Yes, very very scarce but wouldn’t bring the same money as a far more common Pierce-Arrow, Cadillac, or Packard of the same year...
  9. I don’t want you to think I’m bashing the HAMB, this is more of a purist site and the HAMB is more suited to the knobs for sale. I wouldn’t have made any comments if they were not misrepresented as vintage above, but anyone trying to take advantage of the less knowledgeable collectors here do far more damage to the hobby as a whole. Once burned, people are far more likely to walk away and not take a further interest in it.
  10. I agree with Mark, these didn’t exist in this hobby until around 2000 or later. Too much of that crap is diluting the real automobillia and I think if you were to be honest in your description and tell people the truth about them your 100% self claimed reputation would be greatly diminished. The HAMB is the right place for them IMHO.
  11. Very sad news, he was a long time contributor here and will be greatly missed. Please give our condolences to the family
  12. Yes, both are removable bodies, the Roadster section comes out without the hood and trunk, and the sedan it’s the whole body separating from the chassis.
  13. Closeup pictures of the pin cushion, you will have to tell me if it’s an early Great Arrow... I do have these two other PA cars on my “used car lot”, at least they have the right headlights!
  14. I don’t know if it’s a Pierce-Arrow and I don’t remember where I got it. When I get home from Christmas I’ll get better pictures and see but I think those are more generic types of car shapes than a specific one.
  15. I guess I’ll need a Christmas tree for next year... A very Merry Christmas to all!
  16. Sadly, I think Auburnseeker nailed it, the elusive “someone” may need an obscure $25.00 part or widget but on the whole it’s worth more as lawn art or scrap iron in its current condition. I don’t think it could be saved for anything less than 10x it’s value restored, if that...
  17. Another thing you are missing is that they will make a “mistake” on the scam check thereby sending well in excess of your $500 estimate... which you can then return (using a good form of payment) along with your parts to his shipping agent. Its sad to think that this must be working out on someone as they are still trying to use the scam...
  18. I knew that I was going to forget all about doing that for you... A tracing will be in the mail to you tomorrow as I still have your address in an old email!
  19. Something around a 35 Hudson. I think it’s the 8 Cylinder model but not 100%
  20. The one in the middle looks like an 08 Mitchell with those flared fenders, and the radiator script looks to end with “ll” as well. I vote Mitchell.
  21. One wonders if it has survived. A grand car it would be.
  22. Well, maybe a coastal thing, but I appreciate good scrimshaw. Not a large collection, but it’s getting harder to find. My wife likes cameo carvings which isn’t too far off.
  23. There is a much better reproduction out there to be aware of, it’s the style with an outer boarder. The giveaway is that it has a post with a small female thread on the backside. The one original emblem I know of with a female thread are the earlier Franklin cars before they went to the fake radiator grill, but those are also well marked. No matter how good any emblem looks, 95% are marked by the maker and any that are not should be approached with caution!
  24. Agree, both the emblem and mascot. BTW, that emblem above is more likely a reproduction, the details are really crude comparatively.