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  1. I think the screw size hole should be smaller for blind riveting into the brass hub nut for a wire wheel. That is the typical mounting for them. Either way it’s a hubcap disc as opposed to what I would refer to as an emblem. Wonder if the rest is still in the lake??
  2. I don’t have either of those Terry, but I am pretty sure they are the footed style from W&H, is that right?
  3. I don’t think it’s meant to be a trivet, but the earlier Whitehead & Haog paperweights seem to have similar feet, where the later Robbins Company ones do not. Great piece, and I will also note that the original W&H ones are likely marked on the edge and typically at the bottom of the design.
  4. I was very lucky that more collectors didn’t see this one listed on eBay as the seller put it in a Railroad category as a box car item. It’s the car emblem in miniature and as perfect as you could want in a fob. Made by L F Grammes in Allentown and a very scarce radiator emblem let alone watch fob which this is the first original I’ve seen. Every now and then you get exceptionally lucky, it cost just south of 1/4 what I bid!
  5. I have been asked why I am such a hoarder only by people who want something from my collection when I will not sell it to them… perspective is everything with the concept. Pictures are older, now most of this is in glass display cases, but I still continue to hoard them.
  6. At $125 it was quite expensive for even an original to anyone but a major Diamond Reo collector IMO. Here is a great 20’s Oakland fob on eBay is more likely to be under half of that… https://www.ebay.com/itm/203506653532
  7. That is what I remember, deluxe version and no solid association with White. Great stuff!
  8. I have to admit that Bill must have missed it as a White… I also thought the second meter disc had a Boyce logo beneath the bird instead of space for a monogram suggesting it was a “close but not quite” bird to the Albatross. I have to wonder why it didn’t have the “W” beneath??? If you have any interesting trading items and want, I am sure that we can come up with a mutually satisfying horse-trade on the meter but the fob is sentimental and absolutely not available. Funny, but for the longest time I thought it was my only White piece!
  9. I personally question whether that moto-meter face was White, I’ve always been under the impression that it was a deluxe version meter for an aftermarket clientele. I am pretty sure the exact same face was available in three colors, that blue (which I have one that came from Bill Williams along with the aftermarket identification) a red one that was sold on eBay around 12-15 years ago whereas I was outbid, and I had heard stories about a green one. What I find outstanding was the cap in the Bonhams auction which is what drove the price astronomically high IMO. I can take a better picture tomorrow, but definitely the same albatross…
  10. I honestly think that’s a reasonable price, I’d think that emblem alone is a $700+ piece and am glad I have one in my collection!
  11. I would love to see pictures of this someday... it sounds like a great piece!
  12. Definitely a Pierce, but that would be an accessory mascot and not one of the Pierce ones. I am far from an expert on the make, but earlier PA cars had a wheel shaped mascot with an arrow through it and Pierce written in either block letters or script in its center as a factory accessory. There’s also a wheel version where the front outline of the car is showing in the wheel. Another one which was available was a figure of Mercury throwing an arrow, and then the Archer versions began. I will assume that the mascot on the car above was one of the higher quality aftermarket ones which would reflect the owner’s taste. It looks like a fabulous mascot on there!
  13. Sinclair Garage on the corner of Richards Ave. and Middle St.
  14. I found that ad and a Pullman ad in Floyd Clymer’s motor scrapbook number 6. Those are readily available on eBay if you want it..:
  15. Looking at that ad, and the date added in the way it was leads me to think it can be found in one of Clymer’s motor scrapbooks from the 50’s... I will have to see if I can figure out which one.
  16. Although the advertising is not as prevalent as Studebaker, EMF, and Flanders, this gasoline measure has Pullman and Everett added to the bottom. It’s from a long forgotten garage in Portsmouth New Hampshire. It’s one of the few things I have seen with Pullman on it. I know I have had it over 30 years because of the gal I was junk shopping with wasn’t even my girlfriend yet... and we’ve been married for almost 30 years!
  17. I think having to much fun with that one might just spiral down and out of control... but it does take a lot of control not to!
  18. Wasn’t sure but I was looking for a thread on different lights and then thought this thread would do. i shared this lighted mascot with Terry when I bought it, but thought I would show what it became...
  19. I really don’t think you overpaid, it’s a truly great fob! I was watching it too but have too much going on to bid. I think you remember I felt that way when I sprung on the Lozier fob too, but that went away pretty quickly!
  20. From what I recall hearing, cars with the primers also had an “oil” can under the hood that was originally intended to hold a small amount of gas to prime with. It makes more sense than carting oil around which is a maintenance easier done in your home garage. It’s a rare day you suddenly need an Oiler in the middle of a drive, but priming gasoline could be needed.
  21. I wondered who bought that while I was researching it... I was not sure if it was a dealer piece because of the obscurity. Good addition Terry!
  22. Sadly I made sure my wife had a pretty good idea just in case anything happened to me... should help with any vultures. If you have followed any of the emblem auctions on eBay recently you might understand...
  23. By the way, the Crawford piece just above the Metz is a single cuff link that will give you an idea of the size of a Maxwell one should you find one.
  24. Here’s about the best I can get with my phone. The resolution could be better... I also took a new overall picture because I had bought a few more and stuck them wherever I could fit them.
  25. I completely missed this too! I have shared pictures before, but here’s my small collection of pins which follows my love for radiator emblem collecting:
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