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  1. Well, maybe a coastal thing, but I appreciate good scrimshaw. Not a large collection, but it’s getting harder to find. My wife likes cameo carvings which isn’t too far off.
  2. There is a much better reproduction out there to be aware of, it’s the style with an outer boarder. The giveaway is that it has a post with a small female thread on the backside. The one original emblem I know of with a female thread are the earlier Franklin cars before they went to the fake radiator grill, but those are also well marked. No matter how good any emblem looks, 95% are marked by the maker and any that are not should be approached with caution!
  3. Agree, both the emblem and mascot. BTW, that emblem above is more likely a reproduction, the details are really crude comparatively.
  4. Tex, can you confirm that the maker was Fox? Mine was missing the stud and I soldered a screw over the mark but can see “The” on one side and “o” on the other.
  5. Mike and Murray have compiled a great site for reference. I recently sold a super scarce NOS emblem to Mike which was a duplicate one to my own collection and I was extremely pleased that he got it for his collection. My Rambler is identical to Terry’s and also marked Schwaab, it hadn’t been off that display in at least 25 years... 30Dodge, you have a personal message with a picture of the emblem I think is the one you’re asking about. I also have several miniature emblems from dashboards, headlights and etc, they have absolutely nothing in common with the original posting. Those were made as collectibles and are in no way to be confused as an original one. An interesting collection yes, but not like the originals in value or scarcity IMO.
  6. I think it’s a Bastion Brothers item, but it’s definitely marked. If you want me to, I’ll take it off and confirm that maker. There are some unmarked original pins around, but they are still able to get identified by their quality and style of mount. Rule of thumb: if it ain’t marked be VERY CAUTIOUS when buying!!!!!!!
  7. Maybe you haven’t seen any because it’s not a Pulfer made item... not one of those are
  8. The original little emblems are fun to see, and so long as you realize what the difference is between those and the Pulfer pins I think his are good to see too. Here are the original ones that I have collected over the years, there’s more that aren’t on my display because of space. I also have several watch fobs that are miniature emblems too...
  9. I don’t know how my collection grew so far, and I’m a bit envious of it myself. as for the DeVaux, my collection has been gaining momentum for a little over forty years and I have never once seen a mascot for one. That means it is a very scarce and desirable original if you should be so lucky as to find one. Looking at pictures online, my guess is that they break very easily between the body of the bird and the base even if it is a bronze casting. It’s just so thin an area for a rough road...
  10. It is funny how these old threads keep popping up and make me laugh at the sheer audacity of the OP... and I still don’t have any problems sleeping!
  11. My Avatar is Moose, he was a rescued mutt and my favorite. I would start any car and he would jump right in, once or twice over a closed door in an open car I had. I miss having him as my copilot when the wife didn’t want to go. I wish I had a picture of him on my phone, but our next dog just turned 12 and is OK with rides but needs a boost even with running boards. Time does have a way of going by too quickly...
  12. My father told me that our first house was a money pit and I didn’t even get a cool car with it like the movie around the same time... as I’m remembering it was a Lincoln Roadster maybe??? Anyhow, it works for my collection as well and sort of stuck.