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  1. What Terry says is right on target, but I think it would have some value in the “rat-rod” crowd (who are somewhat of a forbidden subject on this forum). The wheel is complete enough for use on something meant to look rough or an original car being kept that way. There are plenty of sites that cater to the modified and rodded types of cars and we remain a site for the purists in the hobby. Good luck, if nothing else you can use the information above and put it on eBay and let the market decide a value.
  2. Howard, that’s a great pair of fobs! The later one also shows the point made earlier in the design of the strap loop. Here’s a reproduction that was on eBay, notice that scrollwork is an embellishment very common to the reproduction fobs!
  3. Here’s that guide: Don’t trust anything that you don’t know 110% is genuine, ESPECIALLY ON EBAY!!!
  4. I dug these out with my badges but realized it should be a new thread. These are “boosters” and were something to show civic pride. They came in many varieties from stamped lithograph tin, cast aluminum script, license plate toppers, and the mascots I show here. Literally hundreds of different cities, towns, and attractions are covered. The Altoona mascot is representative of both the town and the major landmark (horseshoe curve) in one. The Oklahoma mascot is so heavy I think it would ruin a radiator neck, but there’s also a Texas version I’ve seen before which is identical but fo
  5. Since I have the camera going I thought I would share a few of my badges...
  6. Radiator Emblems and mascots take up most of my hobby monies but this little pedal car lamp is the only thing that I have kept as far as brass goes. Somewhere in an Automobile Quarterly there was a good picture of the identical lamp on a “Locomobile” from the time where a single center mounted light was common. You guys have great stuff in your collections!
  7. Not one mention of a valid title yet so realize that missing those would severely limit any interest to a large number of people. I like the cutlass too as I remember them when new, but I am not young enough for anything that involved... Good luck with them
  8. I think Whippet is the only car that I know of that had those two holes on the face of the hubcaps for a spanner to remove. 1926 will be a close guess.
  9. How about the total misrepresentation of this aftermarket, albeit decent quality, mascot? Even slipping the decimal would be overpriced IMHO...
  10. I like the Oakland going by the Shape of its emblem. It was a GM car that would eventually be dropped in favor of its companion model which was the Pontiac.
  11. I was poking fun at the comments regarding younger, better looking, and such. As far as the caps they were fair game as you stated. Didn’t think it would offend, my apologies.
  12. There seems to be no rules to love, war, or the pursuit of Pierce Arrow parts... Absolutely shameless...
  13. I wish you had a picture of the other side, definitely an interesting period in our history and that car is a hoot!
  14. That was on Facebook a few days ago. That mascot is a very desirable piece which is probably a Foss-Hughes marked eagle.
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