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  1. I don’t want you to think I’m bashing the HAMB, this is more of a purist site and the HAMB is more suited to the knobs for sale. I wouldn’t have made any comments if they were not misrepresented as vintage above, but anyone trying to take advantage of the less knowledgeable collectors here do far more damage to the hobby as a whole. Once burned, people are far more likely to walk away and not take a further interest in it.
  2. I agree with Mark, these didn’t exist in this hobby until around 2000 or later. Too much of that crap is diluting the real automobillia and I think if you were to be honest in your description and tell people the truth about them your 100% self claimed reputation would be greatly diminished. The HAMB is the right place for them IMHO.
  3. Very sad news, he was a long time contributor here and will be greatly missed. Please give our condolences to the family
  4. Yes, both are removable bodies, the Roadster section comes out without the hood and trunk, and the sedan it’s the whole body separating from the chassis.
  5. Closeup pictures of the pin cushion, you will have to tell me if it’s an early Great Arrow... I do have these two other PA cars on my “used car lot”, at least they have the right headlights!
  6. I don’t know if it’s a Pierce-Arrow and I don’t remember where I got it. When I get home from Christmas I’ll get better pictures and see but I think those are more generic types of car shapes than a specific one.
  7. I guess I’ll need a Christmas tree for next year... A very Merry Christmas to all!
  8. Sadly, I think Auburnseeker nailed it, the elusive “someone” may need an obscure $25.00 part or widget but on the whole it’s worth more as lawn art or scrap iron in its current condition. I don’t think it could be saved for anything less than 10x it’s value restored, if that...
  9. Another thing you are missing is that they will make a “mistake” on the scam check thereby sending well in excess of your $500 estimate... which you can then return (using a good form of payment) along with your parts to his shipping agent. Its sad to think that this must be working out on someone as they are still trying to use the scam...
  10. I knew that I was going to forget all about doing that for you... A tracing will be in the mail to you tomorrow as I still have your address in an old email!
  11. Something around a 35 Hudson. I think it’s the 8 Cylinder model but not 100%
  12. The one in the middle looks like an 08 Mitchell with those flared fenders, and the radiator script looks to end with “ll” as well. I vote Mitchell.
  13. One wonders if it has survived. A grand car it would be.
  14. Well, maybe a coastal thing, but I appreciate good scrimshaw. Not a large collection, but it’s getting harder to find. My wife likes cameo carvings which isn’t too far off.
  15. There is a much better reproduction out there to be aware of, it’s the style with an outer boarder. The giveaway is that it has a post with a small female thread on the backside. The one original emblem I know of with a female thread are the earlier Franklin cars before they went to the fake radiator grill, but those are also well marked. No matter how good any emblem looks, 95% are marked by the maker and any that are not should be approached with caution!