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  1. Now for something different! Here is an incredibly well made keychain for an early Maxwell which is the reason for carrying a jewelers loupe with you to fleas... ITS A GREAT FAKE! But the makers mark is so well done and illegible that is is impossible to see without magnifying it. Made by the LA Rubber Stamping company, and marked as such, but it totally fooled myself and several people who have seen it! I’m embarrassed that I was taken by it, so I’m tossing it out as a “buyer beware” moment.
  2. And part of a prefabricated gas station that makes a great door stop...
  3. Here is another Packard key fob, it is enameled on both sides but unmarked as to the maker. That said I am certain it’s genuine.
  4. Let me see how many I can add... An early Mass Motorcycle registration fob which I can identify the original owner and bike it was on!
  5. it came from eBay for a whopping $4.99 and something close to $1.50 shipping! There wasn’t a lot of interest in it as only some 1932 Flight of the Pierce Arrow nuts might know about Long Radiator... I only bought it to provide the clock some identity.
  6. Yes she is marked, and came from Bill Williams many Hershey’s ago. I once had a friend with a Roadster who continually asked me to sell him the badge but he didn’t want to pay me a reasonable price. I had three times more into it than his best offer.
  7. For the record, I am pretty sure Pughs found one of these for his project, he was the one looking for it and not myself. Another user contacted me to see if I needed one so I thought I would post that here.
  8. With the recent worry about the constitutional rights, here is one that was to KEEP Prohibition, must have been a bootlegger...
  9. And two clocks (it took me years to figure out the radiator shaped one was Long Radiator division of Borg-Warner...)
  10. 5 more and I finally have 1000 posts... Here is one of my porcelain signs that looks like it was meant to fit on a gas pump so you could think about it as your car was being filled: