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  1. I think having to much fun with that one might just spiral down and out of control... but it does take a lot of control not to!
  2. Wasn’t sure but I was looking for a thread on different lights and then thought this thread would do. i shared this lighted mascot with Terry when I bought it, but thought I would show what it became...
  3. I really don’t think you overpaid, it’s a truly great fob! I was watching it too but have too much going on to bid. I think you remember I felt that way when I sprung on the Lozier fob too, but that went away pretty quickly!
  4. From what I recall hearing, cars with the primers also had an “oil” can under the hood that was originally intended to hold a small amount of gas to prime with. It makes more sense than carting oil around which is a maintenance easier done in your home garage. It’s a rare day you suddenly need an Oiler in the middle of a drive, but priming gasoline could be needed.
  5. I wondered who bought that while I was researching it... I was not sure if it was a dealer piece because of the obscurity. Good addition Terry!
  6. Sadly I made sure my wife had a pretty good idea just in case anything happened to me... should help with any vultures. If you have followed any of the emblem auctions on eBay recently you might understand...
  7. By the way, the Crawford piece just above the Metz is a single cuff link that will give you an idea of the size of a Maxwell one should you find one.
  8. Here’s about the best I can get with my phone. The resolution could be better... I also took a new overall picture because I had bought a few more and stuck them wherever I could fit them.
  9. I completely missed this too! I have shared pictures before, but here’s my small collection of pins which follows my love for radiator emblem collecting:
  10. This will give you some information. The first is from G.N.Georgano’s book “The Complete Encyclopedia of Motorcars” and the second clip is from the “Standard Catalogue of American Cars 1805-1942" by Beverly Kimes and Henry Clark. A good thing is that it was an assembled car, which means the power train may be more common than the make is. That might help when looking for parts to get it running again. I agree with Terry that is a neat car!
  11. New day and I can post a few more pictures. For later script you start to see plating. The Detroiter, Paige, Apperson, and small Chevrolet show plating. There is also some steel script, the Mitchell from yesterday’s pictures and the King 8 which is also a 3D stamping (should most likely be plated but it was painted for this display). You can also find two sizes of the Buick script, the one above is at least a few inches longer than below. The Locomobile 8 and Buick in the “B” shape are both solid nickel and not plated. You can also find the Maxwell script in both aluminum and brass
  12. I think brass script were very prevalent up to 1910, and maybe fade-away until the resurgence in the later part of the 1920’s. Most were flat brass but you can also see the stamped style like EMF, Flanders, and Lexington (see below). Others were heavy cast brass such as the Elmore, Middleby, and Rambler. The best way to get a feel for originality is to inspect the backs because no matter how well they were secured you will find some abrasions on most every one. I don’t remember who it was who reproduced a number of these, but one person actually signed his work with a sharp scribe. They don’t
  13. I have this one framed, it’s a little on the offensive side by today’s PC standard but it is a view of what was acceptable at that time...
  14. Here’s a good story about signs. I was in high school and one day a buddy of mine stopped by and gave me a dozen of these Gulf signs. They had been used as distance markers at a driving range where he worked and they got replaced with plywood because they didn’t hold the paint well... I kept one of them and gave him a kickback every time I sold another one. It paid for a few other things along the way!
  15. This is on eBay advertised as Cadillac, but I don’t think it is. Would anyone happen to recognize the distinctive lip at the bottom of the front? Thank you, and Merry Christmas everyone!
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