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  1. I think the screw size hole should be smaller for blind riveting into the brass hub nut for a wire wheel. That is the typical mounting for them. Either way it’s a hubcap disc as opposed to what I would refer to as an emblem. Wonder if the rest is still in the lake??
  2. I don’t have either of those Terry, but I am pretty sure they are the footed style from W&H, is that right?
  3. I don’t think it’s meant to be a trivet, but the earlier Whitehead & Haog paperweights seem to have similar feet, where the later Robbins Company ones do not. Great piece, and I will also note that the original W&H ones are likely marked on the edge and typically at the bottom of the design.
  4. I was very lucky that more collectors didn’t see this one listed on eBay as the seller put it in a Railroad category as a box car item. It’s the car emblem in miniature and as perfect as you could want in a fob. Made by L F Grammes in Allentown and a very scarce radiator emblem let alone watch fob which this is the first original I’ve seen. Every now and then you get exceptionally lucky, it cost just south of 1/4 what I bid!
  5. I have been asked why I am such a hoarder only by people who want something from my collection when I will not sell it to them… perspective is everything with the concept. Pictures are older, now most of this is in glass display cases, but I still continue to hoard them.
  6. At $125 it was quite expensive for even an original to anyone but a major Diamond Reo collector IMO. Here is a great 20’s Oakland fob on eBay is more likely to be under half of that… https://www.ebay.com/itm/203506653532
  7. That is what I remember, deluxe version and no solid association with White. Great stuff!
  8. I have to admit that Bill must have missed it as a White… I also thought the second meter disc had a Boyce logo beneath the bird instead of space for a monogram suggesting it was a “close but not quite” bird to the Albatross. I have to wonder why it didn’t have the “W” beneath??? If you have any interesting trading items and want, I am sure that we can come up with a mutually satisfying horse-trade on the meter but the fob is sentimental and absolutely not available. Funny, but for the longest time I thought it was my only White piece!
  9. I personally question whether that moto-meter face was White, I’ve always been under the impression that it was a deluxe version meter for an aftermarket clientele. I am pretty sure the exact same face was available in three colors, that blue (which I have one that came from Bill Williams along with the aftermarket identification) a red one that was sold on eBay around 12-15 years ago whereas I was outbid, and I had heard stories about a green one. What I find outstanding was the cap in the Bonhams auction which is what drove the price astronomically high IMO. I can take a better picture tomorrow, but definitely the same albatross…
  10. I honestly think that’s a reasonable price, I’d think that emblem alone is a $700+ piece and am glad I have one in my collection!
  11. I would love to see pictures of this someday... it sounds like a great piece!
  12. Definitely a Pierce, but that would be an accessory mascot and not one of the Pierce ones. I am far from an expert on the make, but earlier PA cars had a wheel shaped mascot with an arrow through it and Pierce written in either block letters or script in its center as a factory accessory. There’s also a wheel version where the front outline of the car is showing in the wheel. Another one which was available was a figure of Mercury throwing an arrow, and then the Archer versions began. I will assume that the mascot on the car above was one of the higher quality aftermarket ones which would reflect the owner’s taste. It looks like a fabulous mascot on there!
  13. Sinclair Garage on the corner of Richards Ave. and Middle St.
  14. I found that ad and a Pullman ad in Floyd Clymer’s motor scrapbook number 6. Those are readily available on eBay if you want it..:
  15. Looking at that ad, and the date added in the way it was leads me to think it can be found in one of Clymer’s motor scrapbooks from the 50’s... I will have to see if I can figure out which one.
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