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  1. Tex, could you please add a picture of the back of your emblem for us. What I noticed is that the shield on your emblem sits more vertically centered than the Graham, maybe the shield is a bit taller due to the Paige portion and they used the same backer. Either way it looks wrong as Symmetry is involved, and a lot of the reproduction items missed the small details.
  2. The Graham is at least partially genuine, you can read the Fox makers mark on the front part through the hole in the backer but looks like the backer is a reproduction for a different emblem as the shield sits too high on the front. Also remember that the backers are usually marked just like the front on 2-piece emblems. As for the REO truck, I would want to hold it for an evaluation. Can’t tell if it is plated over solder there or what, but going by the sellers other items I would have discounted it as a fake without hard proof of originality before bidding.
  3. Like the prediction above, someone was taken for $300 on the reproduction Colby emblem. Who else agrees that that this is doing damage to the future of collecting radiator emblems? As a long time enthusiast it’s definitely dampened my interest in anything that seller is listing! Here is my current project, nowhere near decided on what will remain and get mounted...
  4. Wasn’t this asked and answered months ago? I assume you didn’t like the answer as nobody thought it was race related and I think you were hoping to retire on it maybe? As I recall the best suggestions were that it was a dog show trophy sponsored by the local Locomobile dealer for St. Bernards which are great dogs and were quite popular at that time. Someone in my family has a picture of a St.Bernard in the front seat of a g-g-uncle’s Simplex with his girls in the back, a picture I wish I had... sorry for that side note. Anyway, you have a very interesting item in its own way, it’s a beautiful example of an arts and crafts 3-arm loving cup that has some curiosity value to car, arts & craft, and even dog lovers though I don’t know what monitory value it would have as value for such a tangential item is nearly impossible to predict.
  5. Congrats on buying a great looking Touring! First thing I can suggest is to join the antique Studebaker club and ask them for help. Post pictures of the vin plate on the front frame rail (not sure but that’s where it was on the earlier cars) - With that someone can tell you the exact series. If there’s a parts book being reprinted, buy it. Best money you can spend as you will know what to look for. Good luck!
  6. No matter, I’m sure it’s going to be sold to someone who is either not reading this, or has convinced themselves that we’re trying to keep the price down for ourselves. Foolish people are easily separated from their money, and nothing we say here will help. It just ticks me off that the unscrupulous dealer probably knows what he’s selling and he couldn’t care less about the damage that is being done to the hobby...
  7. The one I keep seeing is $950 and has a hole drilled in it above the M. It’s been listed several times and I don’t think it was sold, even if it were an original, a holed emblem shouldn’t bring half that, but Seeing people throw away good money on the fakes I cannot speak for the new wave of collectors.
  8. I’ve seen a pin style mount used up to around 1917 on REO emblems, and the 1915 V8 Cadillac emblem also used it. I think it filled the void between soldering the emblem right to a brass radiator and the first it the attachment cups, clips, and integral studs used on later emblems. I would venture those came out shortly after radiators were painted up to the First World War when there’s an advancement in manufacturing processes due to the war efforts. It’s a theory anyway....
  9. I will advise anyone to stay away from the Colby emblem, it’s another reproduction piece made to look right with a cup soldered on. I think if you look into it, you will find that style of attachment is much much later than the emblem is. Most early companies soldered the emblems right to the shell. Here is is a great example, look closely at it, not only is this Michigan emblem MARKED, but look at the solder pattern. And yes, there’s another on eBay that isn’t marked and pricey which I also think is a fake... BUYER BEWARE !!!!!
  10. I think several, including the Allen that sold today for $333 and that Howard shown above are fakes that someone soldered a real mounting disk on so as to fake its credibility. If you know what you are looking for and know how the Pulfer reproduction ones looked you should be able to see through the smokescreen... Sadly, the guy is selling a lot more of these now and I don’t think that the younger or less experienced collectors are seeing it. His prices for the common stuff is running higher than expected too but at least the buyers are getting what they are paying for. It’s sad to see people wasting their money on fakes, but not my circus, not my monkeys... and not my money either, but buyers beware.
  11. I have been following those sales as well, and I hope that my collection sells as well for my family after I’m gone... I don’t think he’s doing too bad on price but I agree that the Canadian built car emblems are gaining in popularity, and value because of this, as compared to the US built emblems. At least he’s not selling all the Pulfer Reproductions that’s showing up more and more frequently and being listed as genuine... that’s going to hurt the value as inexperienced collectors get burned IMO.
  12. I remember the place well, I would beg my dad to stop whenever we went near there. He had a collection of radiator emblems and script that got me interested in collecting them, which has been a life long obsession for me...
  13. I too agree that the post thread should not be deleted! I also think it should be up to the seller, not an unregistered guest, to edit his original ad to reflect the car sold or to remove the price from the original post. Re-selling is not illegal, but deleting the old ad and hiding the selling price does have the aroma of future deceit. If the original posting were a scam, such as using pictures skimmed from the internet to sell a car they did not own or some similar scenario, I would think that either full removal or a moderator making note of the situation and locking all further activity on the thread would be welcomed by all the users...
  14. As for the hood itself, I would post it on a Model T only site like the MTFCA classifieds for the most exposure. Adding a price would help too...
  15. My first thought is 1927 Studebaker (bumper, cowl lights, and radiator shape) but the image is pretty washed out...