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  1. Still looking for a Fleetruck emblem. Have NOS Sheriden emblem to trade. Dave
  2. 2 sizes of that first cap. That one looks like the larger one. Should fit 1929 Models 63 66 70. The one mounted on the wheel is the smaller one.
  3. Interested in Mason Roadking truck items, Star Fleetruck, and Eagle by Durant items. Literature, Radiator emblems, and Unusual items. Thanks, Dave
  4. A friend of mine overseas is looking for a LWB (longer the better) GM truck. Chassis and running gear only. School bus chassis would be perfect! THANKS! Dave
  5. They are knock offs..... I have one that's Durant that will barely runs. Known in the trade as "A dollar watch". Took it to 2 jewelry and got the same answer. Fake. Emblem on back is suspect too. One of the jewelers said he didn't know how it was done but it's not engraving. Sorry, but they got me too! Dave
  6. Ever find someone to repair early vibrator horns? Dave
  7. I need 2 Star Six tail lights. Will take pieces and parts. Don't need lenses. THANKS! Dave Schulte
  8. Anyone know where I can find an emblem for a Mason truck? Thanks, Dave
  9. Look in the Tech section of the DMAC site and you will find what you need.
  10. If it's a three-speed it's a 63, a four-speed, a 66. I'm guessing 66 with the grill louvers. Dave
  11. What do other collectors store their magazine ads in? There was a guy years ago that used to advertise in HMN who called himself "Stan the Album Man" that sold oversized binders with plastic sleeves that were big enough to hold Saturday Evening Post sized ads. Is he still around? I think he was in Minn. or Wisc. THANKS, Dave
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