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  1. Terry, you asked if I knew about a Gale logo or emblem. I have never seen a Gale emblem and I doubt there was one, apart from the possibility of a decal on the side. I also can't help with a logo, maybe someone has a brochure that shows one. I attach a photo of a brass script for a Gale. Mike
  2. Terry I like your pins. Great collection! Your Briscoe emblem appeared about 1917 and may have continued to 1921 but I am still looking for confirmation of these dates. Regarding the dog bone-shaped Briscoe emblems shown earlier, my Chandler example was not a good one, because, as you noticed, the ends are curved. Anyway, here are two more Chandler radiator emblems, which much better show the similarity with the Briscoe emblems. If anyone can help to give the dates of use of the Briscoe dog bone-shaped emblems, I would be most grateful.
  3. I am researching the use of emblems on early American motor vehicles and I am seeking help to identify the dates of use of some unusual Briscoe emblems. I attach photos of two dog bone-shaped Briscoe emblems. They are both original emblems and one is part of an emblem collection known to have been put together in the 1930's and maybe earlier. These Briscoe radiator emblems are identical in shape and size to several emblems made for the Chandler motor car and I attach a photo of a Chandler emblem from 1922 for comparison. There are very many different Chandler emblems of this shape.
  4. Hi Terry Yes, I have your email, thanks. I finally worked out how to get connected. Mike Hi Greg Do you know anyone from the Ontario area who might be interested and knowledgeable about Canadian emblems? I am very keen to talk with someone. Mike
  5. Hi Folks Sorry to come in late to this conversation but for those who were interested to see anoriginal Howard emblem, I attach photos of the only two Howard emblems from my son's collection. The one on eBay recently was certainly a repro. Incidentally, I am having a lot of trouble getting help with some Canadian emblems to go on my website (www.americanautoemblems.com). Is there anyone here from Canada who might offer to help? If so please email me and I will be in touch (murraysbadges@gmail.com).
  6. Have you seen this emblem on a 1908 Matheson Silent Six or on a photo?
  7. I am trying to find the dates of use of this enamel Matheson Silent Six emblem. Can anyone help, please?
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