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1932 Deuce Coupe REAL steel Ford body Show Quality Hot Rod

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1932 Ford Deuce Coupe full show car. This is a real model a steel body not a kit. It’s a true survivor no rust damage filler dents dings nothing. Never been dented and repaired . All parts are Ford factory on the body. The hood is off to show that jewelry of an engine but is included and pictured. Unfortunately I lost the build sheet that my dad had with it and it cost over 97000 to build . The paint alone was 9000 .It has less than 1000 miles on it since restoration. I put 20 on it bringing to the shop to make sure everything is tip top and it is a BEAST. I’m gonna list what I know is done to it. Everything was done right my dad was a master mechanic and a protectionist.

It’s got a chopped top, suicide doors 40 ford tail lights. Mustang 2 front in 9 inch rear end. Chevy 327 that’s bored out with cam it had 10000 worth of work on it. Edelbrock 4 barrel performance carb. Engine components like alternator radiator valve covers ac compressor are all chromed.  4 wheel disc even the calipers are chrome . RWD Goodrich radials all around. Skinny in the front WIIIIDE in the rear. Kegs fuel pressure gauge. Holley fuel pump

All wiring is ran through tube chassis which is painted black like the car. The underneath is just as clean and tidy as the rest of the car. The only neg I can point out is the bottom of the headers have some very minor scratches because the car is so low and when I moved it from storage.

The interior is as nice as the rest Black you’d have guessed it. It has power windows , tilt, ac, aluminum billet steering wheel. Machine turned instrument cluster with classic gauges. CD player in the trunk. All braided high pressure fuel hoses and other hoses. CD player with remote and amp w/audio system

No expense was spared all the best parts , paint , engine, work, etc 12 years ago it was to go to auction but was pulled that’s how I obtained the build sheet I’m still looking for. The estimate was 75000 to 95000 that’s when the market was soft. This is a show winner that’s never been out to show . The chances of finding a real steel body A deuce is very slim just the shell often missing fenders or hoods run 20000.

This is a real ad I’m a real person. This car has been hoarded by my dad and a gentleman in Missouri for 20 years it’s time it’s out winning shows and I know it can because they’re aren’t many of the real steel deuce coupes left. If you grew up in the 50s through 70s this was probably your dream car. Now is your Chance to own it. ALWAYSstored indoors.

I am asking $75000 (or REASONABLE OFFER NO LOW BALLERS DONT WASTE MY TIME) which I think is fair. It may make more at a high profile auto auction but I’ll loose the 30 percent so it works out for both parties you get the car cheaper no premium and I pay no commission.

I’m located in Conway Arkansas that’s 30 miles north of Little Rock on I-40. My phone number is (501)428-5724 calls or texts only . Serious inquires only. No third party services or solicitors. If I don’t answer I’ll call you back promptly. Clean Arkansas title no liens no bs.























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Probably the wrong site to post this.  We are dedicated to the preservation of original automobiles.  The HAMB site is one place to go.  Not disparaging your car, this just isn’t the best place for it.  And I doubt you meant that this is a Model A body as they stopped making them in 1931.  Model As are not deuce coups.  Based on you photographs, this is far from a number one car.  The undercarriage especially needs a good cleaning and detailing at the very least.

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I’m sure your dad did a lot of work to make it the way he wanted and you are justified to be proud of his accomplishments.  If you look around at the other cars for sale here they are original to how they were made which is the basis of the Antique Automobile Club of America’s charter.  Your hot rodded car will have an appeal to certain buyers but not so much here as you have seen.


Best of luck with your sale.

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I have to agree with what everyone else so far has stated - wrong place to post this as this is for the preservation of cars to the way they were when sold new.

Perhaps if AACA can get someone to do it , it is time to filter out the modified restorod street rods from our forums. Like all have stated , the HAMB site is where it belongs.

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I agree with Walt, and it seems to me the Buick guys have taken the lead with their "Modified" forum,

which is completely separate from the "Prewar /Post war / Technical" forums.

Don't you know Buick always leads the pack..............


Maybe it is time the Ford guys add a similar category.

Now they have a "T" / "A" / 32-53 / 54 & up, etc .

Could they not add a "Modified" category to cover the hot rods, and resto's.

Purist's of course would not be allowed to know the secret hand shake and pass word,

 to get on this new forum, but it would give the "restomod" crowd a place to congregate.


You know that you can play Bluegrass on a Stradivarius, right.



Just as an FYI, she looks like a nice duce cruiser.

She is not ready for the NSRA show in Pueblo, Colorado, or the "battle of the builders" in Vegas.

Believe Matt, when he tells you that your price expectations are way above what we see. He said that as politely as he could, and he , being in the buy / sell business know his stuff...........



List your car on  www.carsonline.com  There is a little bit of everything on there.

I don't think Hemmings is the way to go.


Mike in Colorado

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4 hours ago, jan arnett (2) said:

A real survivor of what?



The sbc transplant. And the chop.


Common requirements to the Deuce coupes.

Don't let the purists rain on your parade, It is one that many enjoy.

It is true that few on this forum would bite on it.

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You put a Chevy engine in a Ford to save five grand........shortcuts all around. Nice car.......as to value, it’s a matter of opinion.

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I will say to try for the best price,  you are going to want to do some serious detailing in and out as well as the good set of outside photos mentioned above.  There is alot of Competition in the Ford Hot rod Market.  A guy with $75,000 has alot of options.  Yours needs to stand out above the crowd to find a buyer or priced below the competition to reel them in. If you went anywhere on line right now and typed in 32 Ford Hot Rod for sale,  I can imagine you would have hundreds if not thousands to choose from. That's your competition.   

Good luck with your sale.  I have 2 32's Myself.  It's a tough market,  especially the top end, to sell in.  



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6 hours ago, Walt G said:

I have to agree with what everyone else so far has stated - wrong place to post this as this is for the preservation of cars to the way they were when sold new.

Perhaps if AACA can get someone to do it , it is time to filter out the modified restorod street rods from our forums. Like all have stated , the HAMB site is where it belongs.

The HAMB doesn't care for mustang II modified Street Rods either, they are "Traditional" using pre 1965 parts to build their cars.  I agree, this is not the place for this car, and neither is the HAMB....


Good luck on the sale.

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